You Know the Drill by now.

A Xros Wars A.U.


Well, I don't know why, but I've started yet another fanfiction when I've got so many others to finish.

So, here it is, DIGIMON XROS WARS, I believe the first Fanfiction for this series, not to mention probably the first A.U. story.




A flag floats in the distance over an army of monsters. Sealsdramon, Tankmon, Bullmon, strange, smaller digimon wielding guns, and many more.

But shining across from the encroaching army, across a vast ocean, standing on top of a tall cliff face, rises a new flag. A boy steps forward, no more then ten or eleven, wearing a pair of brown pants, a stylized blue shirt, a bright orange vest, and his green tinted goggles, to fight the army.

Four new forms come up to join the boy's side. A small, red dragon like creature with a large V shaped crest on his forehead to the boy's right. A blue, mechanical beetle like creature to the boy's left. A female ninja like warrior, with rabbit like features, (the most prominent being the long, brown fur covered ears that trailed down to her feet) to his right. And a wolf with orange fur and golden drills to his left.

Behind them lies an army of their own, made of of monsters such as Vmon, Agumon, Garurumon, Gatomon, Angemon, Patamon, Gaomon, Guilmon, Agunimon, Kazemon, Bokomon, Neemon, Renamon, Terriermon, Kamemon, Impmon, and many, many more.

The boy turns to the Ninja and they share a nod before holding up identical devices, rectangular with a control pad and a bright blue LED screen. The boy's was orange, the girl's was red.

In unison they cried out. "DIGI-XROS!"

With that simultaneous cry, The dragon, the beetle, and the wolf transform into energy beams in their respective colors (Red, Blue, and Orange), before launching up into the sky, and merging together.

In their fused place was a towering form, looking like a mecha, he had the wolf's legs with the beetle's body and arms, and the dragon's V on it's chest. The being wielded a glowing red sword with a Star shaped handle.

With a solid swing, the Fusion launched an energy blast that sliced a line clean through the middle of the army. They began to scatter, but the fusion wouldn't allow it. Holding it's sword out in front of it, the V on it's chest let loose a laser beam that soared through the blade, then refracted out in a full one hundred and eighty degree blast; shattering the remaining army.

But, out of the crimson flames of victory came a massive, blueish grey dinosaur. It let loose a blast of purple fire from it's mouth, which the fusion swiftly cut through with it's sword. The dinosaur quickly bit down on the fuision's left arm, and, as the ninja jumped up from behind the dinosaur to hit it's blind spot, the fusion lifted it's sword to-

"Wake Up!"


Kudo, Taiki's eyes snapped open as his mother's voice called from downstairs.

"You're going to be late for practice if you don't get up right now!"

The boy sighed, and picked up his green tinted goggles from the night stand. "Okay, Okaa-san!" He looked at his reflection in the goggles and wondered ever so briefly. "What a wierd dream."


Lopmon suddenly rolled out of her over head bed, falling directly onto her 'brother' and 'sister', a Shoutmon and a human girl, respectively.

"Whaaa!" The sudden intrusion woke all three from their very similar dream.

Shoutmon groaned. "And just when it was getting to the good part."

Lopmon smiled apologetically. "Sorry, Shouto, I didn't mean to wake you up."

He turned his head ever so slowly. "Oh... Really?"

The girl sighed as the Small, red and white dragon with a V emblem on his for head jumped towards the smaller Lopmon with intents of tickling. 'Does this mean what I think it means?' she turned her head towards the Red Xros-Loader on the bed-stand next to her. 'Are we getting a new general?'


Dorulumon's eyes snapped open in supprise. "W...Was that...?" he blinked rapidly as he got to his feet. "Was that a DigiXros?" Next to him, the child known as Cutemon was still sleeping soundly. Dorulumon growled to himself. 'What does this mean?'

All three would soon find out.

Monsters made of Data, Digimon. They laugh and cry, just like us. Let's gather up as many teammates as we can for the marvelous adventure ahead of us! "DIGI-XROS!"

*Cue Never Give Up! (TV Size) By Sonar Pocket*

*cue Title theme*

Taiki! Enter the Digital World!


"GO!" Taiki cried out as he kicked the soccer ball straight into the awaiting arms of the main kicker, who then proceeded to kick it straight into the net.

Taiki's fellow teammates let loose a cry of victory as the loosing team groaned in frustration.

"Nice pass, Taiki!" The Boy gave a thumbs up.

"That was so awesome!" Another grinned.

"It was nothing!" Taiki waved the comments off. "Really, it wasn't anything!" It was then that his watched beeped. "Ah! I'm going to late for basketball!"

And with that he raced off for yet another tournament, leaving his teammates in a baffled state.

Sometime later, Taiki had collapsed to the lush grass of a small hill in exhaustion. "What a day..." He turned his head in an expected reply, only to find no-one there. Strange. Why had he expected a reply?


Ah, that was why.

"Ah, Joumanjiro was it?" Taiki looked up at the kendo stick wielding boy (Who currently appeared to be upside down) with little supprise.

"Tsurugi Zenjirou!" The boy cried out in retaliation. "ZEN-JI-RO! Got it?"

Taiki sighed. "Gomen. I've just finished with basketball and soccer, I'm a little tir-"

"Perfect!" Zenjirou cut him off. "Then you can fight me next!"

Taiki's reply was cut off by the sound of a low howl of pain, sounding almost like a musical note. "What was that?" He asked himself.

"I said that you'll-!" Zenjirou was cut off, almost literally, as a Car fell from the sky, smashing into the ground not one yard behind him.

Taiki looked up to the sky... "What!" ...Only to see the buildings themselves stretching and spiraling together into the sky. All around them, electronics began to flare and sparkle, Cellphones began to go haywire, and even the air around them began to appear like static.

For an instant, there was an army of monsters, rampaging through the streets. A mammoth like creature roared as it plowed through the street, not caring that it's world had suddenly changed, right towards Taiki and Zenjirou.



Suddenly, an orange whirlwind came from seemingly nowhere, plowing into the Mammoth, and sending it flying. There, across the street, was a wolf with orange and white fur and golden drills on his body.

"You two!" the wolf began. "You should Get out of here before you-!"

A Dark shadow like form appeared suddenly, smashing the wolf across what remained of the street, and down a dark alley way. There was a burst of static noise, and the world, for the moment, returned to normal.

Taiki took off towards the alley way where the wolf had been tossed towards. Zenjirou stared after him for a second, then gave chase. "Kudo Taiki! Wait!"

What the Kendo fighter found upon reaching the back of the alley was Taiki crouching down next to a shrinking orange glow of energy. "Are you all right?" he was asking.

"ngh... I should be asking you the same thing." the wolf's voice came from the glow. "And here I was risking my life for complete strangers... What has the world come to?"

"Strangers or not, you helped me, and I'll help you." Taiki set a determined look on his face. "Somehow..."

"Don't even try." the wolf replied. "If I'm to die, then at least I'll have the pleasure of knowing I saved a few more lives before I went."

"I don't plan on doing any such thing." Taiki grinned. "Life is a precious thing. I'm not going to waste it."

"Birds of a feather then?" There was a chuckle. "I guess I won't be breaking that promise I made then after all..."

Zenjirou blinked as, suddenly, a bright green glow filled the alley way. "What in the world...?"

Taiki looked up to the source of the light: A small, white device, looking exactly like the one In his dream.

"Do You wish to save this Melody's life?" a voice asked him.

The boy stared at the device as he replied. "Yeah, I do."

"What is your name?" the voice asked.

With a determination the boy always seemed to have, he replied. "Kudo, Taiki."

"Use this Xros Loader, Kudo Taiki." With that, the device turned a bright shade of orange, and floated down to the boy's hand. "And Save the Melody of the Digital World."

He easily caught the Xros Loader, identical to the one in his dream, that decended from the green light above them. "Now then..." Taiki turned the device towards the shrinking orange glow of Dorulumon. "Can I?"

"If it'll put me out of my misery, go ahead." was the only reply.

"Wait! Kudo Taiki!" Zenjirou started. "Think about this calmly! Just put the strange device on the ground and...!"

"Revive!" Taiki called out, causing the top half of the Digivice to slide open, and absorb the orange glow within one second. "You all right in there?" He looked at the screen to see a cartoonish looking drawing of the wolf's face.

"What power... I'm feeling all my injuries being disolved away!"

Zenjirou could only stare in shock at the sudden friendship between the creature and his rival. "B...but...but... This... That... he... I...But...!" But nothing, Zenjirou! "But...!" Let me type for Karzahnii's sake! "I... He... It... What?" You know, just for- "But he...!" That. I'll do THIS.

Suddenly! A Portal opened up underneath Taiki and Zenjirou, dropping them down into some unknown world! Or rather...


Akari and Shoutmon, lead generals of the Xros Heart team, walked boldly up to the main hut of the village elder. With a slight bit of hesitation, the girl knocked on the door. There was a distant cry of "Just a minute" from inside, and it gave the duo some time to think.

"So, Akari..." Shoutmon started. "You really think that was a new General that's coming, huh?"

The red haired girl looked at the Digimon. "Shouto, the last time we both had a dream like that was the day we got our Xros Loader."

He sighed. "Yeah, the same day you first DigiXrosed."

They both knew what the comment meant, and it made Akari shiver at the memory. Thankfully, The door to the hut opened then, revealing Babamon, the wife of the village leader, Jijimon. "Ah, Akari, Shouto, good to see you two again!" She smiled. "Come in! Come In!"

The grand hut was nothing more than a massive, cylindrical room with several balcony floors to it, sitting at the top was Jijimon.

Akari and Shoutmon climbed to the top as they tried to figure out what exactly they were going to say. One didn't get to the top of the Grand Hut without a good reason.

"Shouto, Akari." The old man nodded in greeting as the two sat down. "What brings you to my humble abode at such an early hour?"

Akari closed her eyes as she formed the sentence in her mind before speaking. "This morning, Shoutmon, Lopmon and I had a shared dream."

"A Shared dream, you say?" Jijimon 'hmm'ed. "What was this dream about?"

"A boy with an Orange Xros Loader." Shoutmon began. "He and Akari fused me to a wolf and beetle digimon to make a fusion we'd never seen before."

"Together?" Babamon cut in. "Xros Loaders can handle fusions from opposing teams, why would you need to say it together?"

"Perhaps..." Jijimon theorized. "Perhaps it has something to do with Akari's Xros Loader requiring either her or Shoutmon's voice to allow either of them to DigiXros?"

"We defeated the Bagura army with one attack." Akari added. "Then a Gureimon began to attack, separate from the Bagura army."

"Gureimon you say?" Jijimon 'hmm'ed again. "A powerful creature that one."

("We were about to defeat it when we woke up." Shoutmon grumbled to himself.)

Babamon nodded. "And you defeated the Bagura army in one blow? An impressive feat, if I do say so myself."

"That may be the reason both of you used your Xros Loaders." Jijimon theorized again. "A fusion that powerful may need two power sources in order to run."

"If that's the case..." Shoutmon grinned. "I Can't wait for this new General to appear!"

"Akari, Your dreams have been accurate in the past, if not always the best of news." Babamon smiled. "But your dream today, it may be a sign of hope for our shattered world!"

Jijimon nodded. "The Bagura Army is fast approaching for battle today. We do not have the time to form a defence. If this new General is coming, he is sure to appear in the midst of battle!"

No one knew how accurate those words would be.


"ROWDY ROCKER!" Twin cries of triumph called out as a size-able portion of the Bagura "Gunmon" (as Shoutmon had dubbed them) was defeated within an instant.

Shoutmon turned towards his fighting partner, Akari. Ever since they had become the Generals of Xros Heart, both had been training for battle simultaneously. Any move Shoutmon learned, Akari learned. Any move Akari mastered, Shoutmon also mastered. "So!" He grinned. "How long before we DigiXros these loosers to the dark zone?"

She grinned back. "I'd give it another five minutes!"

Lopmon soared above a group of Mammothmon and opened her mouth wide. "Blazing... ICE!"

There was an explosion of data as three Mammothmon out of five were simultaneously deleted.

A gaggle of Pteramon then began to dive bomb at Shoutmon. "My Name Is Shoutmon! The Digimon among Digimon!" The Rowdiest Rocker cried out as he held up his mic' stand. "Engrave That On your Hearts! SOUL CRUSHER!" A burst of fire soared out of the microphone and up into the air, sending the Pteramon crashing down to earth.

Several "Gunmon" decided to be brave and take out the lead generals. Akari just laughed. "We're Xros Heart!" She pulled into a stance as if she were about to throw a baseball. "And Don't Forget it!" Suddenly, a fire ball shaped like a musical note flashed into existence in her hand. "ROCK DAMASHI!" With a lunge, the Musical note smashed head on into the lead "Gunmon's" torso, sending him flying into his fellow 'mon, before exploding violently.

Meanwhile, the finial members of the Xros Heart army was the Starmons Brigade, consisting of the Lead Starmon and several different variations of Pickmon. "METEOR SQUALL!" With the single command, the Silver metallic Pickmon began to swarm Mamothmon, Pteramon, and "Gunmon" alike en-mass, two even going so far as to give one Gunmon dual ear drills.

Needless to say, the Commander of this fraction of the Bagura army was not happy with this turn of events, half of his army destroyed in an instant! MadLeomon was, as his name indicates, Mad. "I hate pesky interlopers like you!" The Mad Lion prowled towards them. "I'll kill you all!"

"Not if I have something to say about it!" Shoutmon grinned. "Akari! Lopmon!" he held up the red Xros Loader. "DIGI-XROS!" The screen let loose a blinding flash of light as two twin musical strings chimed out in one beat.

Suddenly, Chaos broke out. The second Akari and Lopmon transformed into bright red and deep purple beams of light (respectively) and launched into the air, the entire world seemed to change from a (nearly) empty field Into that of a beach somewhere.

"XROS SHINKA!" The twin cries of the two Members of Xros Heart cried out (completely unaware of the change of scenery) as their energy beams launched into the air, and crashed into eachother, just as the world changed yet again, this time a Forrest of some sort.

Somewhere along the way as they shifted Zones, the moving Battle suddenly picked up a hitch hiker, Dorulumon. And he was not happy about having his nap interrupted. "DRILL BUSTER!"

Shoutmon could only watch in surprise as the wolf began to tear into the Bagura army as they were transported yet again to another zone, this one a city. 'It's Him!'

Simultaneously, From the fusion emerged a digimon who had Akari's physical build, but also had parts of Lopmon mixed in (such as her three horns, the long ears, and the fur color), was wearing ninja style clothing, and carried two polished, sharpened Long blades. "TURUIEMON: XROS TWO!" (Anyone careless enough to take note during a battle would noticed that her voice sounded like Akari's, but there was a slight undertone belonging to Lopmon.)

This time, they did not shift Zones as fast as they did before, despite the static like haze that was lingering over the battle field.

Turuiemon X2 blinked in surprise as she landed next to Shoutmon. "What happened!"

Shoutmon started. "I don't know! When I said to Digi-Xros, suddenly everything went bonkers!" Bonkers was right! The Bagura Army was in sudden dis-aray, each trying to figure out what was happening and almost completely ignoring the battle they had been fighting.

MadLeomon has also, temporarily, forgotten about his vow to kill the Xros Heart Army, instead trying to rally his own troops. "STOP! Stop I say! We WILL Conquer this zone!"

Nobody was listening, Shoutmon noted. "It's like they're doing our work for us!" He pointed out as a Mammothmon charged through one of it's companions in an attempt to escape from the madness.

There was a slight blip in the static, letting them see the city they were in a bit more clearly, and that that One Mammothmon was charging straight into a gathered crowd in whatever zone they had landed in.

Dorulumon would have none of that. "DORULU TORNADO!" The Mamothmon went flying. "You two!" the wolf began, obviously directing the comment to the two blurry forms closest to him. "You should Get out of here before you-!"

MadLeomon would have none of that, charging from Stage left and smashing Dorulumon through a rather gnarly looking burst of static and scattering his Data. "You Filthy Traitor!" Apparently this was enough to reset their location to the Green Zone, as the static immediately cleared and the two competing forces were back at their original battle site.

Turuiemon X2 narrowed her eyes as the Bagura forces were STILL in disarray. "Well, this might be easier then we thought!"

MadLeomon roared, trying to calm his scattering army. It wasn't working.

"Let's finish this while they're distracted!" Shoutmon tossed the XrosLoader to Turuiemon X2. "Give me the Sword!"

"Right!" The fusion held up the Digivice and called for another fusion. "Starmon! Pickmonz! DIGI-XROS!"

This time the world did not change randomly, and things went smoothly.

"STAAARMON!" The golden star cried out.

"PICKMONZ!" Four Silver Pickmonz cried out.

"DIGI-XROS!" With that cry, the Silver Pickmonz began to stack ontop of Starmon, transforming into a sword. A sword which Shoutmon immediately grabbed. "STAAAR BLADE!" With a mighty swing, a wave of Fire began to cut through the Bagura Army.

Turuiemon X2 wasn't going to be left out of the fight either, so she pocketed the XrosLoader and Drew her swords. "XROS FIRE CUTTER!" She dashed through a second part of the army, the twin fire swords cutting through anything in her path.

MadLeomon stared on for a few moments before something MORE altered the course of the battle.

"Nyaaaaaahhh!" Two humans falling right into the middle of the battle.

"What the?" Shoutmon stopped his Rowdy attack for a second to look at the two new comers, and his eyes widened. "AH! It's that Guy!"

Turuiemon X2 turned her head sharply as she finished cutting through a Mammothmon. "What? Who?"

"The General!" He replied as he jumped over a "Gunmon". "He's here!"

Turuiemon X2 jumped up onto a rather blue rock for a moment as she looked over the two humans, Kudo Taiki and Tsurugi Zenjirou, now laying sprawled in a pile. "No way." a Smile began to appear on her face. "He really came...!"

"Ngah...Would you please get off of me?" Came a voice from below her.

Turuiemon X2 looked down in supprise to see that her "Very Blue Rock" was, in fact, a Metallic Beetle Digimon she immediately recognised as the one from the shared dream. "Uh... Sorry... Um..."

"Ballistamon." Ballistamon nodded. "I understand, but could you please get off of me?"

"Sure thing!" With that, Turuiemon X2 back flipped back into the battle. 'That's nearly everyone!'

"Raaahhhrrrggg..." MadLeomon sure was Mad now. More then mad. He was Severely annoyed, to the point that he was simply driven insane so that simply calling him "Mad" was now a MAJOR understatement. "I'LL KILL YOU ALLL!"

"Two words!" Shoutmon grinned. "Anger. Management."

"RARRR... I'll show you...!" What MadLeomon did next made the grin turn into a gasp of shock. He began to absorb the Data of his Army, whether they were already Digitized or Not!

"What a Jerk!" Turuiemon X2 was appalled. "He's killing his own army!"

The Data went to a bad cause. Armor, and tons of it. A Chainsaw was on his right arm now too. His size increased too. "Heh... hehe... hehahahahaha!"

"Man! Where did he learn to do that!" Shoutmon growled before he jumped towards the Armed MadLeomon, Star Blade Blazing. "That's Cheating!"

Turuiemon X2 cast a glance over to Taiki and Zenjirou, who were both still oblivious to the battle raging around them, but the fact that one had the orange Xros Loader already gave her an idea. "HEY! Ballistamon!" she called out to get the Mecha's attention.

"Ngah?" Ballistamon jumped in surprise.

*Cue We Are Xros Heart!*

"Want to take on the Bagura Empire?"

"Uh..." The Beetle gave no sign of disagreement.

*cue We Are Xros Heart!*

"Great!" Turuiemon grinned as she pulled out the Red XrosLoader, and held it to the sky, as Shoutmon was sent flying into the air. "SHOUTMON! BALLISTAMON! DIGI-XROS!" The Xros Loader chimed out two new strings of music which fused into a newer, united rhythm.

"DigiXros?" Balistamon's eyes would have widened if he had organic ones.

Shoutmon, already in the air, transformed into a beam of red Energy, and continued flying up, only now of his own accord. "Shoutmon!"

Ballistamon then too transformed into a blue beam of energy that shot up into the air to Meet Shoutmon. "Ballistamon!"

The two Digimon crashed into eachother in the sky with a power full explosion of light. "DIGI-XROS!"

The form that emerged was Something that had Ballistamon's body, but with his head moved to the torso, and Shoutmon's V shaped crest on the top of a white box with eyes that was apparently the head.

"BALLISTAMON XROS TWO!" With that battle cry (a dual tone only slightly dominated by Shoutmon's voice), Ballistamon X2 spontaneously dropped into the battle (Quite literally) with a swinging fist. "ARM BUNKER!"

The Armed MadLeomon could only recoil as his unprotected face was hit. "OOF!"

Ballistamon X2 back flipped up into the air, never once touching the ground, And, before MadLeomon could even get to his feet, was ready to finish the battle. "BUDDY..." Ballistamon X2 charged up a massive blue energy bolt on the Ballistamon horn/torso cannon. "BLASTER!" with a roar, the energy bolt launched out straight towards it's target.

"NO!" Despite all his Armor, Armed MadLeomon was struck straight in the chest.


In one solid strike, Armed MadLeomon was no longer Armed, and cursing heavily as he struggled to get to his feet. "You cursed... Idiotic... Piles of...!"

Turuiemon X2 smirked. "Want to take me on next?"

Before the Enraged Lion could reply, a portal 'cracked' into existence behind him, and a strange, suction action began to pull him through. "Wait! Tactimon-sama! I Can still Fight! I Can still Fi-!"

The lion vanished into the portal, which closed a second later.

Ballistamon X2 then defused a second later, leaving the name sake's digimon staring in awe at the crater that had been made by the "Buddy Blaster" attack. "So that was 'Digi-Xros' then?"

Shoutmon grinned and jumped up onto Ballistamon's shoulder. "Hey, buddy, are you sticking around for a while?"

"I have no plans." the cyborg replied simply.

"GREAT!" Shoutmon grinned.

Turuimon X2 sighed at her co-general's energy, and decided to go check on the two humans that fell from the sky.

Speaking of, Zenjirou and Taiki had been severely disorientated by the portal, and were only in a semi-conscious state at the moment; thus, they remained staring blankly at the mostly-normal sky. That was, until Turuiemon X2 leaned over them. "Are you two allright?"

Taiki blinked, almost instantly recognising the fusion as the ninja from his dream, but couldn't form a reply. Zenjirou, however, seemed to be unconscious entirely.

"I said, are you all-?"

"I wouldn't blame them. Even I'm dizzy from that fall." The voice of Dorulumon suddenly came out of the Orange Xros Loader, cutting her off mid sentence. "Ah, Could you come closer? I can't see you right now."

Turuiemon X2 bent down to look at the screen of the Xros Loader, clutched firmly in Taiki's right hand. "Ah, there you are." On the screen was that same goofy rendering of Dorulumon's face. "I was wondering where you got off to."

"You're that girl!" the cartoon didn't change expressions, but his voice broad casted a lot of surprise. "From the dream!"

"So you had it too?" Shoutmon asked as he walked up. "How odd."

"I wasn't expecting to be meeting you all this soon, to be honest." Dorulumon sighed.

"You're re-covering, aren't you?" Turuiemon X2 started. "I remember having to spend a few days in there once." An embarrassed smile started to form on her face.

"Yeah. That stupid ape knocked me through a dimensional barrier. I ended up in the Human world, and it nearly killed me." Dorulumon's disgust then turned to curiosity. "Say, what happened to that oaf anyways? I'd feel much better if you told me that last pitiful scream of his was cut off by one of your blades."

"He got pulled back before we could do anything." Shoutmon frowned. "But, I'm sure he'll be back soon enough."

Dorulumon chuckled. "Well, if his masters don't finish the job, please, let me do the honors, all right?"

Turuiemon X2's eyes widened. "Wait, did you say the Human world?"

"Yeah, Surprised me too." Dorulumon went to continue, but, at this point, Taiki had regained enough of his senses to realize there was someone sitting next to him.

Taiki blinked as he turned his head towards them. "Uh... Hello...?"

"General!" Shoutmon grinned. "Good to see you on your feet!"

"General?" Taiki asked as he sat up.

"Yeah! General of our army!" Shoutmon started.

"Army?" Taiki blinked, several times.

Shoutmon paled. "Don't tell me he doesn't know. Please don't."

Dorulumon took this chance to cut in. "It's like I said. I went to the human world, and if this guy here hadn't saved me, I'd be dead."

"Then he... he really doesn't...?" Shoutmon slapped a hand to his forehead in order to slowly pull it down his face. "We're doomed."

"What are you...?" Then, Taiki realized it. The world around him wasn't a city scape, it was a desert. "Where am I...?"

"This?" Turuiemon X2 started a second before she defused back into Akari and Lopmon.

"This is the Digital World." Akari finished. "The Green Zone to be precise."

"Digital...World?" Taiki barely even realized he had asked the question, instead focusing all of his attention on the fact that the Ninja from his dream was in fact two separate beings, and not one like he had originally thought.

Lopmon slapped one of her large ears to her face, mimicking Shoutmon's previous expression. "We've got our work cut out for us."

Meanwhile, not too far away, three small, green creature with a computer monitors for heads watched the battle intently. The first chimed in "Green!", to which the second replied "It's very Green!"

The third, however, turned to face the human girl behind them. "Ne, Nene-sama, you can't underestimate these guys." it asked in it's silly voice, different from the others in that it was slightly deeper from it's higher pitched cousins.

The girl 'hmm'ed as she started to absentmindedly chew on a strand of her long, black hair. "True..." Xros Heart was a formidable team right from it's creation several years ago, and it still was. "Even though they're not the original founding team members, they still retain the same battle style."

"But what about the new humans?" the Monitamon asked. "They're not on any population list in any zone."

"They must have come from the Human World." Nene started to grin. "It looks like things may start to go in our favor very soon." The boy with goggles especially interrested her, there was a fire in his eyes that made her feel... Something. "We'll have to keep an eye on them."

"That we'll do." The Monitamon nodded.

Elsewhere, somewhere up in the Sky, a Blue armored Birdramon watched the battle from above. "Kiriha." The Digimon started in it's deep voice. "What are you going to do?"

"I think we'll observe them for now." The human boy on the digimon's back smirked. "Then, if we're lucky, we'll team up with them."

"Sounds like a plan."


Tactimon growled. "And MadLeomon adds a smear to my perfect war record."

Deep in the shadows, a massive bulk known as Blastmon laughed. "Ah, Tac-chan, Looks like you're in the same boat as the rest of us then."

A feminine laugh joined the Beast's. The owner of the voice was none other then Lilithmon. "First His army, then Mine, now Tactimon's. It seems 'Green' Zone is cursed after all!" she laughed again.

Tactimon glared at his laughing commrads. "You laugh now, But once MadLeomon gives his report, we shall soon see what this 'curse' is." He clenched his fist. "And then we shall conquer Green Zone with Perfection!"

On the roof, a lone digimon watched these three Generals of the Bagura Army with interrest. He said nothing, nor laughed at their failure to rule the Green Zone. This digimon just stared out of his one visible eye as he watched the proceedings. 'And So It Begins.'


Data Search is Fun!

"Looking up Data on our enemies..." A Chibi-Monitamon recites to the Chibi-Taiki and Chibi-Akari. "SHOUTMON! His attacks are Rock Damashi, Rowdy Rocker, and Soul Crusher, where he cries out with the cry of his soul to defeat his opponents! Let me try... 'I'm Hungry! Get me a snack!'"

A Chibi-Shoutmon jumped up on stage, his jaw dropping to the floor in shock. "THAT'S the cry of your soul!" The Chibi-Taiki just nodded from the audience.


"Eh! Digital World? Taiki! What mess have you gotten me into this time?"

"Hehe, but don't you like it here?"

"Well, I suppose..."

"Eh, Where'd they get off to now?"

"Great! Here comes the Bagura Army again!"

"Let me at him! I've got some un-finished Business with that MadLeomon!"

"Next Time! Dorulumon! Return the Attack!"

"Don't miss it, Kyu!"