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Warning: yoai in future chapters (Geuss who)

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Chapter 1: This is, our final battle

Two figures stand in an open field, one with spikey blonde hair, his hair grown to his shoulders, his eyes shown the brightest blue ever seen and three scars on each side of his tanned face like whiskers. He wore the ANBU black outfit with his white chest armor and porceline mask that looked like a grinning fox hanging on the side of his belt. The other figure had ebony hair that seemed to be in the shape of a duck butt with matching eyes, with pale doll-like skin. He wore an old japanese style shirt that was opened enough to show his white chest with black pants and a purple rope around his waist.

"Naruto, been awhile" said the black haried figure to the other, any emotion completely devoid from his face.

"If you call 10 years awhile then yes, Sasuke, it has" said Naruto in a tone as emotionless as Sasuke's. Sasuke raised an eyebrow in confusion of Naruto's voice.

"That it, no rant how your going to drag me back to the village or some nonsense like that?"Sasuke questioned.

"Actually, no, you pushed me away too far, youv'e become an S-Class missing nin, and nearly killed me. I am here right now because my mission, is to kill you and be sure to rid any part of you as to not have the sharingan stolen." Naruto answered, absolutely no emotion in his voice or on his face.

"Well, you can damn-well try, but the village needs to pay for what they did, for turning my own brother into a traitor making me hate him for so long" Sasuke retorted.

"And to get that revenge you too turned traitor, and so, this will be our last battle, neither of us shall walk away until the other is dead" Naruto began to draw his katana as he spoke, not long after Sasuke followed suit.

"Agreed, we shall end this pointless rivalry" he said. Each with their katana out pointed them towards eachother and posed their battle stances

(Not good with long fighting scenes but each are pretty beaten up and lost their katana's, Naruto is now using the Kyuubi's chakra because he was running low on chakra and Sasuke in his second stage, Itachi didnt remove the curse in there fight because I need it for later so he still has it.)

"So I see you are still relying on that demons power, pathetic" Sasuke sneered.

"What about you and using the snakes demented power, I am able to control my demonic power but what about you" Naruto retorted.

=Control, more like borrow the power from me=
shouted a voice inside Naruto's head.

'Shut up Kyuu, you cannot destract me from this fight' Naruto shouted back

=What ever, you better not die on me kit=

"Well, this almost seems familiar"Sasuke said snapping out of his internal conversation, after processing what he said Naruto closed his eyes lowering his head.

"Like the Vally of the End" Naruto finished.

"Well, we both know what happens next then don't we" Sasuke asked. Naruto nodded and held out his hand, Sasuke did the same. In Naruto's hand was a tight little red ball instead of the blue one he had because of Kyuubi's chakra, in Sasuke's was what seemed to be a wad of lightning. Naruto looked up at Sasuke with his blood red slitted eyes, and Sasuke with his Sharingan he gained from defeating his brother, blood running down his eyes. They then darted towards eachother at a lightning speed, as if in slow motion their hands sht infront of them like a jab.

"RASANGAN""CHIDORI" they both shouted, and there two orbs of energy connected, a flash of light went off, before Naruto passed out, the last coherant image he saw was a spiky headed figure, he could faintly hear the figure yell.

"Sensei, who the hell are they!"

"I don't know, take them to the hospital quick" said an unknown voice, but was strangely familiar. Then, everything went black.


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