I own no interest in Rookie Blue

After having considered the following facts this story grew in my head, hands and keyboard.

The idea of Sam conceding Andy's affection without a fight is a thought I do not wish to entertain. Luke is a good guy, but can you say "white bread". Andy is looking for safety rather than excitement but we know hidden in the recesses of her soul is a powerful passion for her partner.

The length of this story just keeps expanding. I do know where it's going, however my characters just won't shut-up and let me get there.

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Months ago Andy had made a choice. There was no doubt in her mind then or now that Sam was appealing. He was exactly the type that had always gotten her attention. He was one of those guys that made her want to know when and where not if. But those guys were always a heart break in waiting, so she had picked Luke.

Luke had been so busy investigating, interviewing, report writing or whatever it was he did since the big drug bust Andy had only seen him in passing. That wasn't unusual. He often became so invested in a case he would virtually ignore her for days at a time. Had she ever been madly in love with him his inattention would have devastated her. She was not, had not, and did not anticipate ever being madly in love with him but she did like him and that was exactly the depth of affection she wanted to experience.

He had a good job, earned good money for a civil servant, carried a gun but was never called upon to draw it, looked good, dressed descent and that was the short list. Off duty, when he was around, he was agreeable, affectionate, and considerate, the sex was infrequent but good….enough, particularly if you liked him. If she had loved him, maybe her attitude would have made it better.

Andy McNally had found the perfect man to settle down with and begin a settled life. The prospect was not filled with heart stopping excitement but everyone had to grow up someday. When the perfect, safe guy came along only a fool would throw that away.

She was twenty-six years old, a graduate of the police academy, successful completer of probation and a full member of the police force. She had survived those thirteen wild and crazy years between becoming a teenager and entering the police academy, without a criminal record, a drug problem, tattoos, disfiguring scars or unwanted pregnancies. She had filled that period of her life with enough bad love affairs, broken hearts, fast guys, fast cars, fast relationships and loud music to last a life time.

It was time to grow up. Accept reality. A mature adult female accepted that wild passionate lovers who adored you and you them were found in romance novels not real life and that a man whose fondest wish was to keep you safe and happy was a fiction.

As Andy listened to Sam's plan she kept running all these facts through her head. There were other facts in her head as well. Facts she chose to ignore the longer she was around him and the more he assured her of the innocence of his plan.

Facts like romance novels were fictions with their adoring wild passionate lovers who wanted to keep you safe and happy. Facts like the broken hearts she has suffered as result of those great loves of her misspent youth. Facts like; Sam was too good to be true: the fact that he was a broken heart in waiting.

"Traci told me you were going camping with Leo and her. This club is only about five miles closer in than the camp ground."

"It doesn't seem quite right to bail on her."

"The music won't start until at least nine and by then Leo will probably be down for the count. Traci was the one who suggested I ask."

"So, you and Traci have this all planned?"

"No. She told me where you three would be. I commented about how close the club was and how both of you should drop by if she could find someone to watch Leo. Your friend thought you could use a little fun since Luke was tied up at work all the time."

"I don't know."

"Come on Andy, a couple drinks, a couple dances," he added with a smile, "I'll play a song just for you."

"I thought you said this place has live music?" she questioned.

"It does."

"Is this a karaoke joint?"

Sam was really trying. He wanted to get her out on a sort of date and he didn't want to spook her, but damn! He didn't fool himself into thinking he was Mick Jaeger but, karaoke, please!

"Are you trying to be insulting?" He was looking at her when he said it and he knew he was in trouble instantly. Thank God for seat belts and moving cars. He had no doubt she would have left him in her dust if they were anywhere else.

"Andy," he begged, "I did not mean that the way it sounded. Please!"

Andy stormed, "If I wasn't a lady I'd explain to you what an arrogant prick you were." He flinched and she continued. Having developed a good head of steam she had no intention of stopping anytime soon. "I have spent the last six months at your beck and call, getting your coffee, doing your paper work, catching hell from you every time I didn't do exactly what you thought I should. And…about half that time you hadn't given me enough information so I could reasonably be expected to do what you wanted. I appreciate all you've done for me. I am sorry for all the times I've disappointed you. I don't know what I said to make you so mad." By this time Sam had pulled the squad car to the curb, unbuckled his seat belt, turned toward Andy and moved partially across the seat.

She had just about wound down. She folded her arms across her chest defensively and concluded with, "It is not PMS even if it sounds like it. I don't know what's wrong with me." Her anger had dissipated but Sam was afraid he heard near hysteria in her closing comments.

"Andy! Look at me." She did not respond.

"Andy, turn around and look at me. Now!" What it was in his tone that got through to her he did not know but at least now she was listening.

He stretched his hands toward her. "Give me your hands, both of them, Andy." She unfolded her arms and tentatively extended her hands to him. He took one of her hands in each of him and brought their entwined hands together into his lap. He absently ran his thumbs over the backs of her hands as he talked. The intimacy of this simple gesture was soothing but not threatening. Her breathing began to return to normal as he talked.

"This transition from TO and rookie to officer friends or whatever… is really taking a toll on us, isn't it?" She recognized he was asking himself the question and didn't expect a response. "I forget sometimes that there have been only two other women in my life that I have spent as much one-on-one time with and have been as important to me as you: my mom, my sister and now you. I forget all the time that I have a whole life you know nothing about."

Sam continued. "The band that's playing are friends. I usually sit in with them for at least one set when I can manage to make one of their dates. I used to practice with them when they were based here in town but they're on tour a lot and I only get to see them a few times a year now. Come on, Andy. The guys don't believe me when I tell them about the hot single women joining the police force."

"Why me Sam, I'm not the only single rookie?"

"I thought we could leave the blonds back in town." He made sure he had a good grip on her hands before he spoke and his thumbs continued their caresses. This was either a brilliant strategy and she would agree immediately or he had messed up big time and there was no telling what she would do.

When she smiled he figured it had probably worked. "Does this mean I get to be a band groupie?"

"Yeah, but you know you might make me question my career choice." That comment brought a smile and a little laugh. He was relieved to see the tension gone. The smile was always a gift.

"Since you still haven't told me what you play I'll just have to guess its keyboard or guitar. I don't think you're a drummer. They tap on everything and I don't think I've ever seen you offer to sing."

"I can sing, sort of, I play an electric guitar, I have an acoustic I play sometimes when I'm alone. I've been playing since I was a kid. Pictured myself a rock star when I was a teenager." He shared.

"I had a couple boyfriends like that."

"That means you're an experienced groupie, McNally?"

"I had a variety of experiences in my youth, Sam, broke a few hearts, had mine broken a few times. Glad I'm grown now."

"Just how old are you, McNally"

"I'm twenty-six."

"That old? At the rate you're going you'll need a geriatric bypass in a couple of years."

"You're making fun of me."

"You think…?"