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Chapter Six - Odd Rivalmance.

Sparrow was awoke from light sleep to find a dazzling Reaver dressed in all black standing over her, pushing stands of hair from her eyes and yawning she looked out the window. It was dark outside, the sky was a deep purple and the stars were glowing.

"What times is it Reaver?.." Sparrow asked groggily, "What is going on?"

Sparrow reached for her blade while trying to cover herself when Reaver stopped her. "Calm down dear, In five minutes I am going to leave and accidently bump into the shadow court, In the morning The Shadow court come for the Village, You may want to hide M'dear."

"Thank you kindly for the warning," Sparrow remarked sarcastically. "But isn't that a lot for me to take in?".

Sparrow got out of bed wrapped in the sheet, she grabbed a book off the bed and stuck it into the bag. She had a fallen asleep reading again. Reaver was taking a flask from his hip and swigging the contents.

"I don't care, You have been warned my little darling, now until I get back you can.. paint, have a threesome.. but you cant come with me." After emptying the flask of its contents he left with a wave.

Sparrow sat there staring after him. She was going to be in for a long night.

Reaver was terrified as he walked through the misty town and headed towards the outskirts. It was dark and dull and even though he knew he was safe and that he had his gun, Oh shoot no he didn't. His beloved Dragonstomper would be a blessing right about now.
He also knew that ten or so eyes were watching him and he didn't like it. his boots made a soft clunk as he walked, his black cloak flowing behind him in the summer nights breeze Reaver's speed quickened as did his mind. "When I find that blind gypsy I will give her the worst death imaginable".

Reaver was approaching a dark area just outside of town, when he was tapped on the shoulder by what felt like death.

"So, you got our letturr..." suspected a dark voice. Reaver turned seemingly unphased to see a dark figure stand there holding a bloodied seal. The figures eyes were a dark blood red and many souls seemed to be lost in them.

"Yes," Reaver jeered. "Now may we go inside its awfully cold out here?".

The figure laughed a dark bone chilling laugh, "My.. you have a sharrrp tongue don't you.. I do enjoy characturrr."

Sparrow was standing over Annora's grave in the garden. It reminded her of her sister. Sparrow bent over and picked up a white lily that lay beside the grave, It was so beautiful bronze and cream colored. Sparrow heard someone coming towards her, she shoved the lily into her pocket and spun around in time to see Willow standing there with a smile upon her face.
This just made Sparrow feel worse. She didn't know these people yet it was partly up to her if they got to live or die.
Sparrow couldn't do it. She saved a baby when she shouldn't have, who knows what that child may grow up to be.

"Hello Sparrow," Willow acknowledged. "You were really brave saving the village, even If you couldn't save everyone." Sparrow looked down ashamed of herself.
"No I didn't mean that the way it came out..I..uh I mean.."

"Don't worry Willow I understand it was a nice thanks." Sparrow replied.

"Hey, Sparrow what is your real name?" Willow inquired.

"Its..Kita." she lied.

"Perfect, If the baby is a girl I'll call her Kita, the bravest woman I know."

The two women sat outside in the warm summers night chatting till dawn.

"Sparrow, The baby you saved today, her name was Sutton. she was only a few months old.. you're truly marvelous.." Willow added into the conversation.

Sparrow twirled a strand of short brown hair around her finger and smiled a fake grin, " How come I feel like a monster..."

A blood freezing scream belted from the edge of the village and sparrow looked up suddenly too see it was morning, and she hadn't hidden.

sparrow ran faster then humanly possible inside the home, Willow close on her heels, Grabbing her bag and all its contents in a frantic hurry as she could feel a dark and cold shiver coming nearer and nearer. Willow grabbed a hold of Sparrow's arm tightly and ran to a bookcase at the far end of the house. She and Sparrow pushed the bookcase aside and saw a gap in a wall large enough for one person only. Sparrow and Willow looked at each other. Willow had a pleading in her eyes, she was begging Sparrow for mercy. Begging Sparrow to let her go in the gap to save both herself and her unborn child. It was like the Shadow court all over again for Sparrow. Only this time there was no seal and the other woman was willow and she was here on purpose.. Sparrow had been regretting what she did too that other woman to keep her youth years ago. She wasn't going to make the same mistake again.

"Willow get inside this hole and don't come out until all the screaming stops!" Cried Sparrow.


"No buts." Sparrow cut in, "Just save your child and yourself..."

Sparrow pushed the bookcase in front of the gap and took one last look into Willows eyes. She then lay in wait for the Shadows to come and claim her.

At least she died saving someone and at least if she wasn't born Rose may end up with a family.. or away from Lucien.. at any rate Reaver would protect the world from Lucien. the four heroes Reaver, Hammer, Garth and Rose.
That was odd to think about and made Sparrow cry.

The house became frozen as several shadows entered. Upon reaching sparrow the looked closely at her.

"You are not a resident of Oakvale and so we do not have the right to your soul."

The shadow then strode forward into the bookcase, at the other side Willow screamed and the shadow re-appeared. The four shadows looked at Sparrow and all she could think of was even though she had done the right thing it still hadn't been enough.

The tallest Shadow glided towards sparrow and smiled a cruel and gruesome grin, "Sparrow of Albion.. you. shouldn't be here.. not in this timee.." Sparrow was shocked still.
The shadow produced a scroll that as apparently blank and looked at it intently. Sparrows heart was racing, Why had Theresa not warned her for this. where was Reaver.

"According to this.. Reaver will try and give your soul to us as payment..wee.. can stop this and make another woman appear the day you do.. a woman called Elizabeth."
The Shadow said whilst reclaiming the scroll.

"All youuu need to do is.. tell us How you got here.. in this time.. and we will give you the choice in future to keep your beauty.. for a small time."

Sparrow realized she must have made this deal.. without knowing.. but Theresa knew.. Time was a tricky thing.

"The Spire." as all Sparrow said, She remembered sacrificing that other womans youth for Reaver instead of her own. she just honestly didn't no how that woman was there why she was there, but now she did. That was Sparrows fault as well. Which made her feel worse. But she needed to e young and strong to defeat Lucien.

"Goooooood byy ee.." the shadows whispered.

And then all went black.

Sparrow awoke in a cold black room with touches of blue here and there. She rolled over to find she was on a small wooden bed, and she wasn't alone. Reaver was there asleep.. and also very naked.. very like herself. Sparrow scanned the room to find a chest in the far corner. Rushing over to the large chest she opened it to find a black and cream corset, black leather hot pants, a pair or black thigh high boots with golden embroidery and similar colored matching noble coat. without even glancing back at Reaver she put the clothes on over her slightly muscular figure.

After finishing dressing she turned to find Reaver still very much asleep, searching the chest more she found Reavers clothes and weapons. Lifting up her pistol she aimed it the pillow beside Reaver.

A shot rang that made Reaver jump up dropping the bed sheet and so standing there fully nude. Sparrow was covered in a deep blush.

"My, my Sparrow. I never thought you were the type to take advantage of a man and then shoot him the next morning.. why you almost remind me of..well me.

Sparrow grabbed a bundle of clothes and threw them towards Reaver. she then turned around hiding her face, she wasn't sure if she was hiding from Reavers naked form or if she was hiding her red face. She had to remember she was angry at him.

" Where were you exactly!, I needed your help in Oakvale and you didn't show up. You know I tried to save your unborn child and I still failed!." Sparrow asked.

"If you must know Sparrow. I ran fastly through fields and though I ran all I could hear was shrieks. All I could see was Oakvale being devoured." Reaver said coldly. " I shouldn't have had to relive that, and now I refuse too. I was feeling delicate and breakable.. I fell to my knees and all I could hear was screams.. but no not again.."

Reaver upholstered his pistol and pointed it at Sparrow.. and before he could even think of pulling the trigger Sparrow was behind him. It was almost as if she had slowed down time.

"How could you Reaver!" Sparrow said. "After everything we've been through after sharing your feelings with me.."

"Because, no one should know how I feel!". Reaver Span round and pulled his trigger. The bullet just missing Sparrow.

Sparrow was now face to face with Reaver the anger showed in her eyes. The excitement was in his. His warm breath was angry and breathing against her face. his gun was aimed against at her temple. his body close to hers she heard Reaver''s hand move the trigger slightly and she shut her eyes.

Reaver smashed his lips down on Sparrows, tossing his pistol to the side. Sparrows surprisingly soft lips stiff at first seemed to respond. Reaver pushed Sparrow against the wall behind her and deepened the kiss. Reaver moved his lips down towards Sparrows exposed neck and collar bone..

Sparrow was so confused. her mind was spinning, Reaver would no doubt end up killing her. but at least she could enjoy the odd occurrence.