Chapter 6: Bella's POV

Rosalie, Esme, Alice and Renee were seated at our favorite table in the restaurant. The window next to the golf course where we usually watched our husbands play golf as we ate. But today some of our husbands were working except mine. Emmett was on the golf course but he was already past the hole we had a view of. Renee greeted me with a hug and whispered, "Thank God you are here Darling, I don't know how much more I could take." I smiled at her and sat down. Renee wasn't my biological mother, she was my adoptive mother. I have a younger brother who was a newborn when we were abandoned by our parents. I was 6 when I was adopted by the Swans. I wondered where both my brother and parents were but I had spent years looking for them with no useful information so I didn't get far.

"So Alice do you have an update for me?" I sneered at her. I was still kind of pissed she didn't tell me sooner about the boy Edward and Renesmee being so close and getting deported to a new family.

"Bella is something wrong?" Renee asked.

"I found Alice failed to tell me my daughter was given to a new family." I said.

"I was going to Bella I swear I was." Alice said in defense.

"Uh huh."

"Here, to prove it here is the research and back ground noted of the family." She said handing me a stack of papers. I looked at her as she handed them to me.

"Forgiven?" She asked with hope as I skimmed them. They were very well researched and they were pleasing.

"Forgiven." I agreed, "Just don't let it happen again." I said as I put them in my brief case.

"So Bella, Jacob has been bugging me to send him over again." Rosalie smiled.

"Oh right I had a speech at the high school and I told him I would pick him up from school and bring him over." I smiled. "Since its Emmett's day off I figured today would be a good day."

"Oh that's weird, Jackson is off too." Rosalie said rolling her eyes.

"Surprise, surprise." Esme added sarcastically.

"I don't know how that law firm is so successful when both bosses are off all the time." Renee smirked and Alice, Rosalie and I laughed.

"Well it's been passed down through generations, my father's father passed it down to my father and then my father passed it down to me and now I pass it down to my sons." Esme gloated. Esme was or is a retired lawyer while her husband Carlisle is a doctor at the Port Angeles hospital.

Someone's phone rang and it was Alice's. "Excuse me." She mumbled and left the table to take it. I had just taken a bite of bread and was engaged in a conversation with Rosalie about she and Jackson adopting Jacob when Alice came rushing back to the table.

"Bella, we need to go, Rosalie get Jacob from school and Renee and Esme do whatever, Bella, Renesmee's been hurt and she and Edward is in the emergency room." Alice said and it took me a while before processing, "Renesmee." I whispered and I grabbed my coat and briefcase and ran out of the restaurant with Alice. Alice and I took my car and Alice drove because when she hit the gas, she put the pedal to the metal. There was so much traffic, I swear we were about it hit a few cars when Alice swerved in and out of traffic to get out of the lanes and head for the back roads.

"Call Emmett, tell him what's going on." She said and I gave a slight nod still in shock of what was going on. I reached for a few buttons on the dash board and the car dialed his number. He answered on the 4th ring.

"Bella." He answered.

"Emmett, you need to get to the hospital in Port Angeles." I said.

"Why is something wrong with you, are you okay, is someone sick or hurt?" He asked now worried. I heard Jackson yell FOR in the background.

"It's Renesmee she was deported to another family and she is hurt and it sounds serious." I said.

"On my way." Emmett said and hung up.

Within minutes of the call Alice pulled up to the hospital, several ambulances pulled up to the doors and medics pulled out stretchers. The first couple stretchers were boys in Spartan football uniforms. The next one was a smaller stretcher that had a small girl with brown ringlets, her eyes wide with shock and full of tears. Edward jumped out of the ambulance and so did another girl. I found her as Angela Webber. I saw her picture in the papers Alice gave me.

"Is that Renesmee?" I whispered to Alice.

She nodded and it was the first time in 7 years I had ever saw my little girl. I held her once that was it.

"ALICE!" Edward yelled and ran over to us.

Edward ran into her arms and she held him tight. She was so tiny compared to him.

"What happen to my little girl?" I hissed through my teeth suddenly as Emmett was at my side in his golf outfit.

"Your little girl?" Edward asked with some resentment.

"Yeah mine, I gave birth to her when I was 16!" I spat in his face and Emmett pushed me along into the hospital.

"We need to see Renesmee Cullen immediately." Emmett said as we ran up to the desk.

"Relationship to the patient." The nurse asked.

"Her birth parents." I spat.

"Right this way." She said and led us to a room. What am I doing? She wasn't going to be all cheery to know I was here. If anything she wouldn't know who I was.

"What doctor is seeing this patient?" I asked.

"Dr. Carlisle Cullen." She said.

"Thank god that's my father in law." I said and the nurse didn't comment. I turned to Emmett, "Can you wait here please, and I want to talk to the parents because I already know all about them."

"Of course, but I want to see her before we leave." He said and I nodded. The nurse pointed to a door and I thanked her and knocked on the door and Carlisle called me in. Carlisle was putting her first layer of cast on her arm.

"Bella, what are you doing here?" He asked as he was working.

"Don't I have a right? Alice got a call and luckily I was with her." I said.

"Who are you?" Renesmee asked as she moved her lollipop out of the way so she could talk. Carlisle always gave his younger patients lollipops to numb the pain.

"I'm friends with Alice and Edward." I said. "I'm Bella Cullen, Dr. Cullen's daughter. I smiled and held out my hand so she could shake it with her good arm.

"Is Edward here?" She asked.

"He is and so are Alice and my husband and all the people who care about you." I smiled. She nodded and she concentrated on her lollipop some more and the work Carlisle was doing.

"Could I talk to the two of you?" I asked as I looked to the Webbers. They nodded and we walked outside to the hallway. Emmett waited out there and he took my hand.

"So what do you want with Renesmee?" Mrs. Webber asked.

"You see in high school Emmett and I were dating and we got pregnant." I started.

"Both of our dreams were too big for a child to fit in the picture we both had and we decided to give the baby up for adoption." Emmett said, "My best friend Alice works for the child services where she was given to, she's been under our radar ever since." Emmett continued.

"We've always loved her, and we planned on getting her back when we were successful." I said.

"And you think you're successful now?" Mr. Webber challenged.

"I make 68,000 a year." I said.

"I make 103,000 a year and even more." Emmett said.

"I would think the state would want DNA results done first."

"Done." Emmett and I said at once.

"How is she?" Edward asked.

"In a cast with a broken arm." Mrs. Webber reported. I looked at Edward, his eyes were like mine except green, and they were a beautiful shade of emerald green no doubt. My mother's eyes were an emerald green when they weren't taken over by alcohol.

"So she's alright," Edward sighed, "Look I am so sorry for all of this they were picking on me and they involved Renesmee. He was directing the apology to the Webbers.

"It's alright as long as she is safe." Mrs. Webber accepted.

"She's all you for having fragile bones." Emmett whispered in my ear and I smiled.

Alice came up to us and butted into the conversation, "I just called head of services and they said Emmett and Bella could take Renesmee home if they got a quick DNA test done. Edward needs to contribute to considering he is almost a parental figure in this." She said

"Let's go Emmett; I want my daughter and my bed." I sighed and he guided me away and Alice went in to talk to Carlisle. I heard Edward follow us to the lab and Emmett was to much of a wimp to get blood drawn so he gave a hair sample.

"Is this state ordered?" The lab worker asked.

"Yes, papers should come in the fax." Alice said waltzing in at the right moment as usual.

"Always there in the nick of time." Emmett chuckled.

The worker smiled and left us in the waiting room to go take care of the samples. Edward didn't stay long, he had walked outside to make a phone call with the pay phone.

"He looks a lot like you Bells." Emmett said as he saw me staring at through the sliding glass doors on the phone.

"He could be…" I trailed.

"How old is he, 17?" Emmett asked.

"Yeah, there was a 6 year difference with my brother. I was 6 when I was taken from the home in the Ghetto and then still 6 when Renee and Charlie got me." I said. "Emmett this blood test may determine whether or not we take 2 more kids into our care." I stated.

"It'll be okay." He reassured and kissed my temple and squeezed my shoulders, and held me close.