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Olivia Benson sighed and grabbed her jacket. It was a cold winter, and they had to drive three hours, and the new report had just stated a snowstorm warning.

"Ready?" Elliot asked. Olivia nodded and followed after him into the car. She shivered slightly. It was cold, and her jacket wasn't necessarily heavy enough. Elliot looked at her worriedly.

"You warm enough?" he asked. Olivia nodded. "That jacket doesn't look warm enough." Olivia rolled her eyes.

"I'll be fine." She slid into the front passenger seat. Elliot turned on the vehicle, and turned the heat up. They began to long drive.

"Freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall expected," said the weather man on the radio. Olivia listened as the man forecaster rambled on about the expected blizzard.

"Hope we get there before this storm," Elliot noted.

Olivia leaned back against the seat and nodded. She tried to stifle a yawn. Unfortunately, she failed. Elliot chuckled. "Shut up, I'm tired," Olivia said. Her partner smirked. Olivia closed her eyes and rested her head against the headrest.

Ten minutes later, Elliot looked at her. She was sound asleep. He smiled. She looked adorable, with her mouth slightly open as she slept. He made a mental note not to tell her his thoughts. He didn't want to risk his life by calling her adorable.

Elliot squinted to see through the windshield. He turned the wipers on. "Damn snow," he mumbled softly. The windows were beginning to frost, and the thermometer on the car read ten degrees. He turned the heat up slightly.

They had two hours and thirty minutes left to drive in the cold weather. He pulled into a Starbucks and quietly ordered two coffees. Olivia shivered slightly at the cold air, but didn't wake.

Five minutes later, Olivia had woken up and was sleepily sipping at her coffee. "How far?" she asked. Elliot snickered.

"What?" Olivia demanded.

"You sound like my kids when we go vacation," he teased. Olivia rolled her eyes and took a large drink of her steaming hot beverage.

"You're comparing me to your kids?" she asked. Elliot smiled.

"Yep," he taunted. Olivia rolled her eyes again. Unable to fall asleep again, she was quiet for the next twenty minutes.

"It's snowing harder," she noted. Elliot frowned when he realized the truth of her words. He shrugged.

"Don't worry," he said.

"I'm not worried." Olivia fingered the buttons on her jacket in boredom. "I just wonder why the hell we have to make this three hour car drive in this weather." She waved her hand at the window, gesturing to the falling snow.

"They called us," Elliot said simply.

"This is gonna be the worst snowstorm we've had in years," Olivia pointed. She peered at the thermometer. "It's eight degrees out already. And it's getting later. It's only gonna get colder."

Elliot cursed under his breath when a large truck nearly rear-ended them. "Roads are getting slick," he said.

Thirty minutes later, there was the sound of tires skidding and a horn honking. Olivia opened her mouth, but there was the unmistakeable sound of metal against metal, and everything went black.

Elliot was the first to open his eyes. He blinked. Memories began to come flooding back to him. They had been struck by a semi. The windshield was cracked, and through the heavy snow on it, Elliot could see the smashed hood. His eyes traveled to his left.

"Liv?" he called, putting his hand on her shoulder and shaking it gently. No answer. "Liv!" He checked for a pulse, heaving a huge sigh of relief when he found it.

Olivia's shirt had a small blood stain on the lower right side. "Come on, Liv, wake up," Elliot begged. He smoothed her hair back. "Liv," he said softly.

Olivia flinched slightly. Her eyelids flickered open. Elliot sighed in relief. "What happened?" Olivia groaned, wincing slightly.

"A semi hit us," Elliot said. "Are you alright?" Olivia sat up straighter and put her hand to her side.

"My side hurts," she grunted. Elliot helped her unbuckle her seat belt.

Elliot pulled out his cell phone. He groaned when he saw that it was broken in half. "Is your phone broken, too?"

Olivia dug hers out to find it broken as well. Their radio was shattered. They had no way to call for help.

"How are we going to-" she trailed off.

"I don't know," Elliot sighed. He looked at the car heater, to find it broken. The car had cooled down a good deal.

"We're gonna freeze," Olivia sighed.

"I think there's a blanket in the back," he said. He peered into the backseat and climbed into it. "We'll have to share it."

Olivia rose her eyebrows. She decided she'd rather have to be curled under a shared blanket than freeze to death. Elliot helped her into the backseat. He gently touched her side. Olivia flinched slightly.

"Can I look at that?" he asked. Olivia shook her head.


Elliot sighed. "Please?"

"Fine," Olivia mumbled. She allowed Elliot to roll up her shirt and jacket enough to look at her wound. He cringed slightly. "What?"

"It looks pretty deep," Elliot said softly. He rolled Olivia's shirt back down. "Just keep pressure on it. Hopefully somebody called for help."

Olivia put her hands on her side and pressed down. It caused the injury to burn, but she knew how important it was to apply as much pressure as she could to control the bleeding.

Elliot draped the blanket around her shoulders. It was just big enough for both of them to be wrapped in, their shoulders resting against each other's.

They sat in silence and waited. Ten minutes went to twenty, twenty went to forty five, forty five rolled into an hour. Olivia was still slowly bleeding. It had slowed since it had happened, but was not near stopping.

Their car was hidden from view, in a ditch. The temperature was slowly sinking. Help could take hours.

This story should be around 5 chapters long. Don't hurt me!