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Ciel in Wonderland

Chapter 1

"Come on Ciel, don't be that way." Alois said in a mocking voice.

Ciel frowned, "No you messed up cat. Go away!"

Alois swished his tail back and forth in mild irritation. "Obviously you don't understand the rules of this game." Ciel blinked as he stared at the now empty space where Alois had once been. "You see in this game you have to play by my rules." Ciel jumped in surprise when Alois' voice appeared right behind him.

He turned around so fast that he tripped over his own feet and fall hard on his butt. He glared up at the now smirking blond boy. "I said no! I will never do that with you."

Alois' yellow cat eyes narrowed in anger now and his tail bristled. "Well then I hope you enjoy spending the rest of your life in this world." He crouched down in front of Ciel making the young boy scowl when his tail brushed past his face. "Because even if I don't get what I want now, there are plenty others in here who would just love to ravish you in that cute little dress!"

A confused look crossed Ciel. "I'm not in a dress! What are you talking about?"

Alois laughed, making Ciel just a tad bit worried at the almost insane sound of it. "Are you sure little Ciel?"

Ciel gasped as he looked down at himself to find that he was indeed wearing a blue dress with a white apron. The dress barely came to his knees and poofed out. "What the hell?!" He looked up in order to yell at the cat but instead was met with Alois right above him, there faces inches apart. "Wh-what are you doing?"

Alois leaned down and licked Ciel's cheek making him wince a bit at the roughness of his tongue. "Just getting a taste." And with that he claimed those beautiful lips. When Ciel gasped in surprise Alois took full advantage of that and thrusted his tongue inside the cavern so he could taste all that was Ciel Phantomhive.

After a while Ciel began to join in and they battled for dominance. Alois won after a few moments and then they remembered that they had to breathe. Pulling back for air Alois gave his trademark smirk down on the now flushed face of the young Phantomhive. "Just remember my dear Ciel, if you wish to play this game and win, you must make it through the Trancy Wonderland!" And giving another insane laugh Alois disappeared.

Ciel frowned and tried to will away the blush that had somehow crept its way onto his face. "Why did I agree to play a game with that little freak?"

Alois pouted as he looked at the Phantomhive. "Please Ciel! Just one game! Claude is so boring and I want to have some fun."

Ciel scowled at the young blond who had perched himself on his desk and on his papers. "Go away. I already said no."

Alois pouted a bit more before a brilliant idea hit him. "So what you're saying is that you're too scared that you'll lose to me? That's why you won't play isn't it?"

Ciel looked at him in surprise and anger. "Fine, but just one game."

Alois went immediately from scheming to manic, jumped off his desk and bounced up and down while clapping his hands. "Yay! Claude, get the game ready!"

Claude, who had been standing aside placed his hand over his heart and bowed slightly, "Yes, your highness." Ciel could have sworn he saw Claude's lips twitch into a smirk but when he blinked it was gone.

Ciel looked at Alois and said, "So what game is it?" His eyes widened once he saw the sadistic gleam in the other boys eyes. That couldn't possibly be good. "Sebastian!"

Sebastian appeared in no time, his trademark smirk in place. "Yes, my lord?"

Alois laughed again. "Don't worry little Phantomhive! Sebby is in on this too!"

Sebastian narrowed his eyes slightly at the nickname before turning his eyes to his young lord, who was now glaring at him. "I must admit that the little slut does have quite an imagination for games and this one just happened to perk my interest."

The blond didn't seem to be fazed by being called a slut and watched as Ciel's eyes became unfocused as he soon was dragged into the little world that the young Trancy had devised.

Ciel frowned at the memory of him waking up to find Sebastian and Claude gone and Alois standing over him with cat ears and a tail. And then the accursed blush found its way back to his face as he recalled the first thing the blond had said to him. He shook his head of those memories and stood up, smoothing out the wrinkles in his dress. He looked down to find he was also in high white stockings and shiny black highheels.

His head snapped up as he heard the sounds of music and decided that perhaps he could find someone that might be able to help him. "I really hope I know what I'm doing." And with that he set off in the direction of the noise.

As Ciel got closer to the music he saw a high fence with a sign on the gate. He stopped in front of the gate and became confused as he read the sign.


Ciel's eyes narrowed in frustration and annoyance. "How stupid." He reached for the latch on the gate only to be stopped by a hand on his.

"I wouldn't just barge in if I were you," came a voice from behind him.

Ciel growled as he recognized the irritating voice of Alois Trancy. "And why not?"

Alois let out a chuckle that sent shivers up Ciel's spine. "Because of the sign. You never know what's going on at the residence of the Mad Hatter!"

Ciel paused in his actions and thought about this. He turned around to face Alois and frowned. "Why should I care what's going on in there? I just want this stupid game to end." And with that he turned back around, unlatched the gate, and walked into the yard.

As Alois disappeared another insane laugh came out, "Don't blame me little Ciel! I warned you!"

Ciel froze as soon as he was inside. What he saw made him want to gouge his eyes out and run screaming from the yard, but he couldn't make himself move. All he could do was watch as Undertaker was pounding away into Pluto who was panting with pleasure and suddenly let out a loud howl as he came. Undertaker continued to thrust until with one of his annoying laughs he reached his peak as well.

Ciel decided to back away slowly but as he did so it seemed that Pluto realized that he was there and the sign on the gate flashed in poor little Ciel's mind.

Undertaker looked at him and fixed his robes. He giggled with glee. "My, my! What have we here? What a cute little boy!"

Ciel's scowled at them. "I am NOT cute!"

Undertaker laughed, "Whatever you say! But either way you have entered onto our property without an invitation. I'm afraid you must be punished!"

Ciel's eyes widened as Pluto ran towards him on all fours. "NO!" Pluto tackled him to the ground and before Ciel knew it his skirts were lifted above his head. He squeaked in surprise as he felt Pluto's tongue lick him through his panties. Panties? He didn't have time to think about it. "St-Stop!"

Undertaker just laughed and sat down in a chair to watch the show. Ciel heard a moan slip through his lips as Pluto continued giving his hardening member attention, and then blushed when he felt the panties being pulled down. "No! Sto-aahhh!" His protest was cut off as his small length was engulfed in moist heat. He bit his lip in order to stop the embarrassing noises that were coming out of his mouth.

Pluto whined around Ciel's member sending vibrations through it and making Ciel scream in pleasure as he came for the first time…well with someone else's assistance. He felt the dog-man lick him clean and pull his panties back on with his teeth. Ciel was panting on the ground as he waited for the after-glow of his orgasm to pass.

"Kukuku! What an interesting and splendid show!"

Ciel's face was bright red and he jolted up into a sitting position and quickly fixed his dress. But as he was standing he heard something that he really didn't want to deal with at this moment.

"CIEL!" A golden haired girl with mouse ears and tail came running up to Ciel. For the second time that day Ciel was knocked flat on his back.

"Elizabeth?!" Ciel was definitely surprised to see her here, especially as a mouse. "What are you doing here?"

Elizabeth looked at him with tears in her eyes, "You're not happy to see me? And I told you to call me Lizzy!"

Ciel sighed in an effort not to yell at his fiance'. "I'm just surprised is all. But really, what are you doing here?"

She pouted and looked at him. "What are YOU doing here? This is our home!" She looked back at her companions. "The Mad Hatter," she pointed at Undertaker who waved, "The March Hare," she pointed at Pluto who was chasing his tail, "and I all live here."

Ciel's eyes widened in surprise and he choked out, "What? This isn't even real!" Undertaker, also now known as the Mad Hatter, laughed making Ciel turn to glare at him. "What is so funny?"

Undertaker smiled at him, "Of course this is real! Why wouldn't it be?"

"Yes little Ciel, why wouldn't it be?"

Everyone's attention drifted to the top of the high fence where Alois the cat perched. Lizzy gave a small squeak of alarm and ran to hide behind Undertaker. Ciel narrowed his eyes in anger at Alois only making his annoying smirk widen. "I told you that this is my world! Everyone here believes it's real." He paused as he thought about it. "Well everyone except us and our demon butlers!" He looked back at Ciel and something in his eyes made Ciel feel very uncomfortable. "That definitely was a lovely show you put on little Phantomhive! I hope I can help you next time!"

Ciel was once again bright red but this time with anger. "That will never happen! I will never stoop to your slutty level!"

All Ciel got was a laugh from both Alois and Undertaker before Alois once again vanished. Ciel glared at the now empty space and then looked at the three others. Undertaker smiled at him giving Ciel the willies. "Um," Ciel began hesitantly. "I think I better go."

A giggle came from the crazed man, "But why? The party's just begun!"

Ciel slowly took a step back. "No thank you. I really must be going."

Undertaker was suddenly right in front of him. "What's the hurry? You interrupted our party and now I want you to give me some of this." To emphasize what he meant by 'this' he gave the boy's ass a nice squeeze and made a surprised squeak emerge from the boy.

Ciel tried to push the man away while saying, "I really think I have to leave now! Let me go!"

Undertaker giggled as he leaned down to kiss Ciel's neck. "I don't want to."

A tiny moan escaped the young Phantomhive as the man now known began to lightly suck and nip at his neck. "Stop!" Ciel remembered all too well the humiliation that infernal dog-man Pluto gave him and he certainly did not want to lose his virginity to this insane psycho. "Dammit! Let GO!" He yelled the last part in his frustration at not being able to stop what was certainly going to happen.

Ciel froze as he felt a hand go up his dress and start rubbing his small bottom through his panties. His struggles came back full force but nothing was working.

Before he knew it he was bent over the table and Undertaker had pulled off his panties and was playing with his hardening member. "Looks like someone is enjoying this!"

Ciel felt like crying from the almost overwhelming feelings of frustration, embarrassment, and fear but his pride would not allow him to crack and break down like that in front of anyone.

Apparently Undertaker saw jelly as an appropriate substitute for a lubricant because soon the Phantomhive child was brought out of his mental debate at the feeling of one probing finger at his entrance covered in the stuff. The digit slowly entered him and Ciel winced at the uncomfortable feeling. It didn't hurt just felt weird. Soon the finger started to move in him and after a while another one was added. Now it was hurting as they started to stretch and prepare him.

Then stars exploded behind his eyes and he practically screamed in pleasure as those fingers hit his prostate. He heard the insane laughter behind him again and then felt a third finger being added but didn't really care as they kept hitting that one spot in him that made him see white spots. He almost whined at the empty feeling when they pulled out but bit his tongue to stop it.

Then something else, much bigger, was pushing inside. Ciel whimpered in pain as Undertaker continued to push his entire length into him. Ciel didn't need to see it to know it was big since he was now feeling it inside him. Luckily the man behind him waited a bit for him to get used to the feeling and after a while Ciel just wanted him to move and pushed back against him.

A laugh was the only warning before Undertaker pulled back and then slammed in hitting the boy's prostate dead on. Ciel cried out from the intense mixture of pleasure and pain and his face flushed in embarrassment at the fact that he was enjoying this! The man behind him picked up a fast pace making sure to hit the boy's sweet spot every time. A knot began to form in Ciel's stomach and he realized he had been moaning for a while now.

Undertaker realized that the boy beneath him was close to climax and began pumping his neglected cock. Ciel held back the scream as the pleasure increased tenfold. Just when he thought he couldn't take anymore he came with a cry of ecstasy, his seed shooting out onto the ground below the table. Soon after that, Undertaker came with another of his creepy laughs.

As soon as the young Phantomhive came down from his pleasure high he was once again mortified at how he had acted. The fact that the man who had just embarrassed the hell out of him was now laughing didn't help matters at all. When he finally decided to move he was relieved to find that at least Undertaker had not released inside of him as that would have been unbelievably uncomfortable. He already had a dull pain radiating from the base of his spine and his legs were not exactly working properly, as if they had become jelly like. He glared at the three, pulled up his panties and fixed his dress. He was happy to discover that the blond nuisance had not made another appearance because he was sure he would never have been able to live THAT down.

Feeling used and thoroughly disgusted he walked as quickly as he could in his present state out of the gate, making sure to latch it behind him. He willed away the tears that had threatened to come forward and continued on his way to figure out how to either win this game or kill that Trancy cat…he hoped the latter would happen.


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