*twitch* My mind has just been blown out of my skull. *twitch* Generator Rex has spawned a bigger Pedo than Van Kleiss. *shudders* After seeing this guy...Van Kleiss no longer scares me. I'm serious. I'm over my hatred of Van Pedo. He seems huggable now. Even with the claw. *trembles* I mean REALLY! What is it with older men going for poor Rexy? That caped guy was the definition of Pedoness! I'd say he is gay, but I have no wish to insult gay people. I'll just say he's...ridiculously flamboyant! Though...judging by how he kept touching Rex, he probably is gay anyway... Ahem, let us not think of Captain Perv. Let us think of a good boy for Rex: NOAH! In order to comfort Rex for his little...scarring encounter with the Caped Cougar, he's gonna be the focus this time. Enjoy! Takes place after this recent (bad) episode of GR!

"I feel like I'm covered in something weird and creepy." Rex said as soon as he and Noah ditched the others and sought solace in his bedroom. He shuddered and pulled off his jacket.

"Huh? What do you mean?" Noah tilted his head and blinked in confusion.

"I feel really odd tingles where that guy hugged me. I think I've been infected with some horrible disease." Rex shivered again before walking over to his bed and falling back on the mattress. "I may not live to see tomorrow, Noah. I pass on to you my music player and my TV." He groaned dramatically.

Noah chuckled as he walked over and sat down next to Rex. "Don't worry, Rex. I'm sure it'll pass." He frowned and turned away. "Wouldn't mind giving that jerk a piece of my mind myself..."

"Do I detect a hint of jealousy, Rubia?" Rex glanced at Noah out of the corner of his eye and felt a feeling of satisfaction at the blush that crept across the blonde's face. "Don't worry, mi amor. He's not my type." He reached up and playfully poked his friend's arm.

"Yeah?" Noah grinned down at Rex.

"No, Noah. I have a thing for older men who like to touch me at every opportunity. Don't forget about my lovely relationship with Van Kleiss." He grimaced as he said the name.

Noah scowled. "He's on my list too!"

Rex looked up and smirked slightly. "You're kinda cute when you frown like that."

"Oh...just...grrr..." Noah grumbled and turned away, pouting. 'I wasn't trying to look cute...'

Rex's smile widened and he sat up, hugging the blonde close and nuzzling his neck. "Come on... Let's see a smile, mi corazón." He purred into his ear.

Noah breathed a sigh and allowed a small smile to come to his face. "You know, we had Bobo pretty fooled back there?"

"Hm?" Rex mumbled, not moving away from Noah. "What do you mean?"

"How we both started flirting with those girls. I think he really bought it."

"Oh that!" Rex laughed quietly. "That was some pretty good improvising, I gotta admit." He traced the side of his best friend's neck with his finger. "How long has it been...since we've been alone like this?"

The husky tone of Rex's voice made Noah's heart do a backflip. "A-Awhile..." He mumbled. "The last extended stretch was that day in the woods..." His face flushed even deeper at the memory.

"Hm...I remember that..." Rex reached up and gently traced Noah's scar from his fall that had occurred on the said day and caused their little...moment. He nuzzled Noah's neck as the blonde's back stiffened at the contact of Rex's hand with his chest. He rested a gloved hand over his love's heart and smiled at the shy whimper that escaped Noah's lips. "What was that, Rubia? Could you speak up?"

"Oh...sh-shut up..." Noah tried and failed to sound irritated at Rex's teasing, his voice coming out as a slightly disgruntled whine.

Rex hugged him tighter. 'He's so cute!' "You'll have to make me shut up!" He challenged cheerfully.

Noah rolled his eyes and allowed his head to rest on top of Rex's. Despite his outward attitude, he actually felt close to bursting with pleasure. Rex was so warm...so comforting... Noah honestly felt that, if he could just sleep for one night snuggled up against the Latino Evo, it would be the best sleep he would ever have! However, there was another emotion he felt as he gazed down at that soft ebony hair: shame. Rex had taken the initiative to start their secret relationship that day in the woods. He was always the one to flash those flirtatious smiles whenever other people weren't looking. 'Why don't I ever do that?' He always just smiled back or submitted to Rex's affections. 'Why don't I ever try to do the same for Rex?' He felt Rex sigh into his shoulder. 'I wonder...' He cautiously reached out and took his friend's hand in his.

Rex responded to Noah's grip happily, bringing the blonde's hand up to kiss it.

Noah brought his head down and pecked Rex on the cheek. "Trying to be a gentleman now, huh?" He looked at Rex's hands. "Say, Rex? Why do you always wear these gloves?"

It was a simple act, slipping a finger between the fabric and the skin on Rex's wrist. It was purely innocent and without any types of intentions. Why then, was Rex suddenly becoming as stiff as a board?

Rex bit his lip as he felt the tip of Noah's finger trail across his palm as it removed his first glove. His skin felt as sensitive as if he had just pulled a huge bandage off of it. He felt Noah move onto his other glove. He scrunched his eyes shut as that soft finger grazed his wrist, sending glorious tingles down his spine. "N-Noah..." He whined pitifully as his love's fingertip tickled his skin yet again.

Noah's eyes widened in surprise. 'Hm?' He looked at Rex's blushing face, then at his ungloved hands. The blonde was smart. It didn't take long to put two and two together. Keeping half an eye on Rex's reaction, he brought the tan hand to his lips and kissed it.

With a strange combination between a gasp and a moan, Rex pushed Noah down into the mattress, kissing him with an excited passion. He placed one hypersensitive hand on Noah's chest, feeling the soft fabric of his tee shirt. The other, he weaved through Noah's silky hair and pressed against the back of his flushed neck. He moaned with pleasure as he allowed his lips to part, his hands feeling every intimate detail about their position. He heard Noah whimper blissfully as he tenderly began to move his hand in slow circles across his gray-eyed angel's chest.

Eventually, after several minutes, Noah felt Rex slow down. His tongue moved very lightly across his parted lips, asking for entrance. Noah responded, brushing Rex's tongue with his own. It felt like ages before they finally parted. "I love you, Duende." He sighed, leaning back into the blankets and gazing up into those beautiful mahogany orbs.

Rex felt his heart melt as he leaned down and gave Noah a loving kiss on the neck. "I love you too, mi alma gemela."

"What's that mean?"

"My soul mate." Noah's eyes widened and he began to stutter incoherently. Rex placed a finger on his lips. "Shhh..." He breathed soothingly. "No words are needed, mi amor." He felt Noah kiss his hand and broke off with a gasp.

Noah wrapped his hand around Rex's wrist and brought the back of his hand to his lips. "Te amo, mi alma gemela." He murmured, making sure his lips brushed that tan skin with every word.

"Mi querido..." Rex moaned, allowing himself to move down to kiss Noah once more.

More words were spoken. What they were don't matter. They all meant the same thing to both teens.


Hope that wasn't cruddy. I've had a rough week and I'm tired out of my mind right now. Just a few things to point out: Yes, soda CAN expire! The episode wasn't lying! I speak from experience. My aunt keeps sodas out in the garage and one time I had one that must have been there for years. I don't know how Rex drank that junk! Expired soda tastes like a combination of Diet Coke, chemicals, and bad tap water! Another thing to point out: Noah is SUCH AN AWESOME UKE! Had to be said. He's totally the girl here. I also love his hair. Don't you? It's so fluffy! Despite this probably being the worst GR episode ever made, it had its moments... And it got me over my fear of Kleiss! I swear, if trapped in a room with Kleiss and Captain Perv, I'd hide behind Kleiss immediately. Okay, translation time. Mi corazon means "my heart", mi querido means "my sweetheart", rubia means "blonde" (I thought it would be a cute nickname for Rex to give Noah), and duende means "brownie" (again, cute nickname). Please review! Flames burn the Caped Cougar. Hasta la pasta! ^_^