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Dear Diary,

Peace. It's an awkward thought to get used to. Sure, I don't mean peace as in 'never fight again'. We're on Earth. Humans will always find something to fight over. Not to mention, though most of the remaining Decepticons fled or pled loyalty to Optimus, there are still a few I had a feeling would cause problems.

But with The Fallen out of the picture, as well as Megatron and Starscream, and Shockwave... We had a chance, right? I'm still a little...disappointed? Miffed? Feeling jipped? ...Well, mostly relieved, that the battle was anti-climactic. I suppose, after reading fanfictions and seeing the movies, I keep expecting the 'final battle' to be totally epic and noteworthy.

Or at least for several good bots to die.

I suppose the symbiote that possessed the bots was both a blessing and a curse. It made them stronger, all but impervious to most weaknesses, but confront it with it's greatest weakness, and you could take them all down with ease. It's still just shocking that by focusing on the main symbiote and taking it out, we took down the entire army.

It's...frightening, actually.

But who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth?

On the upside, 'Kaela's doing a hell of a lot better. She's happy and healthy, and she's been allowed out of medical bay on the vow that she'd take it easy. Bumblebee, whose finally getting to use his voice a little, even vowed to make her, if he had to.

I think Barricade's more relieved by his charge's status as a Cybertronian. He seems to be taking Jesse under his wing, even if it means having to deal with Jesse's girl of choice, Rika.

Me? I'm just... I'm going to take the peace as it comes. This road has been long and torturous, with ups and downs that would make most rollercoasters look like a smooth, steady track in comparison. We went from nearly shard-hunters... No, we were shard-hunters for a while. Then we took out parasite-infected Decepticons.

No. I'm not going to worry about the past, and what might be to come. I'm going to relax.

I think even boss bot's finally doing so, and if Prime feels it's okay to take it easy, I don't suppose I can argue, now can I?


(A Little While Later)

The sun was warm, and I smiled a little. I could hear Sam and Mikeala off in the distance, talking and laughing. They'd finally settled down, and it seemed like all was well with them. Most of the rest of the humans had gone home to spend time with their families, now that it seemed the world was safe. Simmons was being watched by Blackout and the minor twins, all of which loved harassing him about his mommy issues.

Maggie had gone down to Australia to visit her family. She called me every once in a while to complain about the difference in temperature, and how bored she was now that the world wasn't ending, but I could hear the happiness in her voice.

Judy and Ron were incognito. I didn't want to know, thank you very much. The look on Sam's face was one of vague mortification, and that spoke volumes.

Will was one of the last to leave, going to spend some personal time with his wife and daughter, but he ended up taking Ironhide and Chromia, and little Hopper with him. It seems the little mech had taken a liking to Annabelle in the brief periods of meeting her after the final battle, and vice versa.

Not sure how the parents felt, but Hopper had this way about him... If you said no, he'd just find a way to tag along anyways.

The Autobots were mostly still recovering from the shock of the anti-climactic final battle, and the fact it really seemed over. I'm not sure yet what Optimus plans to do, but I think he was mentioning something about using the power of the remaining Allspark shards to create a new home.

Not recreate Cybertron. There still wasn't enough energy for that. But maybe colonize a nearby planet?

The idea of leaving Earth was both frightening and exciting, but I'm not sure how the humans would feel about it. Probably similarly. It wouldn't be happening any time soon, however. Not until there was absolutely no chance of Decepticons seeping out of the woodwork to finish what Megatron and The Fallen had started.

Until then...

Feeling something sliding ticklishly along my arm, I found myself smiling. My eyes had fallen closed in my semi-relaxed stated, and I didn't bother to open them. I was dressed in a black bikini and a pair of matching sunglasses, sitting back on a large rock for tanning purposes.

Not that I could tan, but it was one of those human things I adored, so I kept up with it.

"Aren't you going to look at me?" Came the slightly husky tone.

I kept up my smile and shrugged. "I'm comfy as I am." I giggled a little, brushing his hand away. "And I know what you look like." I was teasing, and we both knew it. Feeling a presence on my other side, I felt my smile turn into more of a smirk. "Well, hello to you, too, Sunstreaker."

Did I mention that Will had taken Sunfire with him and Hopper? Evidently, despite having more than her fair share of Cybertronians, Sunfire was one Sarah couldn't get enough of.

I couldn't really blame her.

"Bella." His voice, too, was husky.

Now I did open my eyes, squinting against the sun and shooting the boys a look. "Okay, what's up with you two?" Their husky tones, and what I felt sliding over our bond, was...definitely not what I was used to. Okay, so I'd felt desire from them both. Especially when I managed a move that ended up shocking Ironhide, and getting a good hit in.

Apparently strong, feisty femmes is what those boys love.

They exchanged grins, and I felt my eyes narrow. "Sunstreaker... Sideswipe..." My eyes shot over to the two humans, to see them long since gone. Bumblebee was too, though, so I wasn't worried. Slowly, however, my gaze turned back to the twins, before my eyes widened. "Tell me you didn't unblock that channel again!" I all but squeaked, remembering how I'd had to block it three times, whenever I returned home for 'updates' (there were none, by the way), and they continuously unblocked it, and would sit down and watch the channel...

Their twin grins only grew, and I groaned on the rock.

"Why me? I ask them not to unblock it, and what do they do? I ask them not to watch it, because it's embarrassing, and what do they do? I ask them to at least keep it down, so any other accompanying Autobots don't get wind of what they're up to, and what do-MMPH!" I broke off my rant, feeling lips pressed against my own.

My eyes flew open, before falling shut, and I returned the surprisingly soft kiss. No matter how much we did this, I never got used to feeling it. Warm, soft lips, the taste slightly metallic. If I concentrated enough (which was a feat, let me tell you), I could feel the energy humming below the surface, but other than that, it felt...like a human kiss.

Just when my oxygen tanks (Hey, look! The terms are coming easier to me!) started to strain under the lack of oxygen, the lips pulled back, and I breathed deeply, opening my eyes to see Sunstreaker smirking down at me.

"Point to that, or did you just wanna kiss me?" I asked, raising an eyebrow with a grin.

"Point to it." He shrugged, casually.

"And that would be...?" When he only grinned at me, I felt my other eyebrow hitch up as well. "To shut me up, maybe?" His look turned briefly mortified, and he began to sputter curses and denials.


It was Sideswipe's voice that silenced Sunstreaker and caught my attention, and I spun to find an unbelieveably devious look on the red twin's face. I felt my eyes narrow, and made to sit up, only to be gently pushed back down again by both twins.

"Actually what?" I challenged, even though I let them push me back down.

"Well, the war's over... You're healed up-"

Mostly, anyways. My wrist was permanently damaged, since the damage proceeded right down into my protoform, and he didn't currently have the supplies on Earth to repair protoform damage. My legs still ached, if I spent too long on them. Another lingering effect. Luckily, though, the rest of my damage was superficial and healed quickly.

"The base is still under human repairs, so we're all still on forced leave-"

A.K.A... Vacation!

"And it's just the three of us on an otherwise abandoned strip of beach, with time to spare, on a beautiful day." He grinned brilliantly. "So we thought we'd take this opportunity to learn."

I blinked. The way he stated it sounded so odd coming from him. "We're on vacation, and you want to learn?"

He nodded, leaning down to catch my lips in a soul searing kiss. For a moment, my processor just stuttered to a stop, feeling and accepting the kiss, and nothing else. When he pulled back, Sunstreaker took his place, stealing another quick kiss.

"Yes, we want to learn."

My mind was blank. I could feel the gentle touches of wandering, curious hands as they explored my arms, legs and stomach. The touches were soothing, but also stirring whenever they strayed a little. As I felt Sideswipe's fingers grazing under the bottom of my bikini top, I shivered a little.

"Learn..." I deadpanned blankly, not really picking up on what he was stating.

He laughed a little, while Sunstreaker huffed in mild annoyance and rolled his eyes. I felt a hand straying up over the top of my bikini bottoms, drifting over my stomach, circling my belly button, and returning to it's explorations of my legs and thighs.

Swallowing thickly, I narrowed my eyes at the boys.

"Well, we've made our holographic forms as anatomically correct to human standards as possible. We've even made modification to sensor nodes and relays to help mimic the same sensations humans would feel." Sunstreaker informed me.

I thought about that for a long moment, forcing my brain to ignore the pleasant touches in order to focus. "So..." Reaching out hesitantly, I ran my hand over his neck, along his collarbone, and down over his chest. I detoured as I went, feeling his hands falling still as I traced along the muscles of his torso.

He was shirtless, like Sideswipe, also enjoying the heat with me. They were both dressed in nothing but a pair of swim trunks in their matching shades.

My fingers slowly trailed to the edge of his trunks, and I felt the desire flare up sharply over our bond. My eyes were locked on his, and I heard his intakes hitch a little as his pupils dilated. His expression was one of confusion, but he made no move to stop me.

My fingers diverted to the side, dancing over the folds in his trunk as they slipped down over his pelvic bone and towards his thigh, and when my eyes slowly dropped to the same general area, they widened and I paused.

"Oh!" Suddenly, it all made sense. Their wanting to 'learn', and I felt myself blushing profusely at being so slow to pick up on it. Then again, in my defense, those hands felt good.

"So you understand now?" The look on Sunstreaker's face was intense and amused, but the tone screamed 'FINALLY!'.

"Oh! Yes... Yes, I do." I nodded, still blushing as my eyes were fastened to his lap, where evidence sat of what they wanted to learn. Then, slowly, I raised my eyes. "You realize it's messy, right? Involves exchanging of bodily fluids and all that fun, slimy, sticky, sweaty stuff...?" I grinned as he shuddered in disgust at the mental images I could only imagine my words were drumming up.

Even Sideswipe shuddered a little, but I could see from their expressions they weren't about to give up that easily.

"Wait, just how anatomically correct did you make your holoforms?" I wondered if they even had bodily fluids to, well, you know... Exchange. Then I was accosted by mental images of a story I'd once read, where some of the bots weren't really sure about, erm...'certain parts' and sized them wrong.

When my mind dared to enter the territory of the story 'Our Lady of Blessed Acceloration', I had to shake my head violently to clear the mental images of the 'plop, plop, plop' scene that always had me doubling over with laughter just reading it, before I utterly ruined the mood by laughing my ass off here.

"Are you okay, femme? You're shaking your head."

"I'm fine. I was just reminiscing about a story I once read in my own dimension, done on Transformers, that induced mood-killing mental images." I told them, giggling hysterically. Then, I shook my head again, this time in dismissal. "So... You sure you want to try this? For your information, I'm not exactly a professional, but in this case, I think I know the mechanics of it." I grinned then, brightly. "No pun intended."

They stared at me, before exchanging looks. I think that was another thing they found themselves having to adjust to. My occasional quirks, like when I remembered a story, or something about the fandom that they had no idea I knew about.

Then, before anyone could say anything else, Sunstreaker was leaning over me and pinning me to the ground with his body, kissing me deeply. I gave into the kiss eagerly, feeling the heat from not only the day, but the heat radiating from his body warming me quickly.

I'll take that as a yes. I thought, letting my hands roam his body. I grinned to myself as I found a particularly sensitive spot, and began tracing around the area, exploring what areas were 'sensitive' and what made him moan. Oh yeah, I'm definitely in the mood to 'learn'. I thought as I pulled him closer. Very, VERY much so!

Dear Diary,

Things won't always be good. I think wars are a universal constant, and I wouldn't be surprised to find us caught up in yet another one, before next year is out. For now, I will happily enjoy my time with my new family. I will enjoy learning about my new life.

I'll enjoy being with my mates, and exploring mate-hood with them, and raising our beautiful sparkling together.

And most of all?

I'm going to enjoy watching Ratchet keel over unconscious when I let him know I'm carrying twins. In fact, I think I'll make it a public announcement, after taking bets on who glitches and who doesn't. I wouldn't be surprised if my twins (my mates) join Ratchet, Ironhide and Prowl on the ground.

And that's not even the half of it! I plan to show the twins all the good pranks on Earth. I plan to prank everybot to the point of losing his or her sanity, and I plan to prove that when it comes to me or the twins... The twins are the lesser of two evils.

After all, I have a few bots on my hitlist, for various reasons. What kind of femme would I be if I didn't pay them back?


Note : I do not own 'OLOBA'. It's a wonderful fanfic that I found absurdly hilarious, done by an author whose full penname I cannot remember at the moment. If you haven't read it, check for it in my favorites. ;) Just a warning, do NOT eat or drink anything while reading it. It's ROFLMMFAOPMSL funny. XD

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