Princess Daisy was calling out for Waluigi as she was completely alone. "Hello! Wally!" She folded her arms as she started trembling with fright. "Man, is this place scary... the dark unnerves me so much..."

Suddenly, a cold gust of wind blew towards the north, causing Daisy to scream as she trembled from fright and cold. Suddenly, she farted loudly, the flatulence echoing throughout the dark hallway. Daisy gulped, having no idea what she just wrought.

"I... got a bad feeling about this..." Daisy muttered to herself, smelling the air and gagging as she fell to the floor. "Auck! This smells terrible! P.U.!" Daisy was unable to breath from the strong rotten odor, being strong enough to kill her.

Bowser Jr. was alone on his own, looking around for anyway of getting out of the mansion. Suddenly, he spotted several bright Shine Sprites in front of him.

"Hello, what are you precious things doing here?" Bowser Jr. asked as he dashed towards the Shine Spirtse.

Suddenly, the ceiling tiles started to fall, crushing Bowser Jr. and successfully killing him in one fell swoop.

The Death Row:




Diddy Kong

Princess Peach



Donkey Kong


Dixie Kong

Koopa Troopa



Princess Daisy

Bowser Jr.