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Chapter 19

"Right. I see, thank you." Ana said before hanging up the phone. "Damn it all…"

"Any news?" Adriana approached her older sister with a curious gaze.

"Fanxiang's spy just came in contact. Alejandro took off about an hour ago." She replied.

"Why didn't he warn sooner then?" the younger sister didn't understand why wait a full hour to warn them about Alejandro's take off.

"It was a smart thing to do. If he contacted us right away, Alejandro could have intercepted it." Ana ran her hand over her brown hair in thought. "McClean told me it would take them around four, five hours to get to Tokyo."

"So we still have time." The younger sister said with hope in her voice.

"Not quite." Tahira replied as she walked into the room, Bane calmly walking by her side. "If we want to surprise him, we'll have to get there way before him. Having him notice we are there is a risk we can't afford to take."

The leader nodded in understanding. "The same logic that Fanxiang's spy had followed. Keep our distance, but with our eyes open." She looked up, silent for a moment, her lips pressed in deep thought. "The sooner we leave, the better. And to me, now is the time to leave." She started heading for the door. "I'll go tell the big guy to go start the plane."

"We can't." Ricardo's sentence stopped her on her tracks. "Some of the cast wanted to go out for a while, see the sights and a little of what Beijing has to offer."

She gripped the bridge of her nose with her indicator and thumb, a clear indication that something was getting on her nerves.

"Please." She grumbled. "Please, tell me he didn't."

"He did." The geeky boy confirmed before looking back at the screen indifferently. "You'll find him in the kitchen."

"I'm going to kill him. I'm going to fucking kill him." Ana's voice was suddenly followed by a loud slam as she kicked the door open. "MCLEAN, YOU FILTHY EXCUSE FOR A RAT‼!"

"Are you sure about this, Sierra?" Gwen asked as she walked beside the purple haired girl.

"I couldn't just leave it there!"

"Yeah, but bringing it to the plane?" LeShawna intervened. "I'm not so sure it's the safest place. I'm not sure it's safe at all…"

"Well I'm certain Ana won't mind." The tallest girl said as they walked up the stairs that allowed them to get into the place. "I mean, how angry could she possibly get?"

As if on cue, the moment they went inside the plane, Chris and Ana fell through the kitchen's door, the assassin's hands wrapped around the host's throat tightly. The raven haired man tried frenetically to pry her hands off him as he started to lose color.

"I'll teach you to let people leave without my saying in it! I swear on all the unfortunate souls that have met me, I'll make you learn not to compromise my missions‼!"

"Does that answer your question?" LeShawna muttered through gritted teeth. Sierra just gulped and hid what she had brought behind her back.

After a few more seconds of trying to choke Chris to death, Ana finally acknowledged the three, instantly glaring at them. Her hands let go of McLean's throat, and she got up to approach them, leaving Chris alone with a coughing fit.

"Well, look who's back." She let out, slowly approaching them. "I take it you enjoyed seeing the sights?"

Her tone was… calm. Too calm for her.

Sierra gathered to courage to actually try to answer. "Why yes, it was-"

"That was a rhetorical question, you weren't supposed to answer it‼!"

"Will ya relax? We just left for fifteen minutes, it's not that bad!" LeShawna intervened, holding her posture, showing no fear.

Ana did not seem amused by it.

"Five more minutes, and I would've ordered Chef to take off without you. You'd be China's problem from then on." She stated as she turned back and started walking towards the kitchen. "Get out of my sight, and don't show up for at least a whole hour. I'm hotheaded, and it takes a long while for me to cool off. And I assure you, nothing good happens when I'm angry."

LeShawna did not like that comment, and took a step forward, ready to retort.

"And I-"

But Gwen didn't let her finish, her pale hand covering the black girl's mouth.

"Leave her, LeShawna." She whispered as Ana finally shut the kitchen door behind her. "Don't waste your breath on her. Let's just go."

" 'I assure you, nothing good happens when I'm angry.' " LeShawna repeated in a mocking imitation of Ana's voice. "Who does that bitch think she is?! We were out for fifteen minutes, and she was willing to just leave us here!"

"Don't make such a fuss out of it, LeShawna. It's not worth it." Gwen tried to calm her black friend down.

"Yeah, she's just being mean to get to us." Sierra agreed, petting the little fur ball that lied on her lap.

"Well it's working!" LeShawna continued her rant. "Just because her face looks like the devil doesn't mean she has to act like one!"

Sierra couldn't help the chuckle that came out of her mouth. "Good one."

"In any case, we'll just need to be patient a little longer. Apparently she has a plan to get Alejandro and rescue Cody. After that, we'll never have to see her again."

"I hope so." LeShawna crossed her arms as she sat down, taking in a deep breath to calm her nerves. "If everything goes well, we'll never have to see her ugly mug again."

Cody woke up to the feeling of warmth and comfort, embracing him, trying to pull him back to slumber. But his mind was well rested from the long night, and it became difficult to go back to sleep. With a happy sigh, he sat up and stretched his back, loving the feel of the snapping and the relief that followed.

His hand reached for the other side of the bed, searching, since the darkness kept him from seeing anything.


His feet met the warm carpeted floor, and his hand was once more guiding him in the darkness of the room, searching the wall. Eventually he found the light switch and the once pitch black room was suddenly covered in bright colors.

Cody had to close his eyes with a groan. Even wide awake, his eyes were still too adjusted to darkness. But, as always, after a few minutes, he would finally be able to open them normally.

He looked around. There was still a wet trail that led from the bathroom to the bed, clearly an evidence from the previous night.

'Last night…' the words echoed as his eyes travelled over the dark trail. 'Alejandro…'

He turned around and looked at the door, wondering. Would it still be locked? Would he grab the doorknob, only for it to stay still? Or did Alejandro forget to lock it?

The pale boy walked over to the white closet and opened it. Among other clothes and boxes, a blue robe stood out at the end, on a wooden hanger. The thin teen took it out and wrapped it around his body, the thread wrapping around his skin comfortably.

He approached the door. His fingers circled the door knob and twisted it. His eyes darted up as the fine wood made way for him.

The sun was starting to come up, making it hard for Alejandro to see. He eventually just turned on the autopilot, the plane's radar being much more accurate at spotting and avoiding other planes than his eyes were at the moment.

Said green eyes looked to the side, admiring the sight of the clouds passing under them, big and fluffy like gigantic cotton sculptures, inviting him to just jump onto them. But he knew full well, those clouds were mere mermaids, singing an inviting tone to lead anyone who follows them to certain death. So he would just sit there and admire their beauty as they would slowly turn golden and shine, reflecting the first lights of the sun.

The sound of cloth moving him back from his thoughts.

"You left the door unlocked."

He turned around on his chair to face the new arrival. Cody stood there, barefoot and with only a blue robe covering his thin body, his hair messy from moving around in his sleep, his eyes still slightly unfocused. Clearly he had just woken up.

Alejandro leaned back on his chair with a smile. "I know."

Cody made his way to the co-pilot's seat, also looking out at the scenery. "It's beautiful, isn't it?"

"The clouds?"

"Everything." Cody replied calmly. "The sunrise or the clouds alone are already beautiful, but together… They make the most spectacular landscape." A smile finally graced the smaller boy's lips as he admired the view.

The Spanish young man also turned forward, looking back at the clouds ahead of them.

"We'll be landing in around two hours." He spoke after a while of silence. "You should get those two to bathe. Being kids doesn't keep them from being smelly." He looked at Cody again. "You should too. You'll see it will feel good."

Cody stood up, staring outside for a few more seconds before walking back out. "I'll go wake them up." He let out before pushing the curtain that served as a door away.

Gwen and LeShawna woke up from their small slumber when Sierra let out a shriek.

"Sierra, what's wrong?" Gwen held her friend by the arms, trying to get her to calm down.

"It's Little Cody! He's gone‼!" the purple haired girl answered in panic.

"Calm down, girl!" LeShawna replied. "He mustn't have gone far. We're in a plane, and flying. Come on, he's gotta be around. Let's go find him, okay?" The black girl rubbed her friend's back as she nodded, the three walking out the room to go find 'Little Cody'.

Tahira walked into the kitchen, where the other members of the crew were still discussing their plan.

"Chef isn't catching anything on the radar. Only commercial planes." She informed.

"Good." Her older sister replied. "He can't see us if we can't see him." Ana played with a pencil as she stared at the pin on the map, the word 'Japan' pierced under it. "This is it, crew." She looked up at her friends. "We've only got one chance at this. We screw up, and all is lost. That means we can't screw up. Not again."

"Just because we weren't prepared doesn't meant we screwed up, Ana." Ricardo said.

"Not being prepared is a screw up in itself, Ricky." She looked back at her Asian friend. "That and the fact we let him get away." Her hand found its way to her stomach, where, underneath her shirt, bandages covered her body, protecting the wound under them. "Alejandro is strong and determined. We must be more than that if we want to catch him. We'll also have to be patient and stealthy. We are strong, fearless, nothing will stand in our-"

She stopped speaking when something suddenly jumped onto the table, quietly pacing over the map, looking at her with bright green eyes.


Ana was frozen in place, her black eyes staring at the orange cat that mewled at her. Her face became pale, her body trembled, cold sweat started dripping from her temples.

"AAAAHHHH‼!" The cat barely had time to dodge her attack, jumping away at the right time before a chair hit the table with so much force they both broke. The feline started running away, also barely dodging a knife, and the bullets that followed.

When the trio heard a scream, followed by shooting, they instantly knew that Sierra's new cat was in trouble.

"Little Cody!" The tall girl let out in panic, running towards the kitchen, Gwen and LeShawna following close behind. They reached the main hall just in time to see Little Cody scrambling out of the kitchen, immediately running towards Sierra and leaping into her arms.

And came out afterwards with a gun in her hand, pointing it at the cat in the black girl's arms.

"WHO BROUGHT THAT THING INTO THE PLANE?!" the killer screamed, still with the gun firmly pointed at the feline.

Sierra was completely paralyzed. She knew she was in big trouble now.

"What's going on?" Harold's voice was heard as he, Duncan, Trent, Noah and Izzy came out of their personal rooms to come see what all the fuss was about. Chris and Chef also couldn't help their curiosity, coming out of the cockpit to see what was going on.

"I… I found him on the streets… He was alone, cold and hungry… So I-" Sierra tried to explain, only for Ana to interrupt her.

"So you brought that thing into the plane?! Are you out of your mind?!"

Everyone stared at her, confused. Sure, Ana would be angry, but this reaction was different. Her eyes were wide, she was sweating, and her breathing was way faster than normal. Not to mention, she was shaking, they could see it in her body and hear it in her voice.

"PFFFFFF HAH HAH HAH‼!" Everyone looked at Duncan, who was clutching his stomach as he laughed. "I can't believe this! This is too rich‼!" he let out before opening his eyes to look at Ana. "The great Ana Carreira, ruthless assassin, fearless leader… is afraid of cats‼!"

"N-no!… SHUT UP‼!" Ana yelled at him, but Duncan just kept laughing.

The rest of the cast looked back at her in disbelief. Sierra took a small step towards her, only for Ana to tense up. "Don't you dare taking another step‼! I'll shoot you and that cat‼!" she yelled, which made the black girl stop.

"Seriously? I mean, seriously?" Noah crossed his arms, amused. "You've probably faced death hundreds of times, got shot in the stomach and nearly killed, you strike fear in the hearts of anyone who gets in your way… and you get freaked out by cats?"

"Hey, those are the reincarnations of the Devil, man‼! They cannot be trusted‼!" Ana replied, still not taking her eyes off the cat, as if the creature would strike any minute.

Duncan laughed even harder at that, and Heather couldn't help the interested look that came upon her features.

"Ana…" The killer looked up at Sierra, but still keeping a close eye on the feline. "Look, I rescued this little guy, and I'm planning on taking him home with me. I promise to keep him away from you. And after the mission is done, you'll never see me or the cat again. Please?"

Ana pressed her lips tight, her gaze going from Sierra, to the cat, then back to Sierra.

"Fine." She slowly lowered her gun. "But you better keep that thing away from me." She warned before leaving, going back into the kitchen to calm her nerves, and to get back to planning, her crew following right behind her and closing the door.

Each member of the cast started going back to their room, some finally letting out a few giggles and chuckles now that Ana wasn't there. And only when they were in their rooms did they allow themselves to laugh.