The whole plane was silent. Dead silent. Everybody was left behind, save for him and the one responsible for all this.

Cody sat on Chris's bed, crying loudly. His kidnapper had decided to lock the young brunette in the sadistic host's suite while he would go steer the plane. So now here he was, locked in the huge dorms, alone and scared. He didn't want to be here. He wanted to be in Noah's arms, having the darker boy telling him that everything was okay.

Why? Why did he have to fall in love with him? Why couldn't it be someone else? Why did he have to stay away from his boyfriend? Why?

Cody was so focused on finding answers to his questions he didn't notice the suite's door unlocking. The door opened and a dark figure entered the room, immediately locking the door again.

When the geek felt someone sitting on the bed right next to him, he lifted his head and looked his kidnapper straight in the eye. He found himself staring at blue irises, lighter colored than his, and he could see they held nothing but evil and lust. More fat tears ran down his cheeks.

"S-shouldn't you… be steering t-the p-plane?" he asked, trying his best to stop crying in front of the figure.

"Do not worry, chico guapo. I managed to turn on the auto-pilot. Now I can spend my whole time here with you." The figure replied, placing a strong hand on Cody's thigh, rubbing it gently. It was making the smaller boy feel uncomfortable. He tried to pry the hand away, only to have it holding his own pale one and lifting it so that tanned lips would kiss it's back. He shivered. He didn't want to be touched like this. Not by this person.

"Don't feel bad, my little flower." The figure said, his Mexican accent echoing in the room. "There's nothing to be ashamed of. We are absolutely perfect for each other." He placed his lips on Cody's hand again. "I can give you all the pleasure in the world."

Cody's tearful teal colored eyes widened at hearing the last sentence. He took his hand away from the other boy and stood up quickly, facing him and backing away, slowly approaching the door.

The figure didn't move. It just sent him a smile as the distance between them increased. His smile widened even more when the tech geek reached the door and desperately tried to open it, only to find out it was locked.

"There's no point in trying to escape, Cody." He said, standing up and approaching the brunette once more.

Said brunette had resumed his crying, his head down in defeat. He really wanted to leave. He wanted to be with Noah.

"Please… let me… let me go…" he begged between loud sobs. But the figure just crossed his arms.

"I'm sorry, Cody, but I have been through too much trouble to get you. I cannot let you go."

Cody turned around, more and more tears rolling down his already tear stained face.

"P-please… I beg you…"

The taller boy shook his head slowly.

"No. I won't ever let you go."