I felt like writing a oneshot about a slime that had a really bad day, (written by a player that couldn't stop laughing after UberDeathRod666 (lawl… the irony) told me his story…)
More oneshots to come...

I respawned, went to get some breakfast – got shot through the head a with an arrow


I respawned again, nothing happened, for like 2 seconds, after that someone decided to fry some slimes, seriously, cut us some slack


Why don't humans/elves ever listen? Seriously, I've been killed 18 times in a row by some level 1(well, not anymore, after killing this many slimes) mage looking for a 'wand of protection'. I mean…, who in their right mind would want that insanely girly pink-gold-heart thingie.

But then again, I can't understand guys who call themselves 'UberDeathRod666' while trying to obtain something like that. I'd rather call myself Uber-so-sweet-you-must-puke-Rod-000. But that's not the problem.

The problem is that he needs to attack those goddamn rooks, instead of wasting his time killing me over and over again, thus wasting my time.


157… 158… Ok… I'm so sick of… I can't take this any… must not…*snaps*

This was the first…and last time ever in Blueland history, that people got 1-hit-KO'd by a slime, the slime in question continued to rampage the alker-region, until Wednesday (?), when the weekly maintenance destroyed it.

In the official statement it got labeled as a bug, that began after the system crashed due to a cup of coffee, and was not fixed properly…

But we all know better, don't we?

Everything in this story was made up, except for;
- The fact that a noobmage called UberDeathRod666 did kill slimes for hours to get a wand of protection, which is dropped by fungus rooks.
- the fact that said noobmage only stopped after getting 1hit-Ko'd by a slime (which I presume was the bust… But he said it was normal size)
some mysteries should never be solved