CHAPTER ONE- Retrieval

A/N- Please, please, pleaaaaaaase take note that the first part Chapter One of this story was already included in my story Hatred. The first part of chapter one will serve as a quick 'flashfoward' if you will. The rest of this story will be a prologue, and it will reach a point in which it finally gets to the present.

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The raven-haired teen groaned as he plummeted onto his face. The sickly smell of acid, vomit and some other scent plagued his nostrils. Barely lifting his head up, the sight of plumes of smoke remained in his pupils. Slowly rising up, he swiveled around.


Oh, he was expecting this. He was definitely expecting to see Zim.

What was surprising was that Zim didn't have his huge laser aimed at his face.

Instead, the boy had it aimed toward the two towering aliens scowling downwards. Dib's thoughts were interrupted momentarily as he wiped something wet from his face. Blood. How did-…

Zim gave a large sigh. He was no longer short- instead he was maybe 5'11, the height of an average teenager. His red eyes were transfixed to those of one of his leaders. They were dripping with hatred.

Zim turned around quickly, now glaring at Dib with his eyes full of hatred. "Pitiful," he hissed, "pitiful planet." He gave a sadistic-looking grin. "Why do you like Earth anyway?" Swaying from side to side, looking ready to die, he spoke calmly- "It's full of idiots like you. But then again, I heard misery likes company." He was now staring at him, looking angry. "Is that why I'm here? Which one of us is misery and which one is just there?" He was now breathing hard. Turning around yet again, he hit one of the tallest in the head with the butt of his gun-like laser. The other, the one who hadn't been hit, slowly backed away, eventually turning his heel and running.

The tallest who had been hit was now glaring up with dark red eyes, popped on an elbow, his legs in the fetal position. Crimson trickled from his temple. He was bleeding.

"Do you honestly believe you could've hidden it from me forever?" he asked the man calmly. He gave an evil smile. "You know, I wasn't that big of an idiot, and let me just say that Irk's computer firewalls aren't that great." He gave a wicked grin yet again. "You hated me. I was a failure from the beginning. If anyone knew…you didn't want that, did you?" His face was twisted, as if he were about to be sick. "You wanted to see if I was worthy. And since I wasn't good enough, you didn't tell me. You just sent me to this forsaken planet to die. To wither and cry for you and die." The tallest was beginning to cough blood, not even caring enough to wipe it from the corner of his mouth.

"No," Zim happily concluded, "you hated me. " He looked down. "But unlike some, I have no love for my father." He spat, as if disgusted.

The laser shot an earth-shaking ray at the tallest.


The red-eyed alien was crouched in a protective position over the ship's controls.

His voice was hoarse and sleep-deprived, and came out in a strained whisper. "Computer."

The computer's AI leapt to life with a beep. "Zim," it stated rather obviously.

"Did you run the system check?" he asked softly, his bold voice gone.

"I did," the computer replied. "All systems are running up to standards. Is there anything you require?" it implored, robotic voice steady.

At first, the alien hesitated; his hand hovered over the panels, and his eyes were half-shut, as if trying to forget something. Finally his voice replied rather unsure, with a hint of agony. "Yes," he murmured.

"And that is?" the computer asked patiently.

"...Contact the Resisty," Zim muttered. "I also need you to send out a retrieval ship."

The computer waited patiently for an explanation, but got nothing, as it was used to. After a few seconds, it finally spoke. "I need to know what the destination is. I also need the information abo-"

"I know," the alien snapped irritably, hand clenching unintentionally. "Destination: Earth. You know the coordinates. Use the ship with the largest storage capacity, please."

While the computer would've usually reacted with shock at the word 'please', he was considerably less surprised as of late. His master's behavior had became erratic, melancholic, and noticeably less egotistical.

"Ship number two," the computer replied. "Very well. Ship is in good shape and no repairs are needed. Ready to launch." After a short pause, it spoke yet again. "Sir, who should I send for?"

At that question, a dull silence filled the ship. The air was thick, and Zim seemed to pause for a moment, as if he was at loss for words.

Finally, his reply came reluctantly, touched with embarrassment. "Send...send for Dib."

The computer paused yet again. Now, that was unexpected, but he complied. "Anything else, sir?"

Zim sighed. "Have you installed the AI in ship number two?"

"Fully functional," came the monotonous reply.

"Very well, then. Please record a message stating that he needs to load all of his equipment onto the cargo hold. Instruct the ship to aid with that."

Another pause, and then a timid response. "Er, sir, I don't believe that Dib would be willing to do that."

Zim's voice was brought fully to life, anger and ego filling it. "Tell him if he doesn't his life is at great stake."

"And if that doesn't work?"

Zim groaned. "If that doesn't work then give me a direct video connection to him and I'll yell at him."

"...Do you really think that approach will work?" the computer asked.

"I'll yell...very loudly."

The computer sighed. "Alright, then. I'll send the ship."

Red eyes flickered to gray panels, left of him. "Wait," he snapped.

Irritation filled the computer. "What?" it asked.

"Make the ship go as quickly as it can. I honestly don't care if it burns up in hyperspace, just make sure the cargo gets here safely."

The computer sighed again, something common for it to do as of late. "Very well. Ship two is launching."

Zim merely nodded.

It was a very rude awakening for Dib Membrane.

To reiterate that- Dib's experiences included having an Irken ship crash through his bedroom, and he had woke up later to find his room a disaster area, a smoking hole in his alarm clock.

He had waken to find Gaz throwing rotten pizza into his room as punishment for not getting Bloaty's for supper.

He had also woke, once, to find a very strange and frightening girl from school staring at him hungrily.

He had never, however, heard an AI screech at him as if the world were ending. He had, however, read many science fiction books, and all of them told him this was a very bad thing.

As such, he flew up in his bed, head facing an extremely large dark purple ship, propelled upwards by large metal tentacles.

Normal reactions would range from a full-on panic attack to a very disturbing mental image to yellow pants. However, Dib managed to remain calm and keep a reign on his bladder functions.

"...Hello," he spoke against the screeching ship.

"Dib, you are awake. I am the computer of this ship! You can call me Dave." Its voice was rather cheery, a stark contrast to its appearance.

"...Dave." After pondering this a minute, he decided to reply. "Why...are you here?"

"I am here to retrieve you!" it said happily. "I'm quite satisfied with my job. Do you want some tea?"

"No, thank yo-wait, what?" the human asked, the full impact of the statement hitting him.

"Yes, tea is available!" it chirruped happily.

"No, not that part! The retrieval part." Dib now had a pounding headache, and was struggling to keep from crying in part frustration and part fear.

"Oh, yes. Er, someone named Zim has sent for you! And for all of your scientific...things! I'm supposed to fly you through space and stuff! Oh, and I can give you tea while we're on our way."

"Enough with the tea!" Dib snapped. "What does this 'Zim' look like?"

"Short, egotistical, red eyes, short," it replied cheerily.

"You said short twice," Dib muttered. "And...why would my arch-nemesis want to retrieve me?"

"Perhaps he would want to feed your brainmeats to his robot!" Dave replied rather happily, causing Dib to cringe. It then laughed. "Haha! Jokinggg! No, he sent for you because..."

"...Because...?" Dib inquired.

"Because he said if you didn't you were gonna die." The ship stated this rather matter-of-factly.

Dib's eyes narrowed. "And if I do go, I'm going to die anyways. Is that correct?"

If Dave could have nodded, he would've. "Perhaps!" he replied cheerily. "I don't believe so, though, unless Zim is lying and he's planning on killing you. But even if he is, at least you get to drink tea on the way the-"

"Yes, yes, the tea!" Dib shouted, agitated. "I don't believe you. Forget this. Tell him I'm not going to-"

At that, a loud beep resounded and a holographic screen popped in front of Dib.

"If you're listening to this, it means you're an even bigger idiot then I previously thought and that your stinky human brain can't comprehend that if you stay on Earth you will die. You probably don't believe that. That is because it's a lie. However, I do need your filthy disgusting muddy filthy hu-man 'halllllp'. I have asked humans for assistance before when I was in desperate need of snacks, and they replied with me to call a 'wahmbulance'. I do not know what this 'wahmbulance' is nor what its purpose is, but if you reply as such I will kill you with the laser equipped on this ship. I am currently on my main ship, and this is a retrieval ship, if you haven't already figured that out. In all, Zim is telling you to COME!"

The voice then faded out.

Yes, Dib muttered to himself, that was indeed Zim's voice. And, besides, this would be a good chance for inter-galactic travel.

"Okay," he muttered. "Load up my stuff. It's downstairs."

"Oh, fun!" Dave replied. "That would give me utter satisfaction! Say, after that, would you like some tea-"

"NO," Dib yelled in reply.