Summary: They didn't want to make the same mistakes their parents made. 100 drabbles of C/S. Please r&r!

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Sub-summary: Hollywood it changes some people.


So Serena does what every socialite wants to do in her life. Find a job in Hollywood and become an actress. She knows that with how crazy her life is that she can be a great actress or something. Except Hollywood tends to change people. She changed over the years from the life of the party to becoming a struggling actress. After staring in several movies, she lost her glamor, and getting lost in the world of Hollywood, where she got into drugs (cause everyone in Hollywood does drugs) or having sex with sleazy directors in order to be in a third-rate movie.

It sucks that she can't get a good job because she thought that someone, anyone, her friends from New York will come to help her out. But Hollywood tends to be vicious out there.

For Chuck Bass, he was lucky to find Hollywood glamorous, living the good life. He usually came to Hollywood to either to do business or have a wonderful vacation with all the beautiful ladies or both. Of course, Chuck Bass grew to become wiser and learned not to drink so much alcohol and not to take coke anymore (or any kind of drugs).

He was going around Hollywood, when he stops and recognized Serena, but noticed that her beautiful hair was damaged, and that her skin was properly destroyed because of he drugs. It didn't help that she was passed out in front of him (and his date).

"Excuse me, Bethany, I need to help that person" he told his date. Bethany looked somewhat annoyed that Chuck Bass was looking at another girl.

He dropped off his date, and took Serena to the hospital in his car.

Hollywood changes people, or some people never changed.

While he took Serena to the hospital, he made a promise to help Serena get back on her feet and get her back home where she belongs.