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If you'd have asked me, before all this ha happened, if I thought I'd find the love of my life and five of the best friends in the world, I would have told you no way. I'd never had many friends; I just found it hard to connect to people, and it didn't help that I wasn't interested in celebrities and fashion, so there was never common grounds for superficial conversation to start to begin to form a friendship. And I hadn't really dated in the past; the boys just looked straight through me. I did have one admirer: my cousin Jacob, but I considered him to be my younger brother; my best friend.

But then, I never expected to go on the adventure of a lifetime, and do things I never even dreamed I'd do. All I expected was to spend a normal vacation on a cruise ship for teenagers, out of the way of my parents during their divorce, with Jake at my side, so we could spend the summer together.

I guess it was a summer of surprises for all of us...

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