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Once I retuned home, I slumped down on the couch. I shut my eyes, slowly slipping into slumber.

My sweet slumber was disturbed by the phone. Damn phone…ruining the happy mood…

I picked up the phone. "Hey, you've reached the Na Unmei crib. Whatcha want playa'?" I asked.

"Junsei? This is Mrs. Hakanai." I facepalmed. Great day to answer the phone like a retard…

"O-Oh, hello! Hi Mrs. Hakanai. How are you?" I stuttered.

"I'm doing fine dear, I just wanted to let you know that we've received Deidara's report card. He failed Health class and he is in summer school."

I facepalmed again. How did he fail Health? "Oh, and you want me to tutor him and help him through the class, I suppose?"

"Oh, thank you dearie! I'm sure with you by his side Dei will do great and hopefully do better next year! Well, I'll talk to you later dear, I've got to start working on my swimsuit line for the summer! Bye!"

Once she hanged up I sighed. Health is one of the easiest classes, how in the world did he fail?

I heard the familiar sound of a motorcycle in the driveway and peeked out the window. Dei was outside waiting for me. I guess it's time for class.

I came out of my house with my hands on my hips. "How did you fail Health?"

Dei instantly rolled his eyes. "I skipped, un. I don't particularly enjoy learning about diseases and the things our guts do."

"That's only half of it. We also learned about nutrition, how to perform CPR and Sex Education. You need to learn that stuff!"

Deidara suddenly looked interested. "Really? My little Junsei knows how to have safe sex now?" he patted my head.

I punched him in the arm as hard as I could. "You're a jerk, you know that right?"

He rubbed his arm and kissed my cheek. "Yeah, but I'm your jerk! You know I just like to mess with you, un! Your blush is cute!"

I blushed more. "C'mon, we're going to be late for your class…" I grumbled, hopping onto his bike. He shrugged and hopped on.

"Fine, fine!" he floored the pedal and sped off back to the dreaded school.

Once we got there we both groaned. There was a huge sign in front of the school that listed all the summer school classes and corresponding teachers. The teacher teaching Health was none other than Jiraiya.

"Maybe I should wait out here…" I began.

"C'mon Junsei! I need some moral support here, un!" Deidara begged. He gave me that look that I couldn't say no to.

I sighed loudly. "Fine! But you better protect me from him or I promise I will kick both your butts!" I warned.

Deidara smirked. "I will, I promise." He wrapped his arm around my waist and walked with me to the class. Upon walking into the class I noticed three other people.

There was a guy with hair like a pineapple who was already sleeping and drooling on the desk. Next to him was a tan guy with shaggy brown hair and purple face paint poking the guy who was asleep. Way in the back was this incredibly tall guy with bright orange hair. The second we stepped in he was staring at us.

"Hey Deidara! I knew you would be here with me!" asked the kid with the face paint. "Shikamaru! Wake up! Look who's here!" he said shaking the kid next to him.

I looked at Deidara questioningly. "I was in their class…we would all skip Health…un" he said sheepishly. I rolled my eyes but smiled at his friends. We sat down at the table behind them and in front of the tall guy.

Shikamaru woke up and sleepily waved while Kankuro fist pounded Deidara. "Who's the chick?" asked Shikamaru sleepily.

Kankuro looked at me interested. "Is this Junsei?" he asked holding out his hand for me to shake. "Deidara won't stop talking about you!" he said while smirking at the now red Deidara.

I shook his hand and smirked at Deidara. "That's nice to hear."

The door was slammed open and the summer school teacher walked in. "Hello everyone! I'm Jiraiya and welcome to Hell!" the teacher said casually without looking at the class. He was too busy writing something in his notebook.

After about five minutes of us watching him, the kid in the back spoke up. "Um, excuse me, but aren't we supposed to be learning something?"

Jiraiya finally looked up surprised. "Oops…I forgot about you guys…Alright, let me do roll call…Shikamaru?"

Shika raised his hand lazily and mumbled.


Dei raised his hand. Jiraiya scrutinized him for a moment.

"It says here you're a boy…are you sure?" All the boys, minus Dei, started to laugh.

Deidara turned red. "I'M A BOY DAMMIT! UN!"

Jiraiya shrugged. "Whatever…Kankuro?"

Kankuro raised his hand while still laughing at Deidara.


The tall boy behind me raised his hand. I looked over at him and noticed a faint blush on his cheeks and a nervous look in his eyes. Aw, he's so shy! Wait, I know this guy…he's that kid Sakura told me about once. He's an orphan…that's sad…

I put out my hand for him to shake. "Hi! I'm Junsei Na Unmei!"

He blushed some more but shook my hand. "I-I'm Juugo"

I smiled at him. "Nice to meet you Juugo!" He smiled shyly back.

I turned around to see Jiraiya looking very intensely at me. "Can I help you?"

He looked at the roll call list again. "I'm only supposed to have four boys in this class…are you paying for this course?"

"…yes…yes I am…" I responded.

He studied me for a second but shrugged his shoulders. "Alrighty then!" He walked back to his desk and I sighed in relief.

"Ok, Today I was going to teach you kids about the 'wonders of the reproduction system', but Principal Tsunade wants us to start with Nutrition….yeah." Jiraiya said with a sigh, sounding very heartbroken.

He got up and started to write notes on the board about different proteins and fats and other stuff of that nature. I was only there to observe and make sure Deidara passes so I started to doodle in the notebook I brought.

Jiraiya started to ramble about all the things our bodies need to survive and prosper and blah blah blah…

After about an hour he dismissed us and the five of us walked out.

Shika and Kankuro waved goodbye to us and went in the opposite direction. Dei, Juugo and I walked together to the parking lot.

"So Juugo, you go to Konoha High, right?" I asked. Juugo blushed and nodded.

"I've seen you in the halls, but we're not in any classes together, huh?" He shook his head.

"Maybe next year we'll be! And I can introduce you to my other friends!"

He smiled widely at me and rubbed the back of his neck. "That'd be cool!"

We reached Dei's motorcycle and Juugo said goodbye to us. He walked down another street alone back to his house….or orphanage...not really sure.

"You could make friends with a wall, Junsei, I swear. I see that kid in the halls all the time, all alone, un." Deidara said while wrapping slipping on his helmet.

"Yeah, well, I guess I'm just that cool." I said laughing.

Deidara's phone suddenly started to ring. I even knew it was Itachi since his ring tone was "Mr. Pitiful" by Matt Costa (A/N: I think it suits him…).

"Wassup?...Yeah?...really, un?...cool, I'll be there…later, un." He hung up the phone smiling.

"What's up?"

"Itachi's throwing a party at his house tonight. You wanna go?"

I bit my lip in hesitation. I had become friends with most of the Akatsuki, but I'm still a bit wary of them. I really do not want to get drugged or maimed or killed. I looked over at Dei and he had that "Pretty please with a cherry on top! Un!" look on his face. I sighed and nodded my head.

Dei smiled. "Great! It's tonight at 7, so don't be late!"

I nodded my head again and Dei started his bike. I have a bad feeling about this…but I'm sure everything will be fine…

Famous last words.

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