She went to him later, apologetic and slightly ashamed of her outburst. It wasn't his fault- well, it was, but it's not like he was doing it on purpose. Necessarily.

He pressed gently for a reason. Missing the mischief in his eyes, she carelessly blamed it on hormones.

Even as the smirk rose on his lips she knew she shouldn't have said that. So what if it was partially true? He didn't need to know that! She flushed. He chuckled.

The soft sound triggered something, and she suddenly wanted to kiss him. The new sensation of touch was still so recent, that innocent touches had been all they'd shared. Now, her endocrine system was sending clear messages to her body. She knew what she wanted. And for once, she wasn't scared.

Turning the tables on him, she initiated the first non-violent contact on her part since they'd begun this wild dance that was their relationship. Pressing her hand against his chest, she tilted her head and looked up at him, a smirk of her own forming at his confused expression.

Without a hint of hesitation, she reached up and brushed his hair from his captivating red and black eyes. Her hand skimmed down his cheekbone and came to rest on his jaw.

"Ah'm gonna kiss ya," she informed him.

Shock and pleasure in his face sent a warm feeling through her.

His lips on hers set her on fire.

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