"Where are we going? " Rose asked as they watched Jack walk away from them after they failed to find Bernie Harris.

"Back to the railway station. Controlled experiment. We replicate the original
events as far as possible. Observe and analyze the results." He said and tossed the device to Owen, who quickly caught it.

"What? I have to do it?"

"Yup." Jack said and turned back and began to walk, followed by everyone but Owen, who was standing there, looking at the device.

"Guys, come here!" Owen yelled as the buttons started flashing, but everyone walked away, ignoring him yelling them. "Wait ...!" he gasped and was taken back to the past and saw young girl, about 16 or 17, blonde hair and a slim figure running away from something, something that Owen couldn't see, yet. Owen looked again at the young girl and realised who it was. Rose.

"Rose?" he whispered, then realised she couldn't hear him.

"Get away from my Jimmy!" she screamed , she was wearing skinny jeans and trainers, her hair was longer than it was now, her t-shirt was torn and she had a small cut on her forehead. She tried to run as a plump, but strong looking man stormed towards her, a evil like smirk on his face, he was older than this version of Rose, about 20 or 21.

"You can't run Tyler," he whispered darkly and pinned her against the wall of the bridge "there's nowhere to go, you don't even know your way round Cardiff, why else do you think I brought you here? No-one knows you here, which means this time there is no-one to run and hide to." He whispered and Rose whimpered as he tightened his grip on her.

"Get off me!" she screamed, but he didn't listen and kept his iron hold on her "I was better off without you!" she spat and quickly shut her mouth as she said it and began shaking her head at him "no! I'm sorry, no! Please! I didn't mean it!" she lied and begged as he slapped her across the face, causing the cut on her face to burst open with blood, running down her face like a red river.

"I know you don't mean that Rosie," he whispered in her ear "I've gave you all these new experiences."

"Forcing me to take drugs isn't exactly a good, educational or pleasant experience." She spat back and she heard his breath quicken in the cold night air, feeling it against her neck.

"Oh Rosie Rosie Rosie, I want you so bad," he whispered, his voice husky and Rose could tell what was about to happen to her, just like last time, just like every time he did this, and every time she used to tell herself it was the last time he would do it, so she didn't run and tell anyone the truth, if they asked, she said she tripped up on something, she was always known as being clumsy so it was a perfect excuse. She knew he would only get her back worse than before if she ever breathed a word to anyone, especially the police.

"Please, don't!" she begged and squirmed away from him but his hands were wrapped around her wrists, holding her back.

"You had it coming." He whispered and wrestled her towards a bush, as much as she battled against him, she was too weak against his pull.

"No! Please! Please!" she screamed as he took her off in to the darkness, but no-one could hear her, and he wouldn't listen to her, he just dragged her away, ignoring her pleads.

Owen quickly came back to reality as the memory faded away and he was shaking and his breathing became heavy as he realised what he had just seen. Everyone ran up to him as they realised he had just seen something and Rose took the device away from him gently as he caught his breath and calmed down.

"Are you alright?" Tosh asked, but he was just staring at Rose, who looked around self consciously, wondering what he was staring at.

"What?" she insisted "What?" she asked again, but he didn't answer and continued to looks at her "Owen! What?" she demanded and this time he replied, his voice quiet and dark.

"You let him do that to you?" he whispered and Rose looked at him confusingly, until she understood what he was referring to and what he was talking about and she looked down at her feet, not wanting to look at him, or answer his question.

"Come on; let's get back to the Hub." Jack said and lead the way the team following in his path, as Rose did, she could feel Owen's eyes on her back, she knew she was going to have to explain those memories that Owen had seen, all those years ago, she would have to relive them, she hadn't even thought about Jimmy in years, and now all of a sudden, memories she had buried deep inside, would have to come out in the open. She just didn't know if she could deal with that right now. She'd never had to tell anyone about them.