it was a noisy after noon, the Z warriors prepare for the Cell games. Vegeta wanted to test his new ability on Goku, but the two were interrupted by the call for lunch.

Bulma and Chichi sat starring at the amount of food the two sayains were eating. of course Vegeta had to finish his fod before Goku

" Kakarott tell your woman to bring more" he harshly said. Goku looked up from his plate then to his wife

" Hey chichi will you please make more?" he asked politly, Chichi got up from her seat from the table.

" of course Goku dear" she said "and your so polite un like some men" she glared at Vegeta. she was glad Gohan was taking the time to study and wasn't in the kitchen listening to Goku and growled.

" you know vegeta " Bulma started to talk " you should be nice to Chichi"

" Why should I?" he asked " Why should I the Princeof Sayain be nice to Kakaraott's Harpy mate?" Bulma and Goku looked at the sayain prince, they wished he never insulted Chichi for the frose in fear

" what are you looking at?" the prince asked, a knife came slamming down next to him almost slicing his had, looking Behind Chichi had a plate and she was smiling

" Vegeta " she started, she placed the plat in front of him " I don't like name calling in my house" she withdrew the knife going back to the stove to prepare more. Goku and Bulma sighed with relief. Vegeta seem unaware of what he's getting himself into, he picked up his fork

" Bulma you can learn from some one who knows how to respect a prince" he popped a piece of meat into his mouth. That did, before any one could blink Chichi was standing next to Vegeta, she slammed her hand down on the table. Vegeta glared up at her

" Listen you" she started " I just about had enough of you aditude, my name is Chichi and I wil not let rude people like you boss me around" she told him

" so" Vegeta said, Chichi's other hand clenched into a fist

" and another thing, I"M A PRINCESS AS WELL " she shouted, this cause Vegeta to cough the food in his mouth, she some how manage to power up, red Aura surrounded her, she lifted the prince by the shirt

" NOW GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!" she threw vegeta at the door, his body breaking the door he ended up crashing into five trees.

Ever since that day Vegeta learned to keep his mouth shut around Goku's wife


As you can see I've all ways wanted to do a Chichi Vs Vegeta and of couse Chichi would win