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Scratch Scratch Scratch!

"What the hell?" Opening the door to his bedroom, the navy haired samurai saw an empty hall. "Che. Must be hearing things." He closed the door and turned around, only to see a ball of something fuzzy and white on his dark blue pillow.

"Stupid cat. Forgot I had it," he muttered under his breath. "Oi! Get off my bed!" He yelled. He walked over to the bed and crossed his arms.

"Oi! Get off!" The cat did not move. Growling, Kanda picked the fur ball up be the scruff of it's neck.

"Mrow!" The kitty was not amused. He glared at the human before him. Why'd he have to pick me up? I was happily content on the bed. He better not expect me to sleep on the cold couch! Even though it's comfy, it's so cold! It's like it sucks all the warmth from your body! I hate it! I wanna sleep here! I wonder what my master would do if I ripped it up? Or set it on fire? Hmmm. What about...

Meanwhile, while the kitty was thinking of ways to kill the evil, evil couch, his new owner was glaring at him. Why the hell did I take this cat in, anyway? Is it laughing? I don't think it's sane. Great. Just what I need. An insane cat.

"Oi cat! What the hell is wrong with you?" Said cat, suddenly shook his head and started staring at Kanda adorably. "There is no way your sleeping on my bed. How did you even get up there? There is no way you could've jumped. That's too far for a kitten." The cat's chest puffed up with pride and he gave a loud "Nya~!"

"Che. Baka. Now, out you go!" Kanda threw the little kitten out the door and slammed it shut. Loud wailing could be heard not a second later. "Stupid neko." With that said, Kanda slipped under the covers of his bed. Closing his eyes, he ignored the wailing feline.

Or tried to. Fifteen minutes later, the kitten would not stop it's obsessive noise. Kanda was about to pop from anger. His pillow was covering his ears and his eyes were squinted shut, almost painfully.

How can a kitten so small, be so loud with it's little lungs? God dammit! Shut up! Imma fucking kill you!

"Shut up, you damn cat!" He threw his pillow at the door. That seemed to shut it up. Kanda sighed in relief and plopped back down on the bed. He didn't even bother getting his pillow back. Then the meowing started again. But somehow it got louder.

"What the hell?" He shot up from his bed and slammed the door open, again. He looked down this time and saw nothing. "Damn cat." Closing the door, he stalked back to the bed, only to stop dead. The fluff ball was once again in his bed.

"WHAT THE FUCKING HELL? You stupid cat! Get off, already! How the hell do you keep getting up there, anyway? No normal kitten can jump that high!" Apparently this cat could. The pissed off samurai picked up the kitten, opened his closet door, and plopped the cat in a pile of blankets.

"Now sleep there!" Shutting the door, he walked bad to bed and finally fell asleep. Only to be awoken five minutes later. What woke him sounded awfully like purring. And It was very close too. Groaning, he rolled over. And couldn't breath. He sat up, coughing, and looked to see what the hell it was.

Of course, there was the kitten, purring happily on his pillow. Kanda raised an eyebrow and picked the kitten up. He dumped him on the ground and stared at him. Kitty stared back, blinking occasionally. Finally, the small feline got bored and crouched down. His little butt wiggling high in the air. With a mighty leap, the kitten was on the bed. Mewing triumphantly, the little guy kneaded the fabric while turning in a circle. After about a minute of that, he settled down and went to sleep.

Meanwhile, Kanda just stared.

"...Whatever." With that, he plopped down next to the kitten and fell asleep.

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