Chapter 1

It was finally over, as a 20 year old Naruto Uzumaki fell back next to his love and stared down at the ruins of what once was the majestic Konohagakure no Sato. The fight against Madara and Orochimaru was finally over, but it still left a bitter taste in Naruto's mouth even though they had won. Everyone who was precious to him was lost in this war, Sakura at the hand of Sasuke after she defected to be with him, Tsunade by the hand of Orochimaru ,Jiraya by Pein, and Sasuke by the hand of Obito, however he really didn't care for him anymore.

The Ino-Shika-Cho team had been defeated by an ambush over a half a year back. Even with their superb team work and Shikamaru's genius, they couldn't overcome odds of fifteen to one. They did however take all of the enemy nin down with them.

A year ago Neji and Tenten died at the order of the Hyuga elders because they got married without consent. Hinata and her sister had gone completely ballistic and killed every one of them, the last one commented about how he had ordered the killing of their mother, at which point Hanabi, startled, froze for a second which proved to be fatal.

Now even Hinata would be dead within the week, she had killed Orochimaru but unfortunately took a chest wound from Kusanagi. If it had been any other sword she could treat it, after all, she was one of the most renowned field medics around before everything went down the drain, some even said she was better than Tsunade but that could never be confirmed, after all Tsunade had died before Hinata could complete her apprenticeship.

Naruto realized he really had nothing left to live for. Naruto, the last Kage and soon-to-be-sole survivor of the war of the ninja alliance against Sound and Akatsuki, would be all alone… again. Naruto couldn't allow that but he didn't have a clue how to fix the problem within the week, if only he had more time!

And that's when it hit him...

"EUREKA! I got it." shouted Naruto.

"Got what honey?" asked Hinata, her confidence had skyrocketed once she started dating Naruto and she was now a force to reckoned with, especially since she had made her own Jūken style which made use of not only her flexibility, but also her mastery of the water element and the rasengan training. As back-up she even had her very own summon.

"I've got a way to stop this all from happening."

Now Hinata was thoroughly confused. "Huh?" said Hinata.

"I know how to stop this all from happening, although it still is only theoretical and will require a shit load of chakra, but I have plenty.

Normally when I use my long distance Hiraishin I just open two portals in the space time continuum and then link them, correct."

"Yes, but you can't send mass back in time with that cause it would take to much energy. Even you wouldn't be able to supply enough chakra for that."

"Now, now let me finish, what if we don't send back anything material? I can open a portal to the past and then we can separate our spirits from our bodies. We then send them through the portal and, since we won't have any mass, we won't have to use any extra energy, just enough to open a portal in the past."

"But Naruto-kun, how will we send our spirits back? if we use a technique then the chakra will interfere with your portal and it will shut itself down."

"That's true Hinata-chan so this is where it gets tricky, and I don't really know if it will work, but I know I can't live without you. We'll use a technique per se to eject the spirit from our bodies."

"No Naruto-kun, you can't kill yourself!"

"Hinata-chan what else do I have to live for if you're gone? The war is won, all the evils are defeated and but nearly everything is in ruins. My only reason for living is because you are here. Besides, if my plan works nobody will have died. We can see all our friends again."

"But what about Kyu-chan?" the fox had been really helpful in the past years. After the failed Sasuke retrieval mission she had finally snapped out of the genjutsu Madara had used on her as she was just finding her balance again after getting torn from the seal.
"Well, she will come with us too, after all her life is intertwined with mine, and she agrees with me. You know she's really starting to like you, she even said that after the war was over she wouldn't mind coming out for a few hours to join in on the fun." said Naruto, wiggling his eyebrows at the last part.

Hinata blushed at the thought. She had always wondered what it would be like to be with another woman, and seeing as that woman was part of her Naruto-kun and really did love him…

Luckily Hinata didn't faint anymore because of perverted thoughts although a little perverted giggle did escape her.

Naruto was surprised, he had added the last part to see if he could still make her blush but he didn't think she would accept, but back to business.

"So what do you think?" asked Naruto.

"Well it could work, you'll need Kyu-chan to help with it because we'll have to bound together For this to work and I want it done before I die. If it goes wrong and we don't go through the portal but to hell because of the suicide then I want to go with you, and there's no arguing this point."

Naruto looked scared, not for himself but for her. He had thought about the what ifs but he didn't want an eternity of torment for her, and just when he was about to start to argue, Hinata interrupted, "I mean it Naruto-kun, I don't want to spend eternity if it isn't by your side."

Naruto just looked dejected, "Okay Hinata-chan."

And so they went to work. Naruto started on looking for the seals with which he could create the needed portal, and Hinata was looking at potential soul bonding rituals together with Kyuubi, she could get out in a temporary body with just one tails worth of chakra if Naruto allowed her. It still shocked him that Kyuubi( her title), Kyu ,as was the name the sennin had given her, liked to be called by those she liked, was a woman, and a buxom beautiful redhead at that. But even with the two of them they still couldn't find an appropriate ritual that could be done within the few days that Hinata had left, and she was getting weaker and weaker by the day.

After two days of non-stop reading Hinata had enough," That's it, enough, if we haven't found it yet then we won't find it in here." shouted Hinata.

"But we can't give up, if we give up now..." pleaded Kyu.

"I know I know, Naruto will be devastated." whispered Hinata." Don't you know anything, in your 500 years of living you would have to come across something like this haven't you?"

Kyu got on a thoughtful expression which turned darker and darker, until suddenly she brightened and then turned gloomy again, "I don't know any kind of jutsu but I have heard of a ritual once, unfortunately I requires three participants bonding with each of them instead of just you two."

But hearing this, Hinata brightened:" But Kyu-chan," said Hinata," we are three aren't we?"

"Huh?" Kyu responded intelligently.

"Well if I count correctly, there are three of us Kyu-chan." grinned Hinata.

Kyu was shocked, here was a human girl who not only accepted her, but was willing to both share her boyfriend with her, a demon, and also wanted to bond with said demon.

"You do know that we would be bonded to each other too right? Each of my sins will also be yours and Naruto's. It will not just be you bonded to Naruto, and him to me, but you will also bond with me, meaning you will also desire me."

"I know," said Hinata blushing brightly," The sins aren't such a big deal. Both Naruto and I have done awful things in this war, and to be honest, I have always been curious. And since you do love Naruto-kun..." at this point blood started to slowly trickle out of Hinata's nose as she started to daydream about the three of them together.

"Well, I'll just go inform Naruto-kun then." chuckled Kyu.

Meanwhile, Naruto had similar problem in finding the right seals and parameters to modify the Hiraishin to not just get them back but to also get them into their own younger bodies, and started to want to rip his hair. It was at this point that Kyu walked in.

"Hey Kyu-chan, I hope you and Hinata-chan had better luck than I did." said Naruto.

"Yeah we finally found a ritual we could use, but it does have some other effects besides just binding you two together."

"What do you mean other effects, Kyu-chan?"

"Well... ItwouldalsobindHinataandmetogether" squeaked Kyu.

"I'm sorry, did I hear you correctly when you said it would also bind you two together?"

"Yes" said Kyu looking down.

"And what does Hinata-chan think about this?"

"What no, "No way in hell will I allow it!"? Just "What does Hinata think about it?"?

"Why should I forbid this if Hinata-chan is okay with it? She is okay with it right?"

"I think she is, after all she did blush and then get in that dreamy state she gets in when I ask about you and her" she answered with a smirk.

"Kyu-chan be serious"

"I am and yes, she knows the consequences will not only bind me to you and her to you, but also me to her and as such, takes all the sins of us all together."

" Okay than that's one problem solved, now all I need to do is find out how I am going to get our spirits to go through the portal and not around it, and then I still have to figure out how our spirits will go in our own younger bodies."

"Oh is that all" Kyu said.

"That's a big deal Kyu-chan unless you by chance know how to accomplish that?" asked Naruto with a growing tick mark.

"Well I know how to fix the first part easily, and I think I remember something about the second not being a problem."

"What do you mean you think you remember? And how could it be easy for you?"

"Don't forget Naruto-kun I might look 20 years old like you, but I am over 5000 years old. The solution for the first is easy you just use seals on the walls of a tunnel to stop a spirit from migrating trough them and then make the portal at the end of said tunnel."

"I take it you know such seals"

"Well they're not really seals so much as force fields" replied a now smiling Kyu.

"Okay now that that's solved, what do you remember about our second problem."

"Well I heard once about a boy named Harry who did the same thing, back then they still used magic so it was a bit different, but the fact is that he sent his spirit and magical power back in time just like we will be doing, and then once he got there Johannsen's Principle of Conjoining was applied, in which his old soul went into the young body and merged with his younger self."

"So you're telling me that if we just go to the past we will automatically be joined together with our younger selves?"

"Well... not really. Your young body has to be in the vicinity of the older soul, and it has to be merged within the day or your old soul will just pass on."

"Well we'll just have to make sure that we time it right then." said a smiling Naruto, "Come on let's go prepare and also get Hinata-chan out of that daze."

The day before Hinata would die of the poison, they gathered to join their souls together in the old school, in the sole remaining standing corridor.

"So is everybody ready?" asked Kyu again.

"Yes Kyu for the last time we know what we're getting into." said Naruto.

"We know that we'll be judged together and all of your kills will be added to ours, but just think, with us doing this and saving so many people we'll be fine. And if we're not then we will still get through the punishment together, besides what's the worst they could do to us that hasn't been done to us yet?" said/ asked Hinata

Kyu saw the determination in both their eyes and so began the ritual (don't really know anything about this so just imagine it yourself).
After the ritual was over they stood by gasping, it had been more draining than it looked.
So Naruto pulled out a soldier pill and swallowed it. He felt the rush of chakra and started the 600 hand seals required to open the time portal at the end of the corridor. At the same time Kyu and Hinata were placing seals on the walls of the corridors and closing up the door openings using Doton: Earthen Wall. After Naruto finally finished the long sequence of seals, the portal slowly started opening. After it was finally opened, they all looked at one another.

Naruto walked toward the girls and kissed them each, " If this doesn't work then I want you both to know, I love you both."

"I love you too Naruto-kun," said Hinata, "and you too Kyu-chan."

"Thank you both, you don't know how much this means to me, and just so you know I also love you both." said a now teary eyed Kyu.

"Well let's do this," said Naruto

Both Naruto and Hinata uncorked a vial of poison that would kill them within a second, they looked at each other and downed the vials in one gulp. the next second both fell down and the body of Kyu poofed away.

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