After School Special

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Prologue/What You Need to Know

This story is set in junior year 2010-2011.

Quinn & Rachel and Brittany & Santana are both in established relationships.

Sue is Brittany's mom and has a girlfriend named Emily.

Shelby is and has been involved in Rachel's life, since she was born.

Sue and Brittany are friends with the Berry family.

Jesse and Rachel are best friends; they never dated

Quinn was never pregnant.

Brittany, Quinn, Rachel, and Santana are friends.

Will and Shelby have been dating since Hell-O and now live together.

This story is going to deal with sexual abuse.

APRIL 2020

Yes, it was definitely strange to think of something positive coming out of the incident, that happened about ten years ago, Rachel thought. She was sitting in the Guidance Councilor's office, of a high school in upstate New York; waiting to talk to the students about the signs and what to do if they are placed in the situation.

Eight years after graduating high school, Rachel's life was in a pretty good place. She was in a very happy successful relationship, with Quinn Fabray. She was working on Broadway, and had just been nominated for her second Tony Award. It took some time but, Rachel was finally comfortable enough to talk about what happened to her while she was in high school. She still was uneasy about it, but the idea of being able to prevent it from happening to other young students was enough to make her want to open up, even if it was only a little bit.

Rachel was happy with where her life was right now. However, if you asked her that, two years ago; she could say without a doubt, that she was happy, but nowhere near as happy as she was now. She used her speeches as sort of a public form of therapy. It made her sleep better at night, knowing that she was doing something good with her fame, as opposed to just living in her own bubble and ignoring everything else around her until something dramatic happened. She never understood how famous people or people with boat loads of money, could live their lives without a care in the world, but then the second something happens like a natural disaster or some other charitable cause they suddenly become very generous. Her belief in life was that if you were lucky enough to have this lifestyle, you should be generous to those less fortunate than yourself. So, if talking to high school kids was something that she could do; she would do it, even if it opened up old wounds.

Talking to these kids was not, Rachel's only way with dealing with her past; she also had Quinn. Whenever she thought about Quinn, Rachel would get this ridiculously goofy smile on her face, which she could not get rid of no matter how hard she tried. Quinn was with Rachel through everything; she saw Rachel at her best, but more importantly she saw Rachel at her worst, and saw how she came out of that; a better person

Rachel was smiling as she thought about her life when her thoughts were interrupted.

"Mrs. Fabray, we are ready for you," Rachel looked up at the principal; nodded her head. She stood up, and followed the principal to the auditorium, for her speech.

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