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Ciel in Wonderland

Chapter 4

Ciel watched in horror as people voted. He could practically see Sebastian's smug look when the cat training won. "Hell no! I am not dressing up as a cat! It's bad enough you put me in a dress."

Grell shrugged and walked over. "You don't get a choice. This is your punishment and therefore I will say what happens."

Alois giggled. "And who better to get you all ready than me?!"

Ciel yelped when he was dropped to the floor. He then froze. Something He saw something black and furry in the corner of his vision and when he looked he wanted to scream. He had a tail! And not some fake thing. It was actually attached to him! He reached up and actually did scream when he felt two fuzzy cat ears instead of regular ears. He quickly looked at Sebastian, swallowing when he saw something that made him quake inside. That was a hungry look.

Grell laughed. "Perfect! Now we just gotta house train the new cat."

Ciel glared and hissed, blushing a bit when he realized he just hissed. "I am NOT a cat...this is all Trancy's fault and I want to just stop this idiotic nonsense right-" His train of thought was captured by something dangling from Sebastian's hand. A strange intoxicating smell was coming from the little toy and he really couldn't think of anything else right then.

Sebastian slowly smirked. "What you smell right now is catnip. And I guess it really does work." He moved the toy back and forth in front of Ciel, almost laughing as the boy's eyes moved with it. "Would you like some?"

Ciel frowned and tried to resist. "No. Now sto-" And suddenly he had pounced on the toy and was trying to tear it out of the demon's hands. He jerked back though when he was sprayed with water. "What the hell?!"

The demon laughed evilly. "Now now. Lying is not a wanted trait. Let's try that question again shall we?" He waited till Ciel was glaring at him again. "Do you want some catnip Ciel?"

Ciel opened his mouth with the full intent to say no but his eyes slowly drifted to the spray bottle. ""

Sebastian smirked. "Ahh. Fast learner." He crouched down in front of the neko and scratched his ears.

It took a while for Ciel to realize he was purring and when he did he blushed. His hand flashed out and smacked away the demon's hand. "D-Don't do that!" He yelped though when his hand was caught and his wrist was squeezed hard. "O-Ow!"

Sebastian raised a brow. "You are still in training. Do not strike me little cat. Now," He held up the catnip toy again. He moved it in front of Ciel's face.

Ciel couldn't stop watching it and he finally just pounced, a pathetic whine leaving him when it was jerked out of his reach. He glared at the chuckle. "Do I really have to say it?"

The butler smirked. "Of course. So do you want it? And remember what happens if you lie."

Ciel pouted. "...Yes...I want it..." Purring left him when he was finally able to pounce on it successfully. He rolled around on the floor, his cat senses taking over. Well until he realized that the entire court was watching. A shiver ran up his entire spine. He looked at Sebastian and let out a soft whimper, his ears moving back.

Sebastian, being a softy to cats, couldn't help but pick up the cute neko and cuddle him. "Oh, how adorable you are." He scratched underneath the kitten's chin, smiling at the purring.

He set Ciel on the ground and an evil grin lit his face. "Does the kitty want milk?" He could tell that Ciel was long gone into the cat persona.

'Cat' Ciel mewed at him and nuzzled against his upper leg in response.

Taking that as a yes Sebastian undid his pants and took out his hard cock, causing Grell to fangasm and pass out from blood loss. He rolled his eyes before focusing back on his cat. "Lick it."

Cat Ciel gave it an adorable lick before he truly began getting into it. He looked up at Sebastian as he did so which only made it even sexier, his tail waving behind him as he purred. His pink tongue moved happily over the hard member.

Sebastian growled and after a few minutes he rubbed the fuzzy black ears. "Open your mouth little kitty."

Ciel did so, eyes trusting and cute. He didn't really expect what he had been licking to be pushed into his mouth. But when he was ordered to suck he obediently began to do so.

Sebastian growled in approval. "Mmmmm. Good kitty." He rubbed his ears and slowly pumped his hips in and out of the hot mouth. "Just like that."

Cat Ciel loved the approval he was getting and began purring.

Sebastian's eyes widened at the vibrations it caused around his dick. "N-Ngh! Yes! Keep doing that!"

Ciel gave a hard suck and purred more as he dutifully sucked the demon off.

"Time for kitty to have his milk." He grunted and soon released into the boy's mouth.

Ciel swallowed everything and pulled off. He licked Sebastian clean and then let out a small mew.

Sebastian smirked. "Good boy. I think that's good enough for now."

Ciel winced, pain filling him. "Wh-What's...happening?"

Sebastin chuckled. "You're changing back. See you in a bit." He watched as the boy blacked out and collapsed.

When Ciel came back to his senses he was in a different room. He blinked and looked at Sebastian. "H-How much time passed? And what happened"

The demon chuckled. "About an hour. You don't want to know what you did. Trust me." So he doesn't remember? "We are currently waiting for the Trancy brat. It seems he is late for his grand finale."

Ciel tsked. "Typical."

"Congratulations Ciel. You have made it through my Wonderland." His voice seemed to come from everywhere.

"Wonderland? It was more like a Horrorland," Phantomhive grumbled out.

"Difference of opinions. Now let's see what your scores were!"

Ciel's head shot up. "My scores?!"

A curtain rose showing everyone he had 'met' throughout his time here. "Let's go in order. First let's see what the March Hare has to say."

Pluto barked, his tail wagging as he tried to get to Ciel. He got very close until Sebastian grabbed his collar and held him at bay. Sebastian chuckled. "I'd say the March Hare gives him a 10."

Alois giggled, finally appearing floating in the air. "Your turn Mad Hatter~"

Undertaker giggled as he thought about it. "I'll give him a 10 as well."

Alois smirked. "You better. After all, you did get his virginity."

Ciel blushed hard while glaring at them. Why can't he just leave?!

The stupid cat floated over to Claude. "You're score, Tweedle Dee?"

Claude held up a score of 8. "He could have been better." Meaning he'd have preferred having him without Sebastian there.

"And the Caterpillar?" He looked over to Lau.

Said person didn't seem to understand the question for a few seconds before he smiled. "I give him an 8. After all, I didn't get to do much."

The cat looked at Sebastian. "And you're score?"

"As always I give my Lord the highest score possible." He was definitely pleased with himself.

Ciel glared more. "There. My 'scores' were given. Now can I go home?" He was definitely not whining. Lords don't whine.

Alois smirked as his feet landed on the ground. "Nope. Because the very last condition of my game is," he came uncomfortably close, "I get to have fun too." He grabbed Ciel and then vanished with him.

They appeared in a world that was topsy turvy and just every wrong way. Ciel freaked out. "Where the hell am I?!"

Alois smirked and pushed the male down on the floor before straddling him. "We're in the world of the Cheshire. And now you're mine!" He moved fast to strip the other young male. And once he was bare he grinned. His hands pinned Ciel's above his head before one moved down to grip his member.

Ciel gasped and struggled. How was this guy stronger than him? Was it just part of this weird world they were in? He whimpered as he was stroked back to life, his member getting sensitive. "Stop it y-you fucker!"

Alois blinked. "Wow. Such language." He smiled. "Punishment time!" He then flipped Ciel over and slapped his ass, spanking him. "I'm going to have sex with you whether you want me to or not."

Ciel yelped and blushed. This lunatic was really spanking him? What the fuck?! "D-Dammit fine! I'll participate in this so stop!"

Alois internally spazzed. He'd get willing participation! Or the closest thing to it! "Perfect." He released Ciel and stood up. "I took off your clothes so now you take off mine!"

Ciel groaned but stood up. He figured the faster he did what he was told the easier it'd be to get home. He took off Alois' clothes, trying not to blush too much. "Th-There." He didn't look down.

Alois moved into Ciel's personal space, his hand lightly touching the other earl's chin. "I'm going to kiss you." And so he did. It was actually soft and not that bad. He was definitely pleased when Ciel began to kiss back. Their hands moved and explored, soon making them both pant and quiver with sensitivity and excitement.

Ciel shivered as he felt a digit enter him. "I s-seriously doubt I need to be stretched."

Alois shrugged. "Good point. But you need lube." He looked at the other expectantly. "Spit makes a good lube."

Ciel bit his lip for a second before dropping to his knees and lapping at Alois hard cock. He felt a hand in his hair, encouraging him to suck the other lord deep into his mouth. He did so simply because he was sure it meant it wouldn't hurt. He rolled his tongue and hollowed his cheeks as he bobbed.

Alois panted and moaned in pleasure. He finally jerked the other off and pushed him his back on the ground. He bent his legs back, exposing his abused hole. He smirked before aiming and finally pushing in.

Ciel couldn't even make a noise. He hated that this felt good but then again it was better than being in pain. He clenched his muscles and squeezed the member inside him.

Alois had to pause once fully in. "N-Ngh. You feel just as I thought!" He had always wanted to do this. And now he got to. It was perfect. After a few seconds though he pulled almost all the way out before slamming in. Now to find his prostate.

Ciel whimpered. He had almost hit it but not quite. He shifted his body and on the next hit he cried out in pleasure as ecstasy jolted through him. "Yes! Right there!"

Alois grinned and began to fuck him hard and fast, making sure to hit his prostate each time. He could feel both their pleasure growing and he rammed him harder, getting a better grip on his ankles.

Ciel shivered knowing in just a few more thrusts he'd be 'there'. And when he felt that coil that had been tightening inside him just snap, his back arched off the ground and he released with a loud cry.

Alois could only give two more thrusts before he came as well. The muscles were squeezing him like a vice. He filled the other up before just collapsing on top of him. "That was a fun game." He sighed. "Guess it's over now."

Ciel hadn't realized his eyes had closed until he opened them. He was on his bed with no one else there. He was in his normal sleeping clothes and when he moved his body didn't seem sore. He sat up and rubbed his head. "Sebastian?"

Dutifully the butler entered the room and walked over to his side. "Yes my Lord?"

Ciel looked up at him and frowned. "...Did Alois come earlier?" Was all of that just a dream? If so then that had to be the most fucked up dream ever.

Sebastian raised a brow. "Lord Trancy came to your office begging for you to play with him. Before you could answer you had fainted so I sent him and Claude away and brought you to your bedroom."

Ciel sighed and moved to get up. "I think I'll just take today to browse the library."

Sebastian bowed. "Yes my Lord." He helped him get dressed as always and handed him a fresh cup of tea.

Ciel drank it and sighed happily, a sound of contentment leaving him. "Earl Grey."

Sebastian smirked as he watched the young lord leave the room, a sleek black feline tail waving behind him and two cat ears on top of his head. "Are you sure you are feeling alright?"

Ciel scowled at him. "I'm fine. I simply had a strange dream and nothing more. Why?"

Sebastian chuckled. "Oh nothing my Lord. I am simply pleased that you are well." Life would definitely be more interesting from now on. Especially if Ciel seems to believe that all is truly well. He may have to even experiment with this new feline Lord. See how much he can get away with. And of course once a week he'd put the Trancy brat on the schedule. After all, how else would he get a feline potion that only Claude knew how to make?


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