They literally all piled into the nearest car, not even knowing who's it even was. That was a detail that didn't matter in the slightest bit. What mattered was Cooper hotwiring the damn thing while Phil sat up front with Sparky and Natalya and Connor tried to keep James from bleeding to death in the backseat. "Shouldn't we like burn it down or something?" Natalya asked as she cast a nervous look back at the hotel. "It feels like we should burn it."

"You wanna go back and do it, be my guest," Phil said as he tried to get Sparky to settle down. "I'm voting we just get the hell out of here while we still can." He scratched behind Sparky's ears. "What do you think Sparky boy?"

Sparky barked once and licked Phil's face.

"You know…" James stopped to cough weakly "I used to have a dog named Sparky…"

"You did?" Phil looked back to see James nod. "Well fuck." He grabbed Sparky's face and made him look at him. "You are now Spartacus instead. You hear me."

The newly christened Spartacus licked his face again.

The car roared to life as Cooper's hotwiring worked and he tore out of there as fast as he possibly could. The snow from the storm that had trapped them there in the first place had completely disappeared. Had it even really snowed? Or had it been some sort of ploy by Lucy to get them in the hotel in the first place? Cooper had no fucking idea and he couldn't give much of a fuck about it. They were out and they were getting the fuck to the hospital. And he didn't know about the others but he was never setting foot in another hotel. Not ever.

Connor turned himself around to stare back at the hotel through the back window. Mary was standing at the doors, staring at them as they went. Connor stared back at her until the hotel was completely out of sight and then turned back around to help Natalya once again.

The moment they got to the hospital James was whisked off to get blood transfusions and the others were taken back to get their various injuries looked at. Spartacus went with Phil even though that normally wasn't allowed in the least. The nurses tried to take him back outside but after his eyes turned bright red they got scared and backed off. The doctors all asked them what had happened but none of them said a word beyond Connor, who only told them that a "bad place" hurt them. Not the most helpful of information but that was all they got. It wasn't like they were going to be believed anyway. A haunted hotel with a fear demon disguised as a little girl running the show? No. Even Connor wasn't dumb enough to think anyone else would buy that. So mouths were kept shut and one by one, they were finished up on and they waited to get word on James. Cooper took to pacing the entire room while Phil and Connor bickered over who got to pet Spartacus and Nattie just sat there and observed it all.

She was honestly trying to keep her mind as blank as possible so the reality of the situation wouldn't sink in. Twenty five of her co-workers were dead. It was hard to wrap her mind around. The number alone was hard to believe and the fact that she wouldn't be seeing them every day anymore like she always did was even more unbelievable. It occurred to her that someone was going to have to tell Vince and she knew that she definitely didn't want it to be her. She didn't know how that news could be broken to him without sending him completely out of orbit. She would have to make Phil do it or something.

As the sun started to rise a doctor finally came into the room to talk to them. "How's our dad?" Cooper asked as he pulled Connor up to his feet. "Is he alright? Is-"

"He's fine," the doctor assured him. "You can see him now."

"Fuckin' fabulous," Phil said under his breath. It was hard to tell if he was being sarcastic and he got a lot of strange looks for that. "I didn't mean that."

"I'm sure you didn't." Natalya helped him get into his wheelchair and followed Cooper, Connor and the doctor to James's room. Spartacus trailed behind them faithfully, growling at another doctor that went by them before slipping around them as they went into the room and jumping up on to the bed with James. "Hey! Hey! Spartacus no! He's evil don't go near him!"

"Fuck you Princess," James groaned as he pushed Spartacus a little bit to the side so he wasn't directly on him. "You-" The rest of what he said was lost as Cooper and Connor practically pounced on him.

"Daddy Daddy Daddy!" Connor was squeezing James's neck so tightly that he could barely even breathe. "You're alive! You're alive you are!"

"Yeah…though I might not be for long if you don't stop…"

"Loosen up you idiot," Cooper said, yanking Connor back a bit and glaring at him. "You're going to hurt him." He shook his head as Connor pouted his lips and then turned back to James. "You can't do this shit to us Dad. That almost dying shit isn't a joke."

"I wasn't aware I did it for laughs," James said, trying to sit himself up.

"Nooooo no no." Cooper shook his head and put his hands on James's chest to keep him down. "You're not doing THAT. You'll fuck up your stitches."

"Ugh…" James tried one more time before giving in and laying back. "I feel like shit."

"At least you're alive," Phil pointed out. "That's more than we can say about…well everyone."

"What the hell do we even do now?" Natalya asked. "Because I'm at a loss."

"Uh…" Cooper tried to come up with something but he couldn't. He was at a loss too. "Dad? What do you think?"

"I think a need a fucking drink," James said.

"Oh that's nice. Solve this via alcohol-"

"Princess, my mortally wounded ass will get off this bed and kick you out of that chair if you do not shut the fuck up."

Phil made a face at him but before he could say anything Connor was all up in James's business. "Daddy I killed Lucy," he said, nodding quite eagerly. "Remember Daddy? I killed her I did I got her."

"I know you did," he assured him. "And I'm fucking glad of it." They would all probably be dead if he hadn't. He sure as hell would be but he wasn't going to dwell on that too much.

"So it's over, right Daddy? She's gone for forever right?"

"Right." James smoothed down Connor's hair and nodded. "She's gone forever. She won't be hurting anyone again."

"This place is creepy," Brie Bella complained as she followed her twin sister Nikki into the hotel. Gail Kim, Matt Striker and Todd Grisham weren't far behind them. They had all been driving for hours now and were stopping here because every other hotel they had gone to had been booked. "What is this place even called anyway?"

"Uh…" Nikki went up to the receptionists desk and hit the bell to get someone's attention. "the Briarwood Hotel I think. I know Maryse stayed here a few days ago or whatever." She put her hand in her pocket and took out her phone to check it. "And she STILL hasn't called me back. Are you kidding me?"

"This place looks deserted," Matt noted, keeping the door open in case they were going to have to just leave again. "Are you sure this is the right place?"

"I'm pretty sure…"

"Well damn it," Gail shook her head and started to look around. "Hello? Anyone here?" She took a few steps forward before coming to a stop and her eyes widening in surprise. The others looked in the direction she was and gasped. A little girl wearing a blue dress was standing not far away from them, a doll clutched in one arm and what looked to be her dead twin clutched in the other.

"She says she still wants to play a game…"

The door slammed shut on it's own, silencing Brie as she began to scream.