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Ch. 20: The Little Moments

Hotch sat back on the couch, the slight pangs of pain easily ignored by now. Jack was sitting on the floor, playing with his "action figures" next to Henry, who seemed content to watch the five year old in wide eyed fascination. Will and JJ stood, smiling down at their son and Jack, laughing as Henry tried to mimic the sounds Jack was making as he played.

Rossi stood next to the couple, watching the children play on the carpet and finding himself wistfully thinking about what his life could've been like if he'd ever had children. He of course, discarded the idea immediately. He didn't think he was really cut out for parenthood… but then, that was probably because he'd never tried it before…

Jessica sat on the couch next to Hotch, watching the two children with pride and happiness. It was so good to know that even after all the terrible things that had happened recently, life could still have the beautiful moments like this one where they were reminded of the simplicity of joy.

Sean was standing behind a chair where a brunette woman sat, placing one hand over his, watching as his nephew played. He glanced down at the woman - her name was Stephanie - and imagined for one brief moment a third child, younger and with her eyes, sitting on the floor with the other two. He pushed the thought away, deciding it was definitely too soon to be thinking about kids.

Prentiss and Garcia sat next to each other in arm chairs, talking quietly about the two little boys and about Garcia's upcoming anniversary with Kevin. The entire team was there, celebrating the life that still went on, the happiness that could still be found. The joy that still throbbed incessantly, like a low, constant hum, in the background of their dark lives.

And then the door opened and Morgan's voice called from the doorway as he pushed an aggravated looking Spencer Reid into the room in a wheelchair. "Look who's here, guys!" he grinned, motioning to the irritated young man, ruffling his hair playfully.

"Uncle Spencer!" Jack cried, jumped up, leaving his toys forgotten on the floor. He ran over to Reid and hugged him - carefully as he had been warned several times that 'Uncle Spencer' was hurt badly.

Reid's irritated look vanished for one split second as he carefully returned the child's hug and Henry's as well, who had toddled over on shaky legs to his godfather and wrapped his tiny arms around his legs. "Hey, Reid." Hotch smiled at his subordinate, who looked much better than he had back in that hospital room, days after their rescue. "How are you?"

Reid frowned, "I'd be better if I didn't have to be in this wheelchair," he complained.

"Stop whining, Pretty Boy," Morgan teased, "Doctor says you've gotta use the chair, so you've gotta use the chair."

"How are you getting around your apartment with the wheelchair?" Prentiss asked, frowning at him for a moment.

Reid's frown turned into a scowl as he glanced up at Morgan, who answered. "I'm staying with him until he can get on his feet again."

"Ah, that's nice," Stephanie, the brunette whose fingers were still laced with Sean's commented.

"You don't know Morgan," Reid muttered. He'd met Stephanie a few days earlier when she'd arrived from New York to see Sean. The couple was still trying to convince Hotch to go stay with them for a few days while he was on forced vacation otherwise known as medical leave.

"He's going to torture me," Reid complained, folding his arms across his chest.

"Oh shut up, Reid." Morgan rolled his eyes, sitting down in the chair next to Garcia's. "I'm helping you out of the kindness of my heart and you're gonna complain? Maybe I should just leave you by yourself."

"I'd be happier," Reid muttered.

JJ laughed, shaking her head, "You two behave," she warned. "I'd hate to have to let Garcia punish you…"

"And trust me, you don't want to know what I'd make you two do…" Garcia teased, wagging her brows suggestively.

Morgan shuddered, "I don't need the mental pictures, Baby Girl, we're good."

Reid frowned, "I have no idea what you're talking about."

"You need to get out more, Reid." Morgan said exasperatedly.

"It's kind of hard to 'get out' when you're confined to a wheelchair and being tormented by your co-worker." Reid pointed out, frowning again.

"A co-worker who is doing everything he can to help you out in your time of need," Morgan added, propping his legs up on the foot stool in front of him, "I had to push you all the way across the hospital parking lot, to the car, help you out of the wheelchair, listen to you complain and then get you back in the wheelchair and this is the thanks I get?"

Reid rolled his eyes, "You also wouldn't give me one moment of peace while we were driving over here and haven't stopped mocking me since we left the hospital room."

"Hey I'm not mocking you now!" Morgan protested, his foot sliding from the footstool to the wheel on the chair.

JJ sighed, "That's it, timeout." she snapped, taking the handles of Reid's chair and pushing him away from Morgan so that he was sitting between Sean and Stephanie and the couch where Hotch was sitting. "Reid, you stay here. Morgan, stop being so immature. Reid's hurt."

Morgan rolled his eyes, "Of course, the baby's hurt so he gets special attention."

"I'm not a baby!" Reid snapped.

"Morgan," JJ warned, raising a brow.

"Alright, alright, I'll lay off him, JJ." Morgan promised, then he grinned, "For now." he added cheerily.

Reid scowled, "Can't someone else take care of me?" he muttered. "Why does it have to be Morgan?"

"Because he's your best friend and despite the fact that he's incredibly annoying, he actually does care about you." Hotch said, smiling. "Quit complaining Reid, I'm stuck with my brother and his girlfriend for at least another week… he refuses to go home…" he added, shooting Sean an annoyed look.

"Not until you agree to come to New York." Sean said, shaking his head.

"I have to work." Hotch argued.

"You're on medical leave," Sean pointed out.

Stephanie sighed and stood from the chair, "You want to know how to settle this?" she asked, looking at the two brothers curiously.

Slowly, Hotch and Sean nodded. She smiled and knelt in front of Jack, "Hey, Jack, how would you like to come to New York with your dad and visit your Uncle Sean?" she asked.

Jack's eyes lit up, "I wanna go! Daddy can we go now?"

Hotch groaned, "You've turned my son against me," he muttered.

Sean grinned, "That settles it. You're coming."

Hotch sighed, "Fine. I'll go." he conceded. "But only for a few days."

"Fair enough," Sean said, nodding slowly. "Just remember, Aaron, my house, my rules."

Hotch rolled his eyes, "I'm older than you. I'm in charge."

"We're not kids anymore, Aaron."

"Then stop acting like a ten year old," Hotch retorted.

"You first," Sean snapped.

The team laughed and listened to the two brothers argue, reminded of the moment just minutes ago, with Jack and Henry. Of how simple things could show you just how much life had to offer. It was refreshing to realize that trivial arguing was still acceptable after the torment and torture that had been endured and witnessed. Nice to know that it didn't matter how bad things got, there would always be moments like this were the world made sense.


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