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Full Circle Power Rangers Dino Thunder. (Set after Back in Black episode and before White Thunder)

Synopsis - Mesogog has accidentally sent a powerful monster back into the past and The Dino Rangers as well, but the past for Tommy was not too long ago. The year is now 1995 and Tommy has to work with the current Rangers of the time period (and himself as the White Ninjette Ranger) without giving the Power Rangers or his own future destiny away.

Chapter 1 – Scheming and Accidents.

Mesogog was not in a good mood. First the mutation that was sent down into Reefside was destroyed, rehydrated, and then destroyed again by 3 annoying teenagers and their Biozoids. Now the dino gem was the possession of a smug Dr Tommy Oliver, creator and trainer of the current rangers. It had been going well interrogating the sarcastic scientist but as luck would have it his students came to rescue him and he took the gem that was rightfully his. His bumbling minions Elsa and Zeltrax had let them escape. And last bt noe least the good doctor just had to go bonding to the black dino gem and becoming the Black Ranger didn't he? He now had 3 annoying color coded teenagers to contend with and an ex experienced Ranger now back to full power. Unless Elsa and Zeltrax came up with a decent plan to destroy the Rangers and obtain the ultimate power of the dino gems, they would be wishing that they had become extinct instead of the dinosaurs.

As Mesogog headed towards his throne in his own laboratory Elsa stopped him,

"Master, I have good news for you" said Elsa in a groveling tone.

"It better be good Elsa, I am not in a forgiving mood, another failure and you will not have to worry about pleasing me anymore," he hissed dangerously glaring at her.

"No, No master, this plan will work, it involves a detailed and most adv..."

"Get to the point, my patience is wearing thin..." said Mesogog menacingly

"Yes my lord," slightly bowing her head in a gesture of servitude, "As you know I have been monitoring archaeological sites just in case any more dino gems appeared." Elsa paused and looked at Mesogog. At this point he had retreated to his throne to here Elsa's proposal.

"Get on with it Elsa" the venom in hearing her name indicated that she had little time to complete the proposal of her plan.

"Instead of a dino gem appearing a more... Interesting artifact was found at a dig site North of Reefside. This one generates a great amount of power, which I believe, can be fashioned into a useful weapon. The weapon as we speak is being developed but is not yet finished, I am hear to inform you of my progress, my lord"

At the end of the statement Elsa stood in front of Mesogog with her head facing downwards. Deathly silence was heard

"Master?" Elsa questioned

"Did the annoying pests show up at the dig site? They must have detected the surge of power and gone to investigate?" inquired Mesogog

"When I went to collect the artifact I had many of the Tyrannodrones with me to make sure that I returned with the object, there was no sign of the power rangers or Dr Oliver"

"That is strange, this object we found could be a trap set by the power rangers to trick us, be very careful in using it and scan it well. You may proceed with your plan, how long do you need for this weapon to be completed?" enquired Mesogog

"After detailed scanning, as you have suggested Master, the weapon will be ready in 12 hours," replied Elsa

"You have 24 hours to perfect this weapon, now get out of my site," Elsa bowed and started to move away when she heard "Do not fail me again now Elsa, you know the consequences if you fail" Elsa continued to leave the throne room. Mesogog watched her leave the room and growled "Do not fail me".

Outside in the corridor of the throne room Elsa walked straight into Zeltrax,

"Elsa what are you planning?"

"Nothing that concerns you!" she replied with venom in her voice as she continued to walk down the corridor toward her workroom "Just remember that when this plan works I will be in the Masters favor"

Zeltrax stood still and let her walk right passed him and didn't bother to look behind.

"That remains to be seen Elsa, you have not won yet, it remains to be seen."

The Power Ranger's base is a lab in a cave underneath Dr Tommy Oliver's house. There is a very sophisticated computer that detects monster attacks and highly unusual energy signals. This computer system was designed and built by Dr Oliver and Hayley (the owner of Hayley's Cyber cafe who Tommy Oliver met at Graduate School) and at this precise moment couldn't tell you the time and date. This was because one very clumsy Red Dino Ranger named Conner McKnight, who had gone to Doctor O's to discuss an assignment that he had given his students about general science. Dr O was down in the lab at the computer scanning for possible monster attacks or locating new dino gems, when Conner bounded up to the terminal to try to get an extension for his assignment, he placed his soft drink by the side of the keyboard. The computer had just located a large power source and sounded the alarm, which surprised Conner causing him to knock over his soft drink on to the key board which fizzed slightly; it was this fizzle that made Conner leap backwards into the mainframe computer, slightly electrocuting himself, and crashing it. During the commotion Dr O had spun around in his chair and shot to the back of the cave looking back opened mouthed at the scene before him. Once the commotion had died down and he had told Conner to shut up apologizing, Doctor Oliver managed to check and reboot the system and find out what the commotion was before the Conner accident.

"OK... The computer registered a huge power source at the new dig site up on Canyon road," Dr Oliver stated

"A new dino gem?" enquired Conner who had cleaned up all the soft drink.

"No the power signal is different to the ones our gems output" Dr Oliver responded lifting up his left wrist to indicate his recently acquired dino gem. "Conner, go and check out the site and report back"

"Why me?" asked Conner with a slight wine to his voice

"Because I have to continue to monitor things here and if you don't I will tell Kira and Ethan about the little incident here" replied Dr Oliver in a cool voice with a slight humorous tone.

Conner thought about the statement for a minute and his mind wondered back to the moment when he and the team were about to rescue Dr Oliver from Mesogog's island. Conner had just viewed his new Red Raptor Cycle and was told that Dr O was being held captive on an island... surrounded by water.

He had let it slip that he couldn't swim and at any peaceful moment he got he was reminded of the incident.

"OK Dr O, I am on my way," replied Conner, and with that he was out of Dr Oliver's house and driving his car to the dig site.

This left Dr Oliver on his own shaking his head "Hopeless" he thought to himself. His attention was drawn back to the computer and he leaned back in his chair "Now what was that energy and more importantly where has it gone?" Dr Oliver was left in silence pondering the situation.

When Conner arrived at the dig site he found no one around, not even archaeologists.

Conner quickly glanced around to recheck his surroundings; he then lifted up his left arm and spoke into his wrist bracelet/ morpher.

"Are you sure there was a power source here Dr O? the place looks abandoned"

"The readings have stopped but there should be someone there as the site has recently discovered." Dr O replied

"Could it have run out of power?" Conner hopefully asked, the sooner he had this assignment over and done with the sooner he could go back to the park and play some soccer.

"Maybe, maybe" replied Dr O "but I doubt we were that lucky, someone could have taken it, the most likely candidate is Mesogog, I have no clue what he could do with that amount of power but I bet you anything that it will not be good." he paused "Conner return to base while I alert the others, this problem may require our full attention"

Conner sighed, "No soccer for me today" he thought to himself "on my way" he informed his mentor.

With a last glance around the dig site, Conner headed to his car and made his way back to Dr Oliver's house.


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