Lyrical Tidbit Fic requested by kat97. :] She asked for a fic inspired by the song Bring Me to Life by Evanescence, and this is what I came up with. It's not very long.

Line: "Call my name and save me from the dark"

I hope you like it. :] If not, tell me, and I'll try again.


My blood boiled, heated, intense anger coursed through my veins. My entire body seethed with hatred, frustration, and rage, all directed at the one, defenseless man who stood before me, cowering in the sand.

This selfish, pitiful man, who had stolen one of the last pieces of my home from me, my best friend. The one being to have journeyed through time, frozen beneath the polar seas; accompanying me on my quest to better the world the both of us had abandoned a century before.

My heart hammered in my chest, erratically pounding on my rib cage, so fast that my breath came out in short, panicked gasps. Adrenaline surged through my veins, my blood becoming sluggish and thick with it; I could feel each cell of my body engorge itself with the substance; my chest, my arms, my fingers, my legs, my toes humming, vibrating, eager.

Then came the familiar feeling of being pulled in, sucked into a different part of my consciousness; everything went black. I was there, in the physical world; I could see everything, hear everything, smell and taste the dry, dusty air, but I could do nothing that that part of my mind didn't want me to.

The spirit inside of me, pulling all of the things that made me human, that separated me from the primordial part of my existence that resided only within the confines of my mind, within the darkness; It was the bright glow that shone in the forefront of my thoughts. I welcomed it this time, the power, the glowing brilliance; I could feel the air around me shift, growing violent, turbulent, turning into a vacuum, sucking in the ugly orange colored sand beneath my limbs.

I could see the people below me running, scattering, some of the forms vaguely familiar through the darkness, the fog that surrounded my vision. The sounds of panic and fear registering in my ears; I didn't care, I was out for vengeance, for blood.

My fingers tensed, my muscles pulled taunt, a low growl building within my throat; pressure, warmth, contact on my arm. Anger boiled over, I prepared to strike, lash out viciously; color invaded my sight.

Blue, the color of the ocean, the color of the sky, a place I called home; my heart leapt, the darkness faltered, the part that gave me the power to act on my vehemence faltered: I recognized this color. The nuisance, the pest, the sensation on my arm became a source of comfort, a different kind of strength; that alluring hue blurred, the aqueous color coming alive as water filled the lids to the brim.

I began to sink to the ground, the face that belonged to those eyes was now visible, a face that I knew well, that I loved; it was in pain, marred with sadness. The darkness was pushed to the farthest recesses of my brain, her arms wrapped around my frame; a welcome companion to the cold that my body was suddenly stricken with. Her lips moved against my cheek, my name traveled to my ear, carried by the tendrils of air, the remnants of my anger that surrounded the both of us. The darkness was no more.