Temporary Home:

Chapter 1: Edward's POV

Yeah, I maybe 17, but I'm not a legal adult so that makes me have to go from Foster Home to Foster Home. I hated school, but the parents the child services gave me were forced to put me in the local high school. McKinley High was this week's high school, just joyous. Another Family. Another school. Day 15 with this new family by the last name of Hale.

Parents: Michael and Eleanor Hale

Siblings: None, nothing but a pet rat.

Home: Trailer Park

Inside/Outside: Trash pit

Like/Dislike: Dislike

School: McKinley High School

Location: Spokane Washington.

I have kept a book like this. Each family has a profile, each profile has a page, each family has the name dislike next to the dislike and like question.

The smell of Spring into Summer was in the air. The air was moist and full of pollen due to the high pollen count of the year. The bees buzzed around my head and there were kids playing in the small field. I took the long way 'home' because the longer I stayed in a house the more nuts I became. The kids chased their pets around the field and their parents chased them around. Too much of my surprise, there were parents actually wanted or cared for their kids. There were so many kids in the states care; I was shocked there were even kids in other places. No one cared for me, not even the foster parents I was given.

I looked down at the side walk and started to kick a rock that was lying there. The gray piece of earth was kicked so hard it hit a tree and it was lost in the green grass that roamed the area. I stood there at the corner of the street where the house I was summoned to, stood. I just stood there contemplating my moves to be a 'good' boy and go right home or be a bad ass and run away. Last time I ran away I was caught by the police and 'grounded' by the child services. Child services was more hell then the dumps they sent you to. I walked forward heading toward the house, being a 'good' boy for once and looked at the other trailer homes that neighbored the Hales. The green and dusty blue trailer home was suddenly taken over by loud noises and yelling. I heard a gunshot fire and I ran to see what was happening.

"Get out of my house!" Eleanor yelled

"Fuck you woman! I pay for the taxes and bills!" Michael yelled back and shot another round through the window causing it to break. Eleanor shrieked and ran passed him to the car. She saw me and told me to get in. I did what she said because if I stayed I would have been shot by Michael.

"Where are we going?" I asked her as she stomped on the gas.

"I'm leaving town and going to New York where my parents are, you are going back to the state."

I groaned, "Child services suck balls."

"Hey, not that kind of language in my car." Eleanor warned this family was so hypocritical. They would drop the f bomb and curse out someone's mother and yet I still couldn't say that 'child services sucked balls' the car ride was silent all the way to Hell. She pulled up in front of the building and threw the car in park. She got out and walked me inside.

There the receptionist Alice Brandon was sitting there directing calls. "Hi, welcome to Child Services of Washington, please hold." She said and she put the person on hold. She filled out a paper as she spoke, "Hi, How can I help you."

"Hi Alice." I greeted. She looked up from her paperwork.

"Edward Masen, getting in more trouble are you?" Alice smirked Alice was like my older sister. She was 23 and she worked 5 days a week as the receptionist. She ate lunch with me during her break and we told each other everything.

"No, this time it has nothing to do with me." I muttered as I rolled my eyes away from Eleanor. Alice let out a small giggle and handed Eleanor a clipboard to fill out. She went to a seat and started to fill it out. I leaned up against the counter and Alice wrote down my new room assignment.

"Someone already took my room? I've only been gone 15 days!" I complained.

Alice just nodded and smiled. She took the caller that was on hold, "Thank you for Holding, how may I direct your call?" She said sweetly and I stomped off toward my new dorm.

I walked to room 421 F and opened it. I heard a guitar play and I looked up to the top bunk and there was a kid with tan skin, long black hair and he was quite good at what he played.

"Sup man, new roomie?" The kid asked.

"Yeah, I had a room but then someone took it while I was gone." I mumbled.

The kid jumped from the top to the floor, "Names Jake Black or Jacob either will do." He introduced with a handshake.

I took the embrace and said, "I'm Edward Masen, no Eddie or Eddiekinz, no Ed, just Edward."

"Got it, just Edward." Jacob agreed

"Jacob Black, report to service/family area for deportation." The intercom stated, it was Alice.

"Nice knowing you." I muttered and Jacob grabbed his guitar and a prepacked bag and his guitar case and walked out.

"Later." He called and he was gone.

I collapsed on the single bed and closed the curtains to block the setting sun. I shut the door and lied in the bed. My eyes quickly shut and I drifted off to sleep.