That giant mallet of inspiration just won't leave me alone! Seriously, it's one hit after another! BAM! SLAM! SMACK! I only wish it would wait until weekend nights to hit me. I gotta sleep but I know that I won't until I type this. DARN TIMING MALLET! Ah well. It can't be helped. This is my first attempt at a series of Oneshots. Each story focuses on our fav characters and their "weak spots". Pure romance, no lemons, blahdy blahdy blah. You get the picture. Okay! Here goes! This first one is Holix (duh). Our first victim *cough* I mean star will be Six (duh again). Enjoy!

"Six? Six, are you in there?" Holiday knocked on the door that led to Six's room. Only hours before, Rex had been brought back to Providence base almost in pieces and Six had vanished. She knew that he was in the building somewhere! This was the last place she hadn't looked... "Six! Open the door!" No answer. "Six! Open the door or I'll have Rex break it down!" She heard footsteps approach the door.

"How is Rex's condition?" Six's emotionless voice drifted through the door.

Holiday felt hot anger well up in her chest. "He's fine now, no thanks to you! Seriously, Six! You just left him there on the bed! He kept asking for you once we stabled his condition! Where were you?"

There was a pause before Six answered. "I'm not trained in the medical field. I wouldn't have been an asset to his recovery."

"That's your excuse? Really, Six!" Holiday stepped back and folded her arms. She tapped her foot for a moment before breathing a sigh. She wouldn't get anything from Six by getting angrier. 'Okay, I'll try to calm down...' "Want to talk about it?"

There was the sound of movement inside, as if Six was going to get something, before the door opened up a crack. Slightly surprised by how easily he gave in, she stepped into Six's room. It was almost exactly as she had expected: Clean, crisp, and orderly. There was a desk next to his bed that was covered in neat piles of paperwork. His bed was perfectly made. All of his identical green suits were hanging in his closet. There were no posters, pictures, television, or radio.

Holiday turned her gaze on Six and her eyes widened slightly in surprise. There was something different about the green ninja... His hard-drawn face...there was a more softer undertone to it, as if he had been secretly expressing some form of emotion before she came in. Was there redness around his eyes? She couldn't tell because of those stupid glasses hiding everything!

Six was gazing back at Holiday with his unseen eyes through his shades. 'Why did I let her in here?' He asked himself. 'I don't need this right now!'

Yes, you do. An annoying voice spoke in the back of his head.

'Shut up...' Out loud, he said: "What do you want to talk about?" 'Idiot! Don't ask her that! She'll answer!'

Holiday put her hands on her hips and glared sternly at Six. "Why did you leave Rex after the mission?"

"I had to write a report."

"Right away? You know White won't ask for it until tomorrow. Besides..." Holiday reached into her pocket and waved a handful of papers triumphantly. "You don't have the paperwork with you!"


Tell her the truth!

'Go away!' "I..." Six was mentally smacking himself. He was always able to come up with lies on the fly during situations like these! Why was he drawing a blank now of all times? Why-

Holiday reached up and touched his cheek. She tilted her head curiously. 'There's something to this...something I'm not seeing...' "You can tell me, Six." She whispered, her anger gone. "Whatever it is, I won't think any less of you."

Six stared at her, dumbfounded. 'Does she really mean that?'

What have I been telling you, dummy?

'Shut up!' "Eh..." Six backed away and walked over by his desk. "I...felt...sick..." 'Will that be enough?'


" that all?" Holiday followed him and stood a little ways behind him.

Six was silent.

"Six, just tell me the-"

"I screwed up!" Six snapped, his voice cracking involuntarily. "I couldn't beat it! It threw me aside like a sack of laundry! turned on Rex...and..."

Holiday heard him take a deep, shuddering breath, as if he was trying to keep from crying. "Six..."

"I couldn't move. I could see...It just started tearing him apart... I couldn't do anything. That never happened before... I was always able to do something...protect him...somehow..." His shoulders were shaking, but he was still trying to keep his composure. 'Stay calm...stay calm...'

It's okay to cry!

'No it's not!' Even as he thought this, Six's eyes were starting to tear up. 'No...Stop!' He couldn't though. Salty water was streaming down his face as the memories of before crashed down upon him. Rex almost dying...useless...being completely worthless...

Holiday felt her heart grow warm. 'He does care... He really does care...' She moved close to him. Her attitude was different from how it normally was around him. She was so used to treating him like the stoic ninja he had made her believe him to be. Now...she was approaching a wounded soldier, one who needed to be healed. She placed a hand on his arm. "Why don't you sit down?"

Six didn't say anything but complied to Holiday's request. 'I'm already a weakling now... Who cares...?' His thoughts stopped as Holiday wrapped her arms around him and buried her face in his neck as she sat next to him.

"Rex doesn't blame you, Six. Neither do I. You did all you could."

"You're just saying that..." Six grumbled, turning away.

"No, I'm not!" Holiday replied firmly, looking up at Six's face. "I mean it. You are probably the greatest soldier I know, and not just because of your fancy katana-work!" Six cocked an eyebrow at this. "You are fighting for something you believe in. You are protecting someone who looks up to you. You are there for him when he needs you and you give him everything you have to give. No one can ask for more." She reached out and touched his cheek as she continued. "Most importantly, I know that there is a heart underneath that robotic act you put on. That's what Rex needs the most. That's what makes you different from any other agent here. You love Rex. You have been a father to him when he has had none. So you couldn't protect him from harm this time. Big deal! No one can keep another person completely free from harm all the time! I can guarantee that Rex wouldn't have lasted this long with anybody else."

Six's eyes were wide as they gazed at Holiday. 'Does she really believe that...?'

The doctor knows! Listen to the doc!

"I..." He felt a lump rising in his throat and found that he couldn't speak.

Holiday's gaze grew even softer at Six's loss for words. Slowly, cautiously, she reached up and pulled the shades from his tear-stained face. His dark eyes were ringed with red. They closed as the glasses came off, as if Six was ashamed of being so exposed. 'Don't be afraid, Six...' She reached up and began gently brushing stray tears from the aggro-ninja's face.

Six was losing himself in the feel of Holiday's soft hand on his cheek. Indescribable emotions welled up in his chest and more tears leaked from his eyes and ran down his face. 'Great...I'm becoming a human Niagara Falls!'

He was so defenseless... Holiday found herself leaning closer. She pulled Six's face to hers and lovingly caressed his wet cheeks. She leaned down and touched her lips soothingly to Six's closed eyelids.

That did it! Six could feel warm tingles erupting in his heart at that simple touch. His mind was wiped blank. His hands were moving up to embrace the sweet angel that held him.

What was it about a kiss on his weeping eyes that sent Six's heart flying? Maybe it was that his eyes were the most secluded part of him, and he was thrown off by the fact that Holiday had so easily penetrated that secret. Maybe it was because he was already drunk on uncharacteristic emotions. The most likely answer was how pure, innocent, comforting, and simple those two kisses were. Those kisses carried a message: "I will dry your tears. I will comfort you. You can trust me, always." Six wanted that. He wanted someone he could trust to comfort him, hold him, love him. He wanted to be able to show his emotions to someone who wouldn't lose respect for him. He wanted that. He wanted Holiday.

His hands traveled up her back in an almost fondling manner. Holiday wondered if she was dreaming. She had had no idea that such a simple action from her would provoke something like this from Six of all people. She felt his arms tightening around her, holding her close. She closed her eyes and smiled. This felt wonderful... And his advances didn't stop there! His hands left her back and moved up to caress her face. Her eyes opened ever so slightly and she found herself gazing into two glittering orbs of black.

Six gazed into Holiday's beautiful olive eyes. They were sparkling in the most...perfect way possible. He couldn't have turned back even if he wanted to. He leaned in and lightly brushed his lips against Holiday's. He watched her close her eyes in anticipation for a full kiss. He didn't give her one immediately. He wanted to test the waters first... There was still enough of his old mindset left to make him move just a little slower. He touched her lips once...twice...three times... He lost count of how many quick, soft kisses he planted on her lips before moving to the side, peppering her jawline, forehead, and the rest of her face with gentle, warm pecks.

Holiday felt her face growing warmer and warmer with each amorous touch. Was this really Six? Could this really be happening? 'Ask questions later!' She told herself firmly as she placed a hand on Six's lightly flushed cheek and guiding his lips back onto hers. This time, she took control, bringing a hand to the back of his neck and pressing him as close to her as was humanely possible. Six seemed stunned for a moment but began to return the kiss, moving his lips oh so slowly and gently. She loved it. She loved him!

A warm wave of sweet passion overtook Six and he tilted his head, allowing Holiday easier assess. His arms moved down again and wrapped snugly around her waist, pulling her close. He could feel her heart beating against his...

It was awhile before the comforting hearth-flames that had erupted between them began to calm. Slowly, reluctantly, they moved back from each other. Six pulled Holiday close and rested his head on top of hers. His hands continued to absentmindedly caress her.

Holiday snuggled close to Six and listened to the sound of his heart beating. "Six?"

"Hmmm?" Six murmured, moving down to affectionately nuzzle her cheek.

Holiday giggled quietly at the adorable gesture. "Why don't you talk to Rex tomorrow? I think he'd like to know that you actually do care about him."

"Alright..." Six's voice was slightly husky with lingering passion. "Just as long as we...keep this between us...for the time being."

Holiday sighed and closed her eyes. She could feel herself drifting off. "Okay..." She hardly remembered Six coaxing her into a lying down position and pulling the blankets over both of them before she fell fast asleep in his warm embrace.

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