Rating: NC17

Warnings: Eventual Sam/Dean, Non Con, Rape, Prostitution, Angst,

Sam and Dean aren't brothers in this …*blinks*…that's a first for me!

Summary: Dean hunts the Supernatural, Sam survives on the street…then their worlds collide.

Chapter 1

He couldn't stop smiling and he was so excited as he saw the light of the candles when his mom carried out the brightly decorated cake. There were ten candles on the cake and as his mom got closer his brother and sister, one on either side of him started singing Happy Birthday loudly and very badly out of key. He didn't care and in fact started laughing harder when his parents joined in as the glowing cake was placed in front of him.

"Here, you can cut the cake with this and then it's yours to keep. It's just like mine Sammy, 'cept it's got your name." His older brother handed him a shiny pocketknife, a grin plastered on his face.

"Really?" His eyes opened in awe as he looked up at the taller boy. "Thanks Jacob, wow."

In his excitement as he moved to make a wish, his finger grazed a candle and red wax spilt over his hand. The shock against his skin made him cry out and jerk his hand back and into another flame, burning the skin on the back of his hand.

"Ssshhh baby, it's okay." His mother kissed the back of his hand and then his forehead before she drew him in for a hug and whispered in his ear. "Love on my lips fixes everything remember."

He giggled at her words as they brought back memories of skinned knees and bruises that were always soothed this way. Soft hand across his forehead and something cold on the burn, fingers cupping his face and wiping the tears away.

He's pretty sure this is the last time he remembers happy and safe. Definitely the last time he remembered being kissed with so much love.

Time might heal all wounds and dull the pain but sometimes it seems to sharpen the memory of what we miss most.


Sam ignores the concrete biting into his knees, even as the coldness seeps through his thin jeans and the ache spreads up his thighs. His hands move rough and firm, kneading and rubbing the flesh in his hands in time with the cock thrusting in and out of his mouth. The man standing over him grabs his hair harder and pushes his face almost flush against his groin but Sam doesn't fight it.

The move is expected just like the hot cum that suddenly fills his mouth before he swallows it down, cheeks hollowing out as he sucks the last drops. With a final grunt the cock is pulled from his mouth and Sam sits back on his haunches waiting, watching. This is the part he is wary about, sometimes they just leave but sometimes they want to rough him up, feel him. Hurt him.

"Stand up."

Sam stood, head slightly tilted to the side, eyes diverted as he wipes a hand across his mouth. He knows its best to just wait, keep his mouth shut until he works out their game.

A hand on his soft cock, pressing down through the denim and another one feeling up under his t-shirt. "Wanna fuck you next time. How much?"

He leaned seductively into the touch, playing the game, moaning a little as he rubbed against the contact. "Eighty. One fifty if you want half an hour or want it rough. I don't kiss."

"Yeah, yeah one fifty. You know the Motor Palms Hotel, Chapel Street?"


"Room sixteen at ten tomorrow night. If you play nice I might keep you for an hour."

Sam nodded, nostrils flaring as the hand squeezed his nipple hard, fingernails pressing into his flesh. "We'll see how good you are at this." The man watched Sam's face tighten as he pulled viciously on the hardened nub and smiled when the boy made no sound.

Breathing hard, Sam leaned back against the building that ran along the alley and watched as the man walked off.

He hadn't seen this guy around before but tricks came and went and he didn't waste too much thought on it. If he could manage to earn three hundred in an hour it would be worth it but there was always a catch, and it would be just his luck if this was some sick fucker or worse if the jerk changed his mind.

Sam started walking back along the alley and out onto the main street, head down and hands in his pockets as he wondered how Emmett was doing. He knew it was after three am, most clubs had shut along the main strip and those people that were around were too drunk or already hooked up, neither much use to him. The kid should be back at the Pitt before him but just like always he wouldn't relax until he saw him with his own eyes.

Next block along he turned into a laneway and then cut across a grass verge lined with rubbish bins from the adjacent tenements before turning another corner onto Pitting Road. Home.

It was a lot darker here, a lot more isolated, mainly due to the fact that half of the buildings up this end of the road were vacant, partially destroyed or in disrepair. It still amazed him that the difference between the bright clean lights and the forgotten slums of the town was a ten minute walk. Dirty secrets hidden in plain sight because those that didn't want to see, didn't really look too hard.

He walked to a single storey building but bypassed the boarded up front door and windows, instead walking a well worn path to the rear of the dwelling. Pushing aside the rotting flyscreen door that had long ago outlived its purpose, he turned the doorknob of the wood paneled door and lifted it up at the same time to minimise the harsh scrape against the floor.

Giving his eyes a second to adjust to the dusty darkness that always seemed suffocating after coming in from the night air Sam tilted his head and listened. The muffled sounds and soft voices told him all was normal, as normal as it got he reminded himself as he passed two girls sitting cross legged on the floor sharing a joint.

"Hey Crystal." He watched as the girl lifted her head and squinted her eyes, all slow movements and pinprick pupils.

"Hey baby, wanna sit with us? This here's Kandy with a K." She giggled. "S'my new best friend. Kandy this is Sam."

"Hi Sammy, here have a drag, we won't bite ya."

"It's Sam. Nah, I'm beat. Crystal you seen Emmett?"

"Yeah your boy's already home, probably asleep by now. Don't mind him Kandy honey, Sam doesn't do the drug thing. He's gonna get himself outta here one day."

"Huh well that'll be a first if he's still breathing." Kandy inahaled deeply. "I'm pretty sure the only way out of here is in a body bag."

Both girls collapsed in a fit of laughter but he understood. Crystal had been here as long as he had but most of her cash went towards her next hit, her coping mechanism. He hated the fact that she was killing herself but he didn't blame her. She wouldn't be the first person he found dead one day, this kind of life killed you young. Killed you hard.

Sam kept moving through the house, avoiding eyes and rooms, blocking out the sounds as he continued to the bedroom on the far side. His room, their room. He stood in the doorway and could barely make out the crumpled shape on the floor as he shucked his t-shirt and shoes and socks off and walked over. He always slept in jeans, it was harder to get raped while you slept, gave you half a chance at least.

Sitting down cross legged he stretched his neck back and sighed as he tried to let the tension and fears go for another night, another day they had survived. It was getting harder to find the strength to keep doing this but he knew he had to, for Emmett's sake.


The voice in the darkness so young and always so unsure, and Sam closed his eyes against the tears that sprung up unbidden and unwanted behind his eyelids. He couldn't afford to cry, it didn't change anything, didn't make this go away.

"Yeah Emm just me. You okay?"

A pause. "Yeah."

"What is it, what's wrong?" Sam moved closer to the boy beside him, placing a hand on his shoulder. "Emmett?"

"Someone was killed, over on Maple and you sometimes …and…I thought…I didn't know…"

Sam felt the tremble under his hand and heard the sobs, knew the kid wouldn't ask for comfort. He was only fourteen but stubborn, strong. Just a fucking kid for God's sake.

'S'okay wasn't me. C'mere." Sam pulled the boy over into his arms, let his head rest against his chest. He kissed the boy's forehead, trying to ignore the ache in his own heart. "Remember Emm, I'm gonna look after you, make sure you get home soon."

"And…and I'm gonna look after you Sam."

"Yeah kiddo, I know. Go to sleep." Sam wrapped both arms around the boy on his chest, the only reason he pushed himself to keep going. "I've gotcha now, go to sleep."