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Today was the last day of school. I, along with everybody else in this god forsaken school, have been waiting for this day for so long. Soooo freakin' long!

I quickly took a shower, got dressed and grabbed a granola bar. I seriously don't think I've had a real breakfast before school in almost a year.

I heard the doorbell ring and rushed downstairs to open the door, all the while munching on my pitiful breakfast.

"Hey babe." I said sweetly as I opened the door. Deidara smiled that brilliant smile of his and grabbed my hand.

He pulled me into an embrace and kissed me. "Hey to you too, un. You look great." he said in my ear.

I must admit, I did look pretty spiffy (yes, I just said spiffy) today. I was wearing a long black spaghetti strap shirt and white leggings underneath. I also wore my favorite black patent leather heels and a cute black bow in my red hair.

"Thanks! You look pretty good yourself!" I smiled up at him. He wore a black button up shirt and dark denim jeans. And of course he wore his black leather shoes.

"Are you ready to go, un?" he asked.

I nodded my head. "Yup! Let's go!" I locked the door, jumped on his Ducati 749 and stuck the yellow helmet on my head. He did the same and started the motorcycle's engine. It roared to life and we sped off to school.

I never got tired of the motorcycle rides. They were just so much fun! AND it's another reason for me to hang on to my hot boyfriend. Deidara and I have been dating for a little more than 3 months, just so you know.

Once we got there, I jumped off the cycle and looked up at Konoha High. I hated to admit it, but I think I might miss school. Just a tiny bit.

I heard the bell ring for homeroom in the distance.

"Oh shoot! I'm gonna be late! See you later!" I said, kissing Deidara on the cheek and running to my next class.

I had only gotten a few steps in the direction of my class when I was stopped in the hallway. Well, actually more like tackled.

"JUNSEI!" I heard two familiar voices yell out.

"What?" I called back, looking for whoever called me. Suddenly I was on the floor with two people sitting on me, and I was in a whole load of pain. I looked up to see Konan and Sakura, snickering at my pain.

"Hey guys! Can you get off me? You're cutting off my air supply. And I kinda need it." I mumbled.

"Oopsies!" giggled Sakura. She and Konan got off.

"Did you miss us?" asked Konan, with a glint in her eyes and a smile plastered on her face.

"…I just saw you guys, like, yesterday." I said once I caught my breath.

"Yeah. And your point?" replied Sakura. I rolled my eyes and put my arms around my two best friend's shoulders.

"So, today is the last day of school! What did you two do?" I asked with a mischievous grin.

"I have no idea what you're talking about!" lied Konan.

I nudged her and she busted out laughing. "We put a stink bomb in Piggy's locker." She said with a snicker.

As if on cue I heard a familiar voice scream. "AAAAAAHHHH! WHO PUT A STINK BOMB IN MY LOCKER? THEY WILL SOOOOOOOOOOO PAY FOR THIS!" Ino yelled.

The three of us ended up on the floor, we were laughing so hard.

Sasuke and Naruto came over to us, giving us weird looks.

"What's so funny?" asked Sasuke in his usual monotone.

I decided to have some fun with him. "We're laughing at your chicken butt hair." I said as seriously as I could.

That earned me an Uchiha glare, some laughter from Konan and Naruto and a light punch on the arm by Sakura.

"Don't mess with my man!" said Sakura angrily.

"Alright, alright!" I said with a sigh. Sakura and I are like sisters, but if anyone messes with her Sasuke…let's just say you better watch out!

I got up, brushed myself off and completely changed the subject. "Hey Naruto, did you ever ask that Hinata girl out?" Naruto had gotten a crush on this girl in his history class. He keeps going on and on about asking her out. But if I know Naruto (And I do), he probably hasn't done it yet.

He stopped laughing and blushed. "Well, erm…I…uh..." he stuttered.

I rolled my eyes and scanned the hallway. I quickly found Hinata.

I ran over to her and tapped her shoulder. She spun around looking very nervous as usual.

"Oh, h-hello Junsei." She said quietly. Hinata is probably one of the sweetest people I know, and she's also the shyest. I also had a feeling that she liked Naruto.

"Hey Hina-chan! Naruto wants to go out with you!" I said happily. Way to get to the point Junsei. Her face became red and she looked ready to faint. She DOES like Naruto! I'm a freakin' psychic or something!

"Hinata, don't you dare faint on me!" I said sternly. She quickly snapped out of it.

"Good! So what do you say?" I paused and waited for an answer.

"Um, that w-would be alright…I guess." She said quietly, a small smile reaching her lips.

I smiled and threw my fists into the air. "Yay! Hina-chan and Naruto are a couple! I am the match maker! HEAR ME ROAR!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.

Hinata walked away subtly as everyone in the hallway stared at me. I grinned sheepishly and ran back to Naruto, who looked ready to die from embarrassment.

"Did you really have to do that?" he asked sullenly.

"Well, you didn't do it quick enough, so I had to improvise." I smiled at him.

He rolled his eyes as he went off to class.

"I better get going too," said Mr. Chicken Butthead (A/N: Guess who! XD).

"Bye Sasuke!" said Sakura, giving him a farewell hug. He trudged off to class, a mob of rabid fangirls not far behind.

"Gosh. I think he's getting more emo everyday. Is that even possible?" I asked Konan.

"I'm not sure." She answered with a shrug and a giggle.

We laughed all the way to class.

This is how school should always be. Hanging out with friends, no homework or tests to deal with, no stupidity.

Yes sir! Nothing can ruin today!

"Hey Junsei-Chan!" squealed Tobi, who had just appeared out of no where. "Tobi has an important question to ask you!"

Oh geez! I smiled at the freshman. Since last spring, I had become acquainted with the Akatsuki. I was friends with pretty much everyone, including the most annoying member, Tobi. "Sure. What's up?" I asked, bracing myself.

"Where do babies come from?"

"…" Ok. Let me rephrase that. Nothing but that can ruin today!

I rubbed the back of my neck and blushed. "Erm…why do you want to know that?"

"Tobi is just wondering." He said.

I sweat dropped. "I don't think I should…" I started.


Ok, this kid is starting to annoy me. I took in a deep breath and said "All babies come from…Hidan's butt. He lays eggs, like a chicken and then gives them to the rightful parents. That's why he's immortal. He has to make babies for everyone around the world for the rest of eternity." That'll keep him occupied for a while.

Tobi looked up at me in shock. He was, for the first time ever, speechless.

I smiled and skipped away, knowing in my heart that I had mentally scarred Tobi for life.

Of course that good feeling went away when I saw who was coming my way. Well actually I smelt her coming before I actually saw her.

Ino stopped in front of me and glared daggers at me. "I know you had something to do with this Na Unmei!" she spat at me. I cringed. She said my last name like it was a disease. And she smelled like shit!

"You are so gonna pay for this!" she started again. Her little stooge Karin, nodding in agreement.

I sighed loudly and started to rub my temples. Gosh, that smell makes me want to puke! "Well that's great and all, but I really need to get to class. So later Ino!" I thought about something as I was walking away. "Isn't it funny? Your name means pig and now you smell like one! Adios smelly!" I replied cheerfully.

I heard her stamp her foot and start ranting about me. Personally, I could not care less. I could whoop her and her little stooges ass any day!

The school day trudged on like usual. The bell rang and it was time to go to lunch. I smiled inwardly, knowing I would see my friends and boyfriend.

I entered the cafeteria and saw Sakura and Konan giggling and looking very mischievous. I rolled my eyes. What did they do this time? On the last day of school, Konan and Sakura (Usually Konan though) always pulled a major prank.

I got my lunch and sat next to them. "What did you do this year?" I asked knowingly.

They snickered. "Don't drink the milk," whispered Sakura.

I looked down at my milk carton. "What did you two do to the milk?" I whisper-yelled.

They both just giggled. I was freaking out a bit in my head. They didn't put anything dangerous, right?

Konan finally got in enough air to say, "We got a hold on Principal Tsunade's sake collection and we kinda put it in the school's milk supply,"

My eyes widened and my jaw dropped. Oh…my...God!

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