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Jina's POV

I padded into the den, exhausted from the hunt. Me and the other females in the pride had just caught a ripe wildebeest who strayed away from his herd. Hopefully, the catch could keep our pride filled for several days. Though it's been almost a year since I left home, I'm still shocked at how my life could go from a living hell to becoming the dominant lioness in my pride.

"Jina," my mate, Hodari called, coming towards me with an affectionate smile.

I welcome him with a tender lick on the cheek. He just came back from patrolling I assume. We had been betrothed merely 2 weeks ago. Yet, many compare the bond me and Hodari share to that of a couple who's been together for years. Hodari was slightly older than me, and he was the son of the previous leader of the pride, who had unfortunately passed prior to our marriage.

"What's wrong?" he questioned, noticing my quiet stance.

"It's nothing, honestly." I reply, trying to hide my true feelings.

He rubbed a paw across my back, stroking my golden fur. My grimace soon widened into a smile as Hodari nestled me into his brown mane, bringing me into a hug. Hodari soon turned away, looking around the cave. Then he smiled at me. I immediately knew what he wanted to do. Me and Hodari had wanted cubs of our own since we were mere adolescents, and with the cave empty, now was the perfect opportunity. Suddenly—

"JINA! HODARI!" our major-domo, Isabis squawked, darting into the den.

"What is it, Isa?" Hodari asked, concerned.

"There's a rogue in the lands, he's looking for Jina." Isa replied, panting heavily.

"Jina?" Hodari asked.

"Me?" I questioned.

Why me?

"What would they want with her?" Hodari asked, looking at me.

"I'll be alright Hodari," I replied, nuzzling him.

"Be safe," he replied, as I broke away.

Isa landed on my shoulder, and soon, we were gone.

"Now where did you see him Isa?" I asked, still infuriated that my time with Hodari was cut short.

"Down there!" she replied, pointing her wing towards the grasslands.

I took a deep breath, and continued to walk. As I made my way to the long stalks of grass, I thought to myself: Why does he want me? Is he going to kill me? Does he want to take over the pride? Isa flew off my shoulder, awaiting my return. The grasslands were luscious and green. Yet, there was so much of it, making it difficult to see clearly. I looked behind every nook and cranny, but there was nothing! I had enough. I couldn't find anything in here. Maybe Isa probably mistook a wildebeest for a lion. As I turned away, I bumped into someone.

"Huh?" I asked, looking up.

I noticed a lion looking down at me. His fur was a very dark shade of brown. His mane was a deep chocolate color, almost black. His eyes were awfully similar to mine, which I found scary. He looked similar. Like someone I knew from back home. It hit me.

"Oh my God!"

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