Rose sat there, her hands burning against the rope as she silently tried to set herself free whilst Jimmy paced the space they were in, she struggled to free from them even after what had seemed to be hours of being stuck tied to the chair. After the couple of years she had spent in the other universe, she had picked up numerous surviving skills, unfortunately for her, undoing knots was not one of them.

"They won't find ya." Jimmy muttered as he walked, even after all this time, his Cockney accent was still there, "They won't, and they can't."

"Why?" Rose questioned, she didnt doubt for one moment Jack and Owen wouldn't find her, Jimmy was hardly the sort to know about phone tracking and Government facilities that are able to do that. "Scared?"

"No!" Jimmy yelled, clearly his anger problem hadn't been sorted since coming out of prison, he swung for the chair next to him, sending it flying across the space they were at. "No!" He repeated, pointing his finger right in front of Rose. All the time she had put on a brave face, she had learnt not to let her fear show, but she couldn't help but flinch slightly.

"I think you are Jimmy," Rose whispered, her voice trembling ever so slightly, she hoped it wasn't enough that he notice, she wanted to make him scared, scared her friends would find him, she knew she wouldn't like the consequences though, "You're scared, you'll never admit it, you're too much of a coward, you always were and always will be."

She tensed slightly as she saw Jimmy's hand fly up in to the air, coming towards her at great speed, knocking her and the chair she was attached to on to the ground, Rose took a deep breath as the pain began to sink in, she could feel and taste blood in her mouth, the irony taste taking over. Jimmy grabbed the top of the chair, sitting her upright, grabbing her hair so he could look at her properly.

"You're wrong Tyler, you are so wrong; even if they do find us, let's just hope they get to their pretty little blonde damsel in distress in time, because I've missed this, your face," He whispered in her ear, licking his lips, "Oh how I've missed that face, those lips, the things you used to do with those big lips. They did come in handy. Now, I am going to do to you what I did all those years ago, you remember? Down by the river, oh that was fun, wasn't it?"

Rose spat the blood that was filling her mouth on the floor, looking up at Jimmy. "Fun isn't quite the word I would use for that certain event." She muttered, and looked at Jimmy's hands, approaching her jacket; she knew what he was going to do to her, she couldn't help but feel fear running through her. She just hoped Jack and Owen got here quickly.


"This it?" Owen asked as he followed Jack in a hurry, he could see the worry in Jack's face as they rushed to get to her. He could sense Jack knew a lot more about Jimmy Stone than what he had learnt tonight, and that scared him, it meant he was capable of doing more to Rose than he had first imagined.

"Yeah." Jack answered shortly, getting his gun ready just in case he had to use, if he was honest, he'd probably have to stop himself from using it on Jimmy, not just for what he's done, or might of done to Rose tonight, but for what he put her through in the past, Rose had told him the stories whilst he was on the TARDIS, he'd ask about her past and they'd sit on her bed, talking for hours and hours about her past. Jack walked in to the warehouse where Jimmy and Rose were, careful not to make a noise. Jack stopped for a moment as he could hear something, someone whispering, he looked over at Owen, nodding for him to come closer. Jack grimaced as he heard the things Jimmy was saying to Rose, it made him feel sick. He took a deep breath before knocking down the door, hating what he saw, Rose tied to the chair, blood pouring from a cut lip, and her top half buttoned.

"Get off her!" Jack warned, cocking his gun, Jimmy simply smirking at the pair. Owen carefully jogged over to Rose untying her quickly, making sure he was okay, until he heard gunfire fill the room, and saw Jimmy on the floor, blood seeping from him shoulder. Owen turned to face Jack, scoffing slightly.

"You said not-"He started, but Jack soon shut him up.

"What?" He asked innocently, "He'll live! I couldn't stop myself!" He muttered squatting in front of Rose so he was at eye level with her, he took in her appearance, she was shaking slightly, he voice shaking, "Hey Doll," He whispered, smiling at her softly, and she gave him a reassuring smile.

"Hey." Rose whispered back, rubbing her wrists as Owen untied her. "Knew you'd come." She said, standing up slowly, she could feel them shaking gently beneath her. She'd never felt so happy to see two faces she recognised, Rose hated the thought of them not coming.

"You sound as though you doubted us?" Jack smirked softly, pulling her in to a deep hug, resting his chin against the top of her head, "I'll always come for you Rose." Rose rested in to Jack as she relaxed, letting out a sigh of relief, she was okay, a bit banged up but she was alive, Jack and Owen had come and got her. Jack couldn't help but kiss the top of her head, he loved Rose, he couldn't deny that, she was the closest thing to family he had, he'd loved her from the first time he had laid eyes on her, as cliché as he felt it was. Not that it was a physical attraction, not anymore, he loved her like a sister, and he was protective of her. He always would be, fight to the death for her.


The end.

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