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Chapter 18: Surprises and Agreements, Whether You Wanted Them or Not

The celebration had begun once everyone set up the food (and alchohol provided by Kiba) Sasuke looked around to see familiar faces of the rookie nine minus the clingy duo of pink and platinum along with Lee and Tenten, Neji was on his way. He scowled at the red head who was currently talking to his blonde kitsune over by a wall. No he wasn't jealous, there was no way that the two would be that close, they were like brothers, right? Yeah brothers, that was it, though one of the brothers seems to be getting pretty close to the naive one.

Over with the two chatting jinchuuriki said naive (or so Sasuke says) kitsune unaware of the glares his raven lover was sending the red-headed tanuki. While the other was merely amused at the obvious jeleousy in his stares, he deserved it after all, he wasn't going to forgive him so easily after so long of his blonde headed soul brother being so, UN- Naruto like.

"So Gaara" Naruto's voice brought him out of his thoughts (Ways he can torture Sasuke). "Where are you staying while you are here" the blonde asked.

"Oh, I am staying with Lee" he answered, Naruto thought for a moment, then it clicked and he got a sly grin on his face.

"Aaahhh now I see" he commented, Gaara gave him a curious look, "So is there anyone special you got in mind" he asked.

"Um, no not really" he said curiously.

"You sure, anyone in your village or, her perhaps" he said still keeping the sly grin on his face.

"Naruto, what the hell is going on in your mind" he asked, Naruto sighed.

"Man, well Lee was telling me a little earlier today how there was someone that he fell for, since you two were living together at the moment, well you know how I jump to conclusions" Naruto explained, Gaara began to laugh.

"No Naruto, but I have seen Lee's lover around his house, I won't say who it is but it seems pretty official" Gaara said.

"Awwww" Naruto whined "you suck, why won't you tell me?" he asked.

"Well, you will see soon" Gaara said crypticly. Naruto just sighed and shrugged giving up, when Gaara keeps a secret death won't get it out of him. "So you and the Uchiha?" he began.

"Hehe" Naruto laughed nervously "yeah, never thought this day would come, it just felt so impossible to me."

"Are you sure you can trust him" Gaara asked.

"No" Naruto asked truthfully, "but he deserves a chance, I may grow to trust him again, but not now and he understands that" Naruto said sullenly.

"Do you want to trust him?"


"Has he made you happy, before and after he left the village?"

"He made my life better than I thought possible, when he left my heart tore but I decided to live if only to bring him back but I was never the same. When he told me he truly loved me and how hurt he was when he almost killed me, god I could have thrown out all the ramen I owned and vowed to never eat it again" he said with a small chuckle.

Gaara smiled genuinly, seeing the blonde so carefree warmed his heart, this was him, this was the Naruto that everyone loved and cherished. The one that made turned him from being the stoic mass murdering Jinchuuriki into someone who could care enough about others to protect his village as Kazekage.

"Naruto" the kitsune looked towards the red-head only to be pulled into his embrace, Naruto blinked. "Glad your back" he commented, Naruto smiled knowing what he meant and lazily laid his arm across his back.

"Where did I go" he said jokingly, though the heartwarming scene didn't last long for a seething raven pulled them apart. Naruto looked into the black, beginning to turn red, eyes of his raven haired boyfriend.

"Hope you don't mind but if I could just steal him from you" he said, not really looking for permission, Gaara glared but let him drag Naruto off. 'You make him go back to that again Uchiha be sure to know I won't just kill you, you will suffer until you wish for death' Gaara swore in his head. Naruto was being dragged through the crowd wondering why Sasuke had come in looking ready to kill Gaara.

"Sasuke?" he began but his thought was interupted abruptley when they entered the kitchen and Sasuke's lips crashed onto Naruto's. Naruto melted into the kiss and closed his eyes wrapping his arms around his neck while the raven wrapped his around his waist bringing their hips together. Naruto, feeling the action pulled away from the raven, Sasuke looked at the blonde confused.

"What's wrong Naruto?" he asked "is it something that Gaara said, I swear if he..."

"No" the blonde interupted "no it's not, well kind of yeah, he was asking me about you and me, he asked if I trusted you" he told him. "And the truth is I don't, I love you Sasuke, nothing will change that, and I know that I am a coward for it but, I just can't risk it. I need to be able to trust you before everything get's thrown in my face, I need to be sure this isn't a joke and you will..." at this point tears began running down his face, Sasuke knew what he meant 'He is afraid I will betray him and leave' he finished in his mind.

Sasuke walked up to the crying blonde and wrapped his arms around his shoulder's letting him cry for a little bit. As the blonde's sobs subsided he pushed him back a bit and began to clean his face of the tears he had just let fall and kissed his forehead.

"Naruto, it is alright, I don't even think I deserve the trust you have offered me or the chance that you given me. If you think we should wait then so be it, you don't deserve to be hurt anymore than you already have" he soothed.

"Thank's Sasuke" Naruto whispered. When Sasuke was about to lean in for another kiss they heard yelling, they rushed out and saw what they hoped they wouldn't see. A head of pink hair turned to reveal green eyes, then there was a sickenly sweet smile that came onto her face and she ran up and jumped onto the raven being sure to press her chest up against him making him want to puke.

"Sasuke!" she yelled making his ears ring. "Oh Sasuke I just knew you would come back to me, you couldn't stay away from your one true love" she squeled happily. He tried his best to push her off but her grip was to tight around him, then what finally got her off was yet another nuisance.

"Hey bilboard brow, your obviously making him sick" she said, Sasuke almost thanked her until. "Can't you see he really want's to hug me" she said flinging herself onto him in the same fashion as the other did, Sasuke groaned and was ready to fling her off of him until someone beat him.

"Jeez, leave him alone" said another femanine voice, Sasuke almost prepared for another persons weight on him until he saw who it was. There standing infront of him, holding Ino's pony tail was the chinese girl with her brown hair in two buns with an annoyed look on her face. "Neither of you have a chance in the deepest part of hell with Sasuke" Tenten announced, both glared at her.

"So, what do you think you do, yeah right like you could be with him" Sakura said mockingly.

"No" she said, Sakura and Ino were about to smirk in triumph until she continued. "I have someone better than Sasuke, no offense" she added, Sasuke just shrugged with a "none taken".

"WHAT!" they both screached, "no one is better than Sasuke-kun, your just jealous that your guy can't possibly be better than Sasuke and that no one but either me or Ino have a chance with him!" Sakura yelled, Sasuke was about to defend her until Tenten began speaking.

"For your information, only one person is good enough for Sasuke" then she reached over to Naruto and put her arm around his shoulder. "And it is none other than Konoha's #1 unpredictable ninja" she said with a bright smile on her face while Naruto blushed slightly. Sakura and Ino stared at the blonde for a moment and then burst out laughing, Sasuke looked at them with a glare.

"Haha, yeah right, don't lump Sasuke-kun with that demon fag" Ino said venomously between histerical laughter. Sasuke was about to say something until he thought for a second, he gave a smirk and walked up to Naruto who looked deflated from the girls comments. As he did so the two girls watched waiting for what they thought would be him beating Naruto up. What they didn't expect was Sasuke placing his lips on top of the Kitsune's giving the girls a godsmacked look, Sasuke smirked in the kiss at the horror stricken looks then pulled away leaving a cutely flushed Naruto.

"The day I see this face as that of a demon and go to either of you is the day I jump off Hokage tower" he said smirk still in place. The girls look of horror turned into looks of rage towards the blonde.

"You, you did something to Sasuke didn't you" Ino asked accusingly.

"You must have made Orochimaru make him love you with one of his forbidden jutsu's, you fucking demon" Sakura growled. Sasuke sighed closing his eyes, his plan didn't work as well as it did with the other girls, he decided he had enough of their denial, he opened his eyes revealing his sharingan. The girls gasped then slowly fell to the ground as their eyes rolled to the back of their lids, everyone in the room looked at the girls then at Sasuke with the same question in all of them.

"I just gave them a little something to sleep on" he informed. They all gave him a nod not wanting to know what they were seeing (some hoped it was perverted). With the party mood ruined everyone decided to leave while two of them dragged the unconcious bodies out. Naruto caught sight of Lee and ran towards him.

"Lee!" he called out "You never told me who it was you were with" he informed.

"Oh yeah, well he isn't..." Lee was interupted when someone came up from behind and wrapped their arms around Lee's shoulders.

"So what happened here, I finally get to coming by and Sakura and Ino are being dragged out" said a voice. Naruto looked to see pale eyes looking at him, Naruto gave a small gasp.

"Neji? Really?" he asked, both men nodded in answer "how did that happen?" he asked.

"Well, it kinda started a year ago, we begun to hang out more what with Sakura turning into a bitch and all giving Lee more free time. It started out with us sparing then we went on small dates and it just evolved, we didn't come out until a little while after you left on your mission" Neji explained.

"I am sorry Naruto, we were going to wait until you arrived first but Tenten and Hinata found us out one day" Lee added, Naruto smiled.

"It's alright Lee, well I hope you are happy, see you later" he waved off, Lee and Neji said their goodbyes and left. Naruto and Sasuke then begun cleaning all the trash from the party, thankful they didn't actually drink anything, when they were finished they layed on the couch and watched TV. Naruto then turned to Sasuke remembering the incident at the party.

"So what did you make them see Sasuke" he asked, Sasuke smiled and leaned in for a kiss.

"Just how much I trully love you" he said with a knowing smirk, Naruto could pretty much guess and let sleep take him over. 'And a dream that has been reacuring' he thought before he too fell asleep.

Meanwhile, in Sakura and Ino's mind's (Slight Lemon ahead)

They watched, unable to close their eyes or turn away as the two sweaty figures rubbed against eachother. They could hear the erotic moans that escaped the two men lying only a few meters away.

"Ahh, Sasuke, please, stop teasing me" the blonde figure begged, the raven haired figure smiled and complied. The audience gave disgusted sounds at the sight wishing they could run away from it. "Ahh, nngg, yes, Sasuke, right there."

"Naruto, your so tight."

"NOOOOOOOOO" came their duel screams, in Sasuke's sleep he smirked in triumph, 'With that out of the way all that is left is for a little surprise of my own' he thought.

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