Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Who friggin' gave me the friggin' idea to do a friggin' fanfic for this friggin' show? Friggin' Carl, that's friggin' who. Friggin' bitch.

"Hey Fryman, where is that friggin' Master Shake?" Carl asked as he placed his freakin' hands on his freaking hips firmly.

Frylock, who was working on a brand new computer since they needed extra computers in the household, turned around to see Carl. "Oh, he's just looking up porn again. Why?"

Carl then pointed at his red colored car, which was completely damaged. "Because when I get my hands on that drink, he's gonna-"

"I'm gonna what?" Master Shake interrupted as he popped right from under the ground, staring at Frylock for several seconds and turning back top face Carl. "I'm gonna what? Spill the beans, Swanna."

"Swanna? What the friggin' hell?" Carl exclaimed as he then jabbed Master Shake in the right eye, "You're gonna pay for what you did to my friggin' car, you fat prick!"

"Irony," Meatwad muttered quietly under his breath as he giggled, getting a disapproving look from Frylock, who simply shook his head.

Master Shake moaned in pain as he growled, tackling Carl to the ground. "You like rough housing, 'eh? I'll give you some of my rough housing!"

Frylock sighed as Master Shake started slapping Carl with his pink straw. He turned to Meatwad, asking him, "Want to go do something completely irrelevant to the plot?"

"Hell yeah, motherfucker!" Meatwad proclaimed with glee as he followed Frylock towards the western direction, with Master Shake getting slammed into the exterior wall of his house several times by Carl, who had the advantage of being a friggin' awesome, pissed off man in New Jersey.