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Florila leaned her head against the window. Her black hair tied back in a ponytail. They were driving to there new home in London. She missed New York. The bright lights, Times Square... She looked down at her iPod, and turned on: Empire State Of Mind.

"Now, now Florila," Her father said trying to comfort her."You'll make tons of new friends here." Her father was in the Millitary, so of course they were moving because of his job. They moved to New York when she was 6, they used to live in Maryland. She was 13 now, and wondered how everyone back in the U. S was. She leaned back her head, and fell asleep. By the time she woke up, it was dark out. She looked out the window. Her new house. She stepped out of the car, and headed inside. It was big, and beautiful. But terrible compared to her New York apartment. She walked up to her room, and sat down on her bed. Then her father came in with a blonde headed, woman.

"Florila, another reason why we moved here is because of Courtney! You're new stepmother!" Florila's face went pale. Stepmom? NO! I can't take this! She faked a smile, and shook Courtney's hand. Her father left. Courtney turned towards Florila, and slapped her face.

"Listen here, I don't want you to come between me, you're father, and my OWN !" She called, and a little blonde haired boy came running in.

"This is the new maid." She said gesturing towards Florila. Riley tilted his head to the side.

"She's to pretty, mommy!" Courtney slapped him, and snarled,"Go find daddy." Riley ran of, and Courtney left as well. Florila turned out the lights, and crawled under the covers, and fell asleep...

The next mroning, Florila walked downstairs, to see her dad hand her a bagel with strawberry cream cheese on it. At that moment, Courtney came downstairs, said she was late for work, and took her bagel.

"Gotta get to work, drill weekend. Watch Riley." He said leaving. Florila went upstairs to walk up the 6 year old. She nudged him awake, and he looked at her with big wide eyes.

"Its the maid!" He said pointing at her. Florila chuckled at him.

"I'm not the maid! I'm you're sister! Hey, wanna go outside?" Riley nodded yes, and got dressed. The two headed outside into the Summer air. Next door, Florila saw a boy around her age. She walked over to say hi.

"Hi. I'm Florila, and this is Riley, were you're new neighbors."

"Derrel." He said, stretching out his hand. (My great uncle Derrel died Christmas of 08. Never really new him, so heres a gif for him, and Aunt Florila. Florila still alive though.)

"You two wanna see something cool?" He asked. The two nodded, and he took them behind his house to a tree with a rabbit hole in it. The extended there heads a little to far, and fell down, into an adventure of a lifetime...

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