(This is a Link & Malon story. Its base off the fanfic Heaven in a Wildflower by IchigoTheStray. I fell in love his/her's story so I thought I'm gonna write a fanfic base off it. It's not the same as his/hers but its close. The only part that's the same is that Malon goes with link to find the sages and she wakes with as a grown up like Link and some of the lines mite be the same only because he/she was so good at the lines in the game and how the temples looked but that's it hehe, this story is (((RATED M - do to Sexual Themes, Language and Violence!))) Oh and last I don't own the Legend of Zelda. DONT LIKE IT DONT READ IT!)

The Legend of Link & Malon

Chapter: 1

A Child's soul in an Adult's body

Malon was holding two giant jugs of milk in each of her small arms, since she had to bring them to Castle town on her own. Normality her father Talon would bring the milk to Castle Town but he was nowhere to be found like always, and Ingo was way too busy on the ranch to bring them to town himself, so it was up to Malon to bring them by herself. She ran across Hyrule field as fast as she could. Malon didn't want to get locked out of Castle Town at night, since the Stalchildren would come out and attack her if she stayed in the field at night. Malon stopped and saw that it was starting to rain and that it was very cloudy, she stopped by a sign that said Castle Town. She put down both of the jugs of milk only to see Link. 'Fairy boy?' she thought as she hid behind the sign only to also see and black stallion With red eyes and full of armor, and there was a Gerudo man sitting on the stallion talking to Link. Malon could feel something evil about him and she didn't like it not one bit. The Gerudo man started to laugh at Link for drawing his sword at him and getting ready to fight. The Gerudo man pulled back his arm and cast a ball of darkness at Link. The ball of darkness that struck Link in the chest and crackled through him like lightning and knocked him off his feet making him scream in pain. Malon covered her eyes in horror, hoping that Link would be okay, but she couldn't get to him until the Gerudo man left. She peek her eyes open again to see the Gerudo man riding his black stallion pasted her. Malon picked up her jugs of milk, and ran over to Link who was sitting up and rubbing his head. "Fairy boy!" she yelled. Malon dropped to her knees next to Link and she put the two milk jugs down again. "Are you okay? And who was that mean Gerudo man why did he attack you just now?" she asked looking very worried for him.

Link shook his head then looked over at Malon. "I'm fine, and the Gerudo man his name was Ganondorf he was after the princess Zelda but I had to try to stop him but…" Link looked down at his knees and then punched the ground with his fist. "I was too weak to stop him!" Link had a tear run down his cheek as he closed her eyes tight.

Malon put her hand on Link's shoulder and gave him a sad look. "It's okay fairy boy. I think you did a good job to a big Meany like him." She said trying to make Link feel better and maybe to get a smile out of him.

"I guess your right…Wait! Zelda threw something in the bank of the river." Link got up and walked over to the moat to look for whatever it was; Link didn't get a good look at it. Both Link and Malon ran up and the down the side of the river bank but shouldn't find it.

"It's over here!" Navi yelled and bouncing up and down in excitement, Both Link and Malon ran over to her and looked down in the moat. "See there it is, hmm I wonder what it is." Navi asked Link.

"I'll get it wait here" Link was getting ready to jump in until Malon grabbed him by his arm and shook her head. "No your hurt you shouldn't get it yet!" She cried. But Link didn't listen; he freed his arm and jumped into the moat head first to get it. Malon watched Link closely to make sure he's okay. "I wonder how his hat can stay on in the water like that or even if it's very windy." she said to Navi with a smile. Link came back up holding the Ocarina of Time in his hand.

"I saw Zelda in a dream she played a song for me then I played it too. She told me to go to the Temple of Time and play this song there." Link explained.

Malon's eyes went wide once Link said Zelda's name. "Awe you and Zelda became closer after you meet her." She smiled. Malon knew Link meet the princess when she was looking for dad that day, and gave Link a Cucco egg to help him wake up her dad at the castle.

Link blushed from that since he did have a crush on Zelda after all. He got up and put the Ocarina of Time away in his bag so he wouldn't lose it. "I'm going to the Temple of Time now." Link told Malon and Navi. "Malon do you want me to walk you back to the ranch?" he asked.

But Malon just shook her head and smiled. "I'll come with you just to make sure you're okay." she smiled.

Link smiled back and nodded his head. "Okay." he smiled at her then started to walk in Castle Town.

"So what have you been doing since you last visit me at the ranch?" Malon asked while walking along side Link.

Link looked at Navi. "I'll tell her," Navi sighed.

Navi told Malon everything. "Wow!" Malon said when Navi had finished. "So you blew up a dinosaur and then you got swallowed by a fish and fought a giant jellyfish heart thing and saved the princess of the Zoras?" Link nodded, feeling himself blush again. "Wow!"

"Do you feel better now, Link?" Navi asked him gently. Link nodded. "Let's go, then," she said. Malon followed them back into Castle Town, still awestruck.

"And you climbed all the way up Death Mountain and saw the Great Fairy? Wow!" Malon said while skipping along next to Link, Singing and smiling and feeling very happy. Soon after that both Link and Malon stood in front of the Temple of Time.

"I've never been this close before," Malon said. She looked over at Link. "I'll go with you for just a little longer. Then I'll go home."

"Okay," Link said as he pushed open the door and they entered the Temple of Time. It seemed even bigger from the inside.

Their soft footsteps echoed back at them a thousand times. Malon stopped to look at a large stone hexagon that was raised up out of the floor several inches. It had the Triforce carved in it, and a strange emblem Malon didn't recognise.

Malon stood up and walked over, where Link stood. He was placing three beautiful stones set in gold into the three hollows of the stone altar. Malon looked down at the inscription. It read,

"Ye who owns three Spiritual Stones Stand with the Ocarina of Time And play the Song of Time."

Malon turned away again to take in the high, ornate windows. The ceiling was so high that she could not see it at all. She looked back at the door and the stone arrow above it pointing to another window. The sound of Link's ocarina gave was so nice and peaceful.

A strange, song caught her ear as she turned around. The stone door behind the altar had completely opened, revealing another room beyond. The three jewels had begun to spin and the Triforce carved above the doorway lit up yellow. Malon gaped. "Wow that's cool you need to show me how you can do that."

Link smiled at her then put his ocarina of time away in his bag. "I would teach you if I knew, but I really don't know how I did that just now." He said not looking at her. "Do you have to go home now?" Link asked, rather reluctantly. He liked having Malon with him. It wasn't as lonely.

"No, I can stay for a little bit longer, I want to make sure you're okay." She said.

"All right," Link made his way up the stairs and Malon followed. She knew she really had to be going home, but childish curiosity told her to stay.

The second chamber was a tall rotunda, but it seemed somehow to be even larger than the other room. Eight veins of stone ran straight up the walls and met at the centre of the ceiling. In front of them was a large, many tiered pedestal with the same kind of strange emblems carved into it as on the stone at the front of the temple, and then again the Triforce. And at the very top was

"The Master Sword," Navi breathed. Link and Malon climbed the steps up to the top of the pedestal.

"Pull it out, Link!" Navi said, bobbing up and down.

Link looked a little uncertain about it. "Hmm I don't know if I should I don't know what will happen if I do." He said looking kind of worried.

"I'm here if anything happens to you, so don't worry fairy boy." Malon smiled at him and playing with her fingers,

Link put his hands around the hilt and both pulled as hard as he could. All Malon saw was a rush of blue light all around Link's body. "FAIRY BOY!" She screamed and ran up and grabbed Link by his waist and held onto him tightly.

Out of nowhere Ganondorf was there talking to Link. "Geh heh heh! Excellent work! As I thought, you held the keys to the Door of Time! You have led me to the gates of the Sacred Realm…Yes; I owe it all to you, kid! " he laughed as he faded away.

Link could hear the song of time playing over and over again all around him while he was sleeping. He opened his eyes he felt different. Something about him had changed, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it. He was in a crystal blue fountain of a world, shimmering water taking shape and form. In front of him stood a bald, white-bearded man in a hooded robe, like a monk of some kind.

"I am Rauru," he said. "One of the ancient sages,"

Link blinked and rubbed his head thinking this was some kind of dream, but it wasn't a dream it was real all of this was real.

"Ages ago, we ancient sages built the Temple of Time to protect the entrance to the Sacred Realm. This is the Chamber of Sages, inside the Temple of Light. The Temple of Light, situated in the very centre of the Sacred Realm, is the last stronghold against Ganondorf's evil forces. The Master Sword - the evil-destroying sword that you pulled out of the Pedestal of Time - was the final key to the Sacred Realm."

Link looked around then remembered that Malon grabbed him when he pulled out the sword then the blue light was all around them. "Wait where is Malon?" Link asked getting worried about her. But then he clapped his hands over his mouth. His voice! His voice had changed! To Link's shock.

Rauru almost allowed himself to smile. "Link," he said, "don't be alarmed... Look at yourself!"

Link looked down at his hands. They were large and strong and sinewy, and someone had given him a pair of protective leather gauntlets which went two-thirds of the way up his forearms.

"Look, Link!" Navi said, fluttering excitedly. "You're big now! You've grown up!"

Link looked over his shoulders and saw that his Hylian shield now fit him properly. He secretly wondered how much he had grown in other areas, but he tried not to think about that right now. "But where is Malon?" he asked again.

"Look down next to you," Rauru said. "Look." He nodded to the space to Link's left. He looked down. And saw a beautiful woman lying next to him on the ground sleeping so peacefully. He wouldn't be as lonely now but he didn't know if she was going to stay with him or not. Link almost didn't believe that this was Malon until he saw that cute smile she made while she was sleeping.

Malon woke up and looked at Link in a shock. She stood up and looked around then down at herself. "What happened to me? Where am I and Link you've grown up? What's going on here?" she asked and looked back at Link. Could this tall, strong young man really be her fairy boy Link? But then she looked into his shy blue eyes and saw a touch of that familiar bashful blush colour his cheeks.

Link couldn't take his eyes off her. A strange, warm feeling was welling up in the pit of his stomach and slowly seeping through his whole body. Her gaze was locked on him as well, drinking in his new body, his near perfection. He was always a cute boy, but this was something else. They hardly noticed that Rauru had begun to talk again.

"... worthy of the title of 'Hero of Time' can pull it from the Pedestal of… are you two listening?" Link and Malon snapped their heads back toward the elderly sage. He cleared his throat.

"Like I was saying only one worthy of the title of 'Hero of Time' can pull the Master Sword from the Pedestal of Time. However, you were too young to be the Hero of Time. Therefore, your spirit was sealed here for seven years."

"Seven years!" They both shouted at the same time.

"Yes," Rauru nodded. "Seven years."

Link and Malon looked at each other again.

Rauru cleared his throat. "I'm over here! You two," Gods Teenage hormones, He should never have let them see each other just yet, he decided. Good grief.

"We're listening," Both Link and Malon said.

"Now that you are old enough, the time has come for you to awaken as the Hero of Time." He paused. Link looked down. "Well," Rauru continued, "do you understand your destiny?"

Link closed his eyes. Why does it have to be me? He thought to himself. He looked up. "I understand," he said. Then he glanced down at his friend. They had once been the same height, but now her head just reached his chin. He furrowed his brow slightly.

Rauru turned to Malon. "As for you, my dear," he said, "you had no right to grab Link when he pulled out the sword out, but I guess fate has other plans for you." He said. "Malon, you were also standing on the Pedestal of Time when Link pulled out the Master Sword. Therefore, your spirit was also inadvertently sealed here."

"You have two choices," Rauru said while turning to Link. "You can have her forget all of this, forget about the Master Sword and the Sacred Realm, and send her back to her own time."

"And the other choice," He asked.

"You can choose for her to go with you, and aid you in your quest. I warn you that this mission is very dangerous, and it could even cost her life. But nobody can tell you what to choose. You must decide for yourself." He said.

Malon looked down at herself to see what she was wearing. She looked down at her shoes. She was wearing boots like Link now. Then she turned to Link hoping he would say yes to her in helping him on his quest.

Link closed his eyes to think for a minute then he reopened them and looked at Malon. "Yes she can come with me." He smiled at her.

Rauru nodded but he didn't look so happy about that. "Yes, I anticipated that that would be your decision." He raised his arms up as if invoking some kind of spirit. A swift tongue of fire and ice streaked down from the sky and formed itself into the shape of two gleaming swords. It was slender and tapered, with a double edge and a smooth fuller running half-way down the blades. The guard was a thick but elegant steel filigree inset with threads of fire dust in it, and the other one looked like it had ice inside it. And the grips where wound in black leather.

"This is Din's fire blade and Nayru's ice blade," Rauru said. "The swords used by the goddess Din and Nayru to defend the Triforce."

Malon reached out and grasped the two swords. She wasn't quite prepared for their weight and she nearly dropped them, but she quickly adjusted. It was balanced perfectly and was easy for her to handle.

"They're very power double twin swords." Rauru said. "So use them well."

Malon nodded, examining the sword more closely. The Triforce was acid-etched into the shoulder and set in red and blue. Link bent down to see. The feeling of his breath tickling her cheek startled.

"I'm still here!" Rauru said, frustrated. Link quickly folded his hands behind his back, blushing.

"Remember, though you opened the Door of Time in the name of peace, Ganondorf, the Gerudo King of Thieves, used it to enter this forbidden Sacred Realm! He obtained the Triforce from the Temple of Light, and with its power, he became the King of Evil. His evil power radiated from the temples of Hyrule, and in seven years, it transformed Hyrule into a world of monsters."

What does that mean? Malon wondered. She and Link quickly stole glances at each other. Rauru bowed his head. "My power now has only little influence, even in this Sacred Realm. Namely, this Chamber of Sages,"

Malon bit her lip. This was beginning to scare her a bit. She scooted closer to Link.

"But there is still hope. The power of the Sages remains. When the power of all the sages is awakened, the Sages' Seals will contain all the evil power in the void of the Realm. I, Rauru, am one of the Sages... And, your power to fight together with the Sages makes you the Hero of Time! The Hero of Time, chosen by the Master Sword!"

Link gulped.

Rauru raised his arms up again and a shining gold coin fluttered down from above. Link reached out and caught it in his hand. "Keep my spirit with you," Rauru said. "And, find the power of the other Sages and add their might to your own!"

The Chamber of Sages began to dissolve into a haze of fog and light. As it vanished from view, they heard Rauru's voice once more. "Find the other Sages," he said, "and save Hyrule!"

Link and Malon felt their feet touch the ground and looked at each other.

"Do you think it's really been seven years?" Link asked.

Malon shrugged. "I guess we'll see," she said. She looked down briefly at her new body. She wasn't sure about it, but she knew she would have to deal with it for now.

Link was looking at her new body, too. He definitely liked it. Except that it made him feel funny. And he had always been nervous around lovely girls. She was wearing a mix of men and woman's clothes but she looked good in them. Link realised that he had never seen a girl in mini skirt before and they were actually a lot more revealing then anything he had ever seen. She wore a light purple-coloured tunic which had long sleeves. It was too big for her in the shoulders and fell a little ways down her shoulders and chest. And she wore a mini light purple skirt and she also wore a wolf's fur pelt around her waist. And brown leather boots like Link's and black leather fingerless gloves that went up to her elbows.

Her leather belt accented her breasts and made a point of the fact that her waist was very tiny. He gulped and fought the stiffness growing in his pants.

Malon looked over her shoulder and saw that her two new swords was placed in there sheaths on her back. That wouldn't do. Her arms were nowhere near long enough to pull them out from there. She undid the buckle on the leather strap which held the swords in place and pulled it loose. She fiddled with the strap for a moment, and then retied it so that the sword hung on both sides of her hips. Link watched in curiosity, having given up the battle with his erection.

"That's much better" She said out loud. Smiling up at Link, "So, Shall we go?"

"O-okay," he stammered.

Both Link and Malon walk towards the door to leave.

"I have been waiting for you, Hero of Time," A voice behind them said.

Link whirled around, drawing his sword and shield reflexively. Malon just watched Link to see what he was going to be next.

The speaker was a young man, lean, lithe, and muscular. He wore a tight blue bodysuit with a white cloth breastplate and a high collar that hid his face. He was heavily bandaged and his blonde hair obscured his left eye. The other was a brilliant blood red.

"I am Sheik, survivor of the Sheikah," he said. "As I see you holding the mythical Master Sword, you really do look like the Hero of Time." He took a breath to continue, but he stopped. His gaze flickered over to Malon and lingered on her, though he was still turned toward Link.

"When evil rules all, an awakening cry will go forth from the Temple of Light to the other sages who dwell within the five temples…"

Link had put away his sword. Malon was still watching Sheik like a hock.

"One in a deep forest…" Sheik continued slowly, "...one on a high mountain... one under a vast lake... one within the house of the dead... one inside a goddess of the sand. Together, the Hero of Time and the Sages will bind the evil and return the light of peace to Hyrule."

Link saw Sheik watching Malon and he didn't like it. He coughed slightly, hoping to bring the young man's attention away from her.

"The first sage is waiting for the time of awakening in the Forest Temple. The sage is a girl I'm sure you know. Unfortunately, equipped as you are, you cannot even enter the Temple. If you want to save the forest girl, head towards Kakariko Village."

"Saria," he whispered. He felt her hand on his arm and looked down at her, blushing, yet again. He resigned himself to the fact that he would be blushing almost constantly for the rest of his life. Link looked back at Sheik, who stood with his arms crossed, his gaze still fixed on the pretty redhead.

Malon tentatively turned to go, and when Sheik did not stop her, she hurried away, Link following. She could still feel Sheik's gaze boring into her back. She quickened her pace.

Link deliberately running behind Malon so that Sheik could not see her. There was something strange about him. Once they got outside Link pointed up towards Death Mountain. Malon looked. And saw a ring of flames. The earth under their feet was dark and barren, as if it hadn't been cared for in years.

"I wonder what Castle Town looks like now," Navi said.

Link shrugged shyly. Malon nodded. Navi twinkled.

They cautiously made their way through the barren gardens and down the stairs into Castle Town.

"Oh, sweet golden goddess," Malon murmured.

The once prosperous town was now in complete shambles. Windows were broken or boarded up, storefronts collapsed, roofs caved in. Malon put her hand on her swords.

"What was that?" Malon said tensely, drawing her swords.

"ReDeads," Link breathed, also drawing.

"Don't get too close to them," Navi warned. "They'll freeze you and suck the life out of you!"

"Let's run." Link said. They took off into the square, Malon stayed glued to the spot for a minute, then followed at top speed. They skidded to a halt as they reached the bridge. It was broken and had fallen into the moat. The break wasn't too big, though, and Link splashed through the water while Malon jumped across. Exhausted, they fell panting on the other side.

"Wow that was creepy." she said trying to catch her breath.

"Yeah it sure was, I just can't believe those seven years past and how much everything has changed." Link said.

"Well," Navi said, "Sheik said to go to Kakariko Village. Shouldn't we go?"

"I don't know if I trust him," Malon said, still playing with her hair. It was longer now than it was before and she liked it.

"Still," Navi said, "it's the only thing we have to go on. We'll have to trust him for now."

Malon sighed and nodded reluctantly. "Okay," she said. She stood and brushed the dry grass off of her clothes. "Come on, then," she said, looking down at Link. He nodded sheepishly and stood. She tossed her head and ran off towards Death Mountain. He watched her longingly for a moment. She was just so beautiful and strong and…

Malon turned around. "Are you coming or not?" she called. Link sighed and took off after her.

"I've been to Kakariko Village before many times," Malon said as they ran across the field.

"Yeah," Link said while running with Malon.

They had set out from the ruins of Hyrule Castle Town around midday, and it was late afternoon when they reached Kakariko Village. The sky was cloudy and the light had a reddish cast from the ring of flames circling Death Mountain, but it was more or less the same village it had been seven years before. Link was relieved. It had expanded, of course, to accommodate the rush of refugees from Castle Town, but it was still pleasant and inviting.

"I'm hungry," Malon said.

"Me too," Link stammered.

"There used to be this nice lady - the carpenter's wife, I think who would take people in when they had no place to go," Navi said. "Should we see if she's still there?"

"Okay," Malon said. "Sound good to me, Link?" She smiled at him and he nearly tripped.

"All right, then," Malon said. "Lead the way."

As they passed the tree near the entrance to the Village, Link saw the twins whom he had once seen in the market square in Castle Town.

"Look at this guy!" the red-clad man said, laughing. "Ever since he escaped from Castle Town, he's become even more timid!"

"I tell you, I saw him!" the other exclaimed. "I saw the ghostly figure of Dampe the grave keeper sinking into his grave. It looked like he was holding some kind of treasure!"

"Dampe's dead?" Link whispered to himself.

Link led her to the house of the carpenter's wife. Malon couldn't help stealing glances at him, admiring his broad shoulders and firm chest and strong arms and legs. Not that his face was anything to complain about, either. She had a desperate urge to touch him.

"That's my dad," she hissed as Link opened the door. Malon grabbed on Link's arm and held on to him tight.

"Oh," Link said. "That's good, isn't it?" She was making him nervous again.

"No, it's not good!" she said. "If he recognises me, he'll make me stay with him!"

"Can't you just pretend you don't know him?" Navi asked.

"I guess I can…" She sighed.

"Well, he's asleep," Navi said. "And we all know it takes a lot to wake him up."

Malon bowed her head.

"Um, Malon" Link said in a small voice. "Could you let go of me, please?"

"Oh sorry about that Link," She let go of Link and walked in.

Link sighed in relief, smoothing the wrinkles out of his tunic. He paused for a moment, with his hand on his chest. He hadn't noticed before because he wasn't used to his new body, but it felt like he was wearing a shirt of light chain mail. He tugged open the neck of his undershirt and, sure enough, there it was.

"All right," Malon said. "We can stay here for now, but the instant he wakes up, we're leaving."

"Oh, hello," the carpenter's wife said as they walked back in. She was a round, matronly woman with rather frizzy brown hair and thick painted lips. "I thought I heard somebody." She turned to them, a ladle in her hand. "I'm afraid I don't have any room here tonight, dears, but I can certainly feed you if you're hungry." She smiled maternally.

"Yes, please," Malon said. "Thank you very much."

"Are you travellers?" The woman asked as she poured stew into a wooden bowl and handed it to Link.

"Yes," Malon said.

"Oh," the woman said, handing Malon a bowl. "So you're some of those types. Poor things," She shook her head. "Bad times, Look at that bearded man sleeping over there. I bet even someone like him has had his share of troubles in the past." She sighed.

Another woman in blue stepped into the conversation. Link hadn't noticed her initially but he recognised her as the woman whose dog he had once retrieved in the middle of the night. "I hear he was fired from his job at the ranch," she said.

Malon choked on her soup and started to cough so she took a drink of water.

"I know," the woman said sympathetically. "It's terrible. And before that, his daughter disappeared. Nobody ever saw her again.

Malon and Link finished their stew in silence. It was hot and thick, and white and creamy filled with beef. Link thought it had some pepper in it, but then, Kokiri food was anything but spicy and he had never gotten used to the hot, tingling sensation that accompanied certain foods.

Malon kept a sharp eye on her sleeping father at all times. She glanced over at Link and smiled weakly; she assumed that his pained expression meant that he was contemplating the same thing. Either that or the food was too spicy for him.

When they had finished, the carpenter's wife swept over and took their bowls. "Do either of you want any more? There's plenty," she said. They shook their heads. "And don't even think of thanking me, darlings, I'm just happy to help." She set the bowls down next to a stack of other dishes. "If you need a place to stay, there's an inn up the hill next to the Bazaar."

The carpenter's wife waved them out the door with a smile. "If you ever need anything, don't hesitate to ask."

As they passed Talon, asleep on the bed, they heard him murmuring in his sleep. "Malon... doing all right... sorry to make you worry…"

Malon bit her lip and walked a little faster.

"Well," she said in a transparently bright voice as they walked out into the failing sunlight. "What a nice lady."

"So where to now?" Malon asked Link.

Link stop to think for a minute then looked back at Malon. "I guess we get a room at the Inn maybe?" He said.

"Okay I guess then we can go to the graveyard." She smiled and moving some of her hair from her face.

"But why do we have to go there?" Link asked and trying not to let her see too much into that. Malon just shook her head and laughed. "Are you scared Link?" she teased.

Link looked away from her and looked at the Inn, "no! I'm not scared!" he snapped.

But Malon was not buying it, she knew that he was but she didn't want to be mean to him, but she just had to laugh. "It's okay Link everyone is scared of something."

"I'm not scared! I'm just tired that's all," He lied and walked up the steps.

Malon rolled her eyes and walked up to the Inn, with Link right behind her. She thought it was cute that he was scared of something and how he blushed at her made her just want sequel like a little that she was inside.

Link just couldn't stop looking at her and he liked how long and nice her legs looked. Most girls don't show their legs, cleavage or stomach. And Link could see some of her bear stomach but not much, but was enough to make him go crazy.

"After we get the room we can go see that Dampe guy's grave." She said standing in fount on the Inn's door. "That man said that he saw the ghost of the grave keeper with some kind of treasure. That might be what Sheik was talking about. Anyway, it wouldn't hurt to take a look." she smiled.

"I guess you're right," Link opened the door and walked in with Malon by his side.

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