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Summary : She's just an everyday, normal Trans-fan. One like any other you'd meet on the street, complete with habits and slang taken from almost living in the wake of the movies. No one takes her seriously. Hell, she doesn't take herself seriously, but when what originally looks like a movie set turns out to be anything but, can she survive in a world she thought to exist only in fiction?

Legend :





(Scene/POV Changes)

Dear Diary,

I've always been a fangirl, fandoms coming and going. When I was younger, it was Power Rangers that started the trend. What can I say? Good looking men in skin tight spandex? Maybe I was just a closet perv. When that grew old to me, I was introduced to a new fandom, Final Fantasy. I can thank my grandmother for that one. Next came Twilight, off a suggestion made by a fanfiction friend. Finally, and most recently, Transformers.

But do I really need to explain? I'm human. I can appreciate a good looking man or mech when I see one, and the newest Corvette model in the second Transformers movie was also very easy on the eyes, hence the poster across my bedroom ceiling.

That's another topic for another time, though.

I think my Transformers addiction was probably the most unusual thing about me, though. I've taken my fandoms pretty far before, cosplaying as Tifa and Yuna -Final Fantasy characters- on two separate years, or getting the Power Ranger action figures, and collecting the Collector's Editions of the Twilight Saga. I had the Autobot insignia tattooed to my chest, over my heart, usually hidden by modest necklines for work. I walked to and from work, jogged daily, sometimes hung out with friends, and usually spent a good hour online on a fanfiction site, where all kinds of writers got together and wrote fan-made stories for their favorite fandoms.

I always loved reading the new stories people came up with. There was always something that caught my eye.

I wonder what that'll be today.


(Bella's POV)

Turning on my computer, I rolled my eyes as the fans kicked in noisily. I could have made some comment about it, but it was more annoying now than anything. My computer was fairly new, but for some reason, the fans had been kicking in loudly recently. My step-brother said it could be dust, but I wasn't really sure how that was possible. Did I not just say my computer was new?

Well, technically, it was two years old, but it's not like I collected dust bunnies under my bed.

Heading over to my dresser, I peered into the mirror and ran a brush through my long, dark hair, before pulling it back into a ponytail. I examined my eyes closely. They were a pale blue. A color you could see on any number of people in the world today, and not at all unusual. Some people said it was pretty. I said it was boring. "Hm, to get the contacts or not to get the contacts." I have today off, after all. Biting my lip, I grabbed my purse and dug through it, counting the cash on me. "You know what? I'm so treating myself today!" I pocketed some cash, before pulling the strap of the purse up over my shoulder.

It might seem odd to pull cash out of a purse before taking it -The purse- with you, but living in the city, I was taught the hard way to never keep all my money in one place, when I was mugged about a year ago. Ever since then, I broke up what money I kept with me, keeping only the absolutely necessary ID in my pockets, and only keeping extras in the purse itself.

With a smile fixed firmly to my face in anticipation of what was coming, I went back to the computer, signing in and turning off the screen, before grabbing my keys and heading out. I was so excited about my new contacts that I'd officially designated the fanfictions as 'can wait until later'. Locking up behind me, I could just about imagine what I'd look like with the newest contacts that I'd custom ordered. It had me almost skipping down the hall of my apartment complex and waiting impatiently for the bus as it approached.

I usually took the bus towards what I liked to call the market district, and then walked through to the general business district. The mall was there, doctor's offices were there, dentists, even a hospital. It had pretty much everything all crammed into one.

Thus was the life in Tranquility Nevada.

And yeah, trust me, I was pretty over the moon when I finally moved to the city the Transformers movies were set in or based around. The first thing I did, before even unpacking, was take a massive tour, spending quite literally all day walking around the different neighborhoods until I found the house used as the prop for Sam's house. Next thing I did, a week later, was get a bus to neighbouring cities, and make my way to Mission City which, surprisingly, really existed. I toured here too, finding places that were still roped off for future movie usage.

As they were roped off, I couldn't actually get on to the set, but I did see the all too familiar form of the cute little 2010 Bumblebee Camaro SS. Of course, being the fangirl I was, the first thing I did was squeal loudly like a stuck pig, and then snap about two dozen pictures of the stationary vehicle from the same angle and distance.

I puttered around, finding the garage that was used as the garage Mikeala worked at, in the second movie, and immediately grabbed pictures of the bike sitting in the driveway. It wasn't one of the Arcee triplets, but the one Mikeala had been painting in the beginning of 'Revenge of The Fallen'. It was still a hot bike, even without the equally as hot actress sitting on top of it.

All in all, it was pretty amazing. Being here so long, most of the novelty had long worn off. I'd visited movie scenes multiple times, gotten pictures. I'd even spent several months looking for any more of the cars used in the movies, to no success. Maybe they were off in Egypt still, or in some other part of Nevada for the next movie. I'd heard rumors. Something about Sunstreaker's alternate form? Or possible alternate form?

To say I was psyched would be an understatement.

My eyes narrowed, and I swallowed, shifting my gaze out of the nearest window as I shook off my thoughts. They'd sure as hell better have Sunny in the next movie. His lack of appearance with Sideswipe was a serious piss off to me and millions of other fans. Everyone whose anyone knows they're practically joined at the hip. To have one without the other? And people were already out for Bay blood after Jazz's cruel death.

Seeing the market district pull up, I hit the button to request my stop, and nudged my way past the other people crowding the bus. When the bus stopped and the door opened, I stepped out and began walking. I passed by flower booths, barely glancing at them. I spotted a familiar black t-shirt in a store window, with Optimus Prime printed across the front, in battle stance and with his battle mask engaged.

It didn't phase me. I was picky about what merchandise I went for. Like my Autobot tattoo, and my fake shard of the Allspark that I always wore. Mom got that for me two years ago, at a Comic-con where they had special give aways and sold neat little trinkets to advertise for the newly released movie. Then there were my little Bumblebee studs I wore in my ears, that resemble the 'Bee-otch' air freshener that was shown hanging in Bumblebee in the first movie.

Instead, I entered a massive mall and began wandering about. I took the escalator up to the second floor and made my way to a particular store. "Missy?" I spotted her alone, chewing her gum idly as she sat reading a magazine. "Slow day?" With a smile, I walked over and returned her wave. "I heard my order is in?"

She nodded and dug around under the counter. "Yeah, I heard about that. A custom order?" She smirked a little and raised an eyebrow as she handed me the box. "And I thought I'd seen it all. Damn, you're really hardcore."

"Well, that depends on your definition of hardcore." The smirk that crossed my face probably showed the dirty thoughts rolling around in my head. I grabbed up the box eagerly and examined the picture. "Oh my Primus, this is perfect! They really look like this in the eyes?" Again, Missy nodded, tossing a lock of her blonde hair over her shoulder, and I giggled, before pulling out the cash. "I don't want to try them on just yet. I'm gonna save them." I felt like I was on cloud nine, as I carefully put the box into my purse, and took my change. "Thanks Mis."

Missy Winebacker was the assistant of the actual store owner, whose name I couldn't even spell, let alone pronounce. She was a young girl, just hitting legal age to work, and despite having an almost...cheerleader, haughty look about her at times, she was surprisingly easy to get along with. She helped me out when I first came to the store, interested in getting custom made contacts to resemble an Autobot's optics as closely as possible, and she was all too eager to help.

It cost a good portion of my money, and I had to delve into savings it will take me months to put back, but in the end it felt worth it. I was now the owner, quite possibly one of very few people who had them, of a pair of Autobot optic contact lenses, and I couldn't wait for the perfect opportunity to wear them.

Preferably when there were other Trans-fans around to witness it.

Heading out, I began to debate on what to do next. I was out and about, but all my friends had plans. I'd gotten my contacts, and if I was honest, I really didn't have the money for much else. I had to spend wisely. At least, I was supposed to spend wisely.

So with a new smile, I headed back out of the mall, and through the market district. Pausing in front of the store with the Optimus shirt, I bit my lip. I couldn't really afford it, but I could look, right? I headed in, and straight for the novelty shirts. Ahh, what the hell. If something catches my eye... Grinning, I flipped through the shirts. There were different bots, with cute little sayings under each.

One caught my eye, and I had to slap a hand over my mouth to keep from laughing. The urge hit me so hard, I had tears forming in my eyes, and I once again began to recalculate the money I had left, and what treat I'd have to cut for the month if I wanted to spend it.

It was a cute little image. The Autobot insignia was large, taking up the entire back of the shirt, but it was the background. In the center of it was a canary yellow 2007 Camaro, sans black racing stripes. The front was a close up of Starscream's face with the Decepticon symbol in the background. Doesn't sound cute at all? Then imagine the saying below. 'Starscream. Scaring the stripes off Bumblebee since 2007!'

And no, it wasn't referring to the dangerous battle-ready, insane bot. Just...well...his face.

I found one in my size and held the shirt aside, flipping a while longer. Three shirts later, and I was ready to sigh in relief, thinking this would be the only shirt to catch my attention. Then I spotted another. This one was a little more common, but no less cute. It was a large Autobot insignia with equally as large, thick rimmed glasses and a bushy moustache, with the attached saying 'Robots in Disguise'.

I pulled one out in my size and then stood there, eyes darting back and forth. They were admittedly cheap, and by no means was I poor, but I also wasn't rich. It took me several minutes to finally decide...screw it. Taking them to the counter, I pulled out the cash and paid for them, before taking the bag and my change. No burgers for me. Meh, I needed to lose weight anyways. I actually talked one of the workers into letting me borrow their bathroom, and then giggled -Yes, I actually giggled- as I slipped into the 'Robots in Disguise' shirt. Next, I opened the box of contacts and slipped a pair in.

So much for waiting, but this was as good a moment as any. It wasn't like a lot of my closer friends were interested in Transformers, surprisingly.

They burned like hell at first, until my eyes got used to them, and I grinned broadly at the mirror. "Oh jeez! Rika would love these!" Not that she was a huge Transformers fan, but... The detail was amazing! They looked like miniature Autobot optics inside my eyes, and were such a bright blue, they looked like they glowed! I stared at them for what felt like forever, until there was a knock on the door, and I startled. "Oh, sorry!" Gathering my things, I quickly tossed them back into the bag and purse, and headed out of the bathroom.

I got more than one odd look as I wandered through the store. I guess most people usually didn't change right after buying their clothes here. With a mental shrug, I made my way back out of the store, to the bus stop. The occasional person stopped, commenting on my contacts, and I loved that every last one of them knew what they were.

"Nice work. How much were they?" One girl was so close, we could have kissed, as she examined my eyes. "Wow, I never even thought of this! I didn't know they made custom lenses. Do they actually glow?"

The fandom always amazed me, just how many people adored the Transformers movies. In honesty, Bay did amazing, bringing the mangas and cartoons to life. The only qualms I had were Jazz's untimely and unfair death, and the lack of Sunstreaker at Sideswipe's side. Oh, and...his color change bothered me a little, but it wasn't something I'd outright bitch about. Not like the others. Hell, it didn't even really bother me that the twins were originally Lamborghinis and not Corvettes! they were sexy either way!

Well...not the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Convertible Concept form Sides was apparently taking in the next move. Nice car, but so not sexy! Especially for Sides. It just wasn't sleek. Not like the other 'Vette. And Sides is Sides, he has to be sleek!

I felt... I felt like I was on cloud nine all day. No work, it was a beautiful day, and since all my friends were busy and I was pretty much broke now, I was going to spend it doing something I loved. I was going to go home, and look up Transformers fanfictions, and I hoped and prayed some of my favorites would be updated. I could sit back with a bowl of ice cream, read some stories, maybe listen to some music later, and go for a jog once the sun has gone down a little, letting the day cool off.

As the bus arrived, I grabbed a back window seat. The streets were teaming with cars. Mazdas zoomed by, Hondas and Hundais competed for attention, and the occasional cute little Chevy would pop into view, but there was nothing outlandishly fantastic about any of them. A couple older Rolls Royces and Thunderbirds roamed by here and there, perhaps the oddest and coolest of all the cars I saw. Still not picture-worthy in my opinion.

At a set of lights, however, that all changed.

The bus pulled to a stop, and I idly glanced out the window. I wasn't looking for anything in particular, I was just glancing around to bide my time until my stop. We were nearing my stop, it was only a few minutes away, and I was anxious to get home. That is...until my eyes were caught by a flash of bright yellow. It might not have caught my attention, except the car the paint came on was one that had heads literally turning it's way, all up and down the street. Even the cars parked around it or driving past it, the drivers and passengers were so busy staring at it, they missed their stop...or change of light, as it were.

Honks sounded, and people skidded into gear, sounding even more honks. Cars jolted as driver's whipped their heads around and nearly took off not to miss the light, and even the bus jolted as a car cut in front of it.

It was chaos for a split second, but my eyes turned back to the car, like they were magnetically drawn to it. It wasn't driving, like the others. It was parked on the side of the road, and from what I could tell it was an expensive model. Squinting, I tried to make out the details. The Ferrari symbol on the front was the first thing my eyes were attracted to. My heart skipped a beat as I took in the amazing work and detail, and then I noticed the young blonde man sitting on the hood, practically glowering at people who dared venture too close.

I'd be glaring too, if I had a beauty like that and someone dared touch it with greasy fingers! For a moment, I wanted to burst out laughing. I couldn't stop the small giggle, or even the smile. "Oh Primus, I'm channeling Sunstreaker!" My voice was kept low, and my eyes glued to the car as we began to pass. Then it hit me, that was a Ferrari! I couldn't make out the model, but my jaw positively dropped, seeing it. Isn't Sunstreaker supposed to be a Ferrari in the third movie?

Well...technically there wasn't any finalized details that I knew of. Only rumors there'd be a yellow or red Ferrari, and intuition that really...only one bot would be a yellow Ferrari of all things. No Decepticon would go for it, it drew too much attention and wouldn't do as much damage as say...a tank. Not to mention, yellow really wasn't their color. Most Autobots wouldn't go for it, as it was too flashy. So really, to me, there was only one bot who could possibly be a Ferrari.

Okay, okay... Two, but one was already taken and a gorgeous, sleek, 2009 Chevy Corvette Stingray Concept.

"Shit!" Biting my lip, I thanked God I kept my voice low, and looked around to make sure there weren't any kids too close. Digging through my purse as fast as I could, I mentally -for the first time ever- thanked God for creating traffic jams and rush hour. Grabbing my small cell phone, I quickly flipped it open and activated the camera. Then I pointed and began shooting. Why didn't I bring my other camera? Stupid Bella! Stupid! Stupid!

"Holy sweet Jesus, look at that thing!" Someone behind me murmured suddenly.

"Isn't that a Ferrari? I've never seen one in Tranquility before." A low whistle. "What a thing of beauty!"

And Sunny would thank you for saying such a thing. With a smirk, I struggled to remember how to zoom up, fiddling with the camera. My eyes caught that of the young man sitting on the car hood, and I realized... He was really cute. He was a bright yellow blonde, wearing a yellow shirt and beige cargo pants, and not once did he stop glaring. Only this time he was glaring at the bus, and all the people taking pictures. I took another picture and he turned away, as if we weren't worth looking at, staring around him like he was waiting for someone.

I didn't have much of a chance to question who he could be waiting for, however.

There was suddenly a loud honk. It sounded ear splitting, and way too close for comfort. The bus was halfway across the intersection by now, but as I turned, I could see a semi approaching. And no, not an Optimus semi that caught the eye. Just a really big truck, heading for us really quickly, and not hitting the breaks. The last thing I remembered was massive pain, screams, and the sickening sound of metal on metal.

Then my world went painfully dark.

Dear Diary,


It sucks big hairy Decepticon knockers.

It feels like Destructor...or was it Devastator? Why can't I ever get his name right? Anyways, it feels like that big ass combination Decepticon from Egypt tried to punt me back to Cybertron. Multiple times. Before dribbling me like a basket ball. I think everything hurts. I don't really...remember a lot from the accident. The police came to question me, acting all weird about it.

They probably saw that same damn Ferrari and let themselves get distracted. That's police for you. No offence.

All I really remember is feeling sore. Hot and cold, and a little tingly. Things kept going black and white on me. I'm not sure if I was conscious or not. I remember...voices, feeling like I was moving. But not being moved. Just... I felt like...even though I was laying on what felt like the ground, I was falling at the same time. There was this loud whirring whooshing, and an almost electrical jolt ran through me.

It hurt like hell! Probably a lose cable from the bus or something. I remember thinking someone should move that cable. It hurt like hell when it kept zapping me. Each one hurt more and more until, despite my pain and weakness, I couldn't help but scream. I remember this because my throat erupted in pain the moment I did, which only made everything even worse.

But that's the best I can describe it. That's what I remember.

Then I woke up in the hospital. The beeping and sanitary smell were how I knew. I couldn't even open my eyes. They actually had to remove the contacts in surgery, I found out a little later, before they damaged my eyes, and one of my eyes is still swollen shut. Just a bad bruise, but still... They said I have two cracked ribs, a nasty concussion, a bunch of cuts and bruises; I was lucky to be alive, and should probably stay off my feet for a while.

No shit sherlock. Nah, I thought I'd go run a marathon after this! I feel fan-fragging-tastic!

Note the sarcasm?


Note : The car model I'm looking up is the 2008 Ferrari 599 GTO. ;) Check it out if you like, just look to the red Ferraris that come up, to get the car I'm working with. I'm just going by a rumor I heard, that the next movie would be involving a cute little Ferrari. XD And yeah, I only just realized it's a Ferrari 458 Italia in the next movie, and it's red. LOL

Due to popular demand, here's the first chapter. Sorry if the title sucks, I'm kinda brain dead at the moment, as far as titles are concerned.

Written : June 21, 2010

Hope you like it.

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