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The Legend of Link & Malon

Chapter: 38

Link vs Ganondorf

Link opened the door to see Zelda in the pink crystal up in the air. He took a couple of steps into the room as Ganondorf kept playing music. Link took in a deep breath as he walked in he knew he would die tonight he knew him and Malon might never be or him ever meeting his babies that she was carrying for him, but he knew he had to do this, not just for him but for everyone in all of Hyrule and for his kids to live a safe life without fear. The triforce started to glow on Zelda's hand then on Link's then the music stopped.

"The triforce parts are resonating...they are combining into one again..." Ganondorf said as he took in a deep breath then continued. "The two triforce parts that I could not capture on that day seven years ago...I didn't expect they would be hidden within you two! And now, finally, all the triforce parts have gathered here!" He turned to face Link and raise his fist. "These toys are to much for you! I command you to return them to me!" with that Ganondorf's triforce start to spit out dark energy at Link pushing him back with such force.

"Link! I cant help you! Because of the waves of darkness, I cant get close! I'm sorry Link..." Navi muttered as she tried to fly near Ganondorf but couldn't.

Ganondorf flew up into the air as everything in the room faded away as he was getting ready to fight to the death with Link.

Link ran into the corner of the room as Ganon punched the ground making some of the tiles around him fall to the ground on the lower level. "Time for me to show the world there is no hero's!" He yelled out as he made a thunder-ball in his hand then threw it at Link, but Link remembered the battle in the Forest temple and then took out his sword and swung it at the thunder-ball throwing it right back at Ganon but he smacked it back at Link.

Link kept hitting the thunder-ball at Ganon but then he missed and hot struck right in the chest making Link scream out in pain. "Ahhhh!" He held his chest breathing heavily then he saw Ganondorf making another one to throw at Link so he got up to his feet and did the same thing once again trying to make sure not to slip up this time.

Link kept hitting it back at Ganon making sure not to slip up, he didn't stop until Ganon was the one who got hit this time with it. "Link shoot him with the light arrow hurry!" naiv called out as Link did what she told him and shot him with the light arrow then he ran over to the platform and started stabbing and cutting at Ganon and not stopping until Ganon jumped up into the air as now hovering once again, Link jumped back across to the other side into the corner again and did the same thing as he did before.

Link was making sure not to get hit by the lighting balls that Ganondorf was throwing. He hit the lightning ball back at him once again then he threw it back at Link, at this rate he was get too tired and get hit and more likely end up dead, but Link couldn't give up not now not ever.

"Give up kid you know you cant beat me..." Ganon smirked as he threw the lightning ball at Link once again but he smacked it back hitting Ganon right in the face. Link took the chance and shot him with the light arrow knocking him to the ground again then Link jumped across to the platform and starting cutting and stabbing Ganon making him bleed out green blood that Link found very odd that he had green blood and not red.

Link jumped back across to get ready to fight again. He hated this, he didn't know how much longer he could take without getting tired. "Link come on keep your head in the game or your gonna end up getting yourself killed." Navi said as she hovered next to Link's ear.

"I'm sorry but I'm trying to, I cant help that I'm not fully in the game when I know this is do or die! I don't think you wouldn't be worried too."

"Link just think of every battle you been in? You were in the game and always came out on top, but now its like...wait a minute you cant fight your best without Malon here is it?" Navi looked at him worried as he swing his sword throwing the lightning ball back at Ganon.

"What the hell do you mean I cant fight my best without her-" With that Link got smacked right in the chest by the ball of lightning making him yell out in pain as he fell to his knees.


Link rolled his eyes but quickly got up to his feet but jumped out of the way just in time before he got hit again. "I can fight without Malon! Plus she's safe where is she right now..."

"She wont be safe for long kid! Once I'm done with you and Zelda I'll take my sweet time with her, dont worry I wont kill her right away I'll have some fun with her first before I kill her." Ganon smirked as he threw another lightning ball at Link who smacked it back at him but he used his cape to throw it back at Link.

"I will never let you touch her!" Link screamed out as he smacked the ball so hard with all his power sending it right back at Ganon knocking him to the ground. Link jumped across to the platform and starting cutting and stabbing him once again, but Ganondorf just jumped back up into the air hovering over the platform.

Link jumped back across to get ready to fight again. "I stab him and cut him and he still stands what the hell is his skin made of? Leather?"

Navi giggled at that. "I think you maybe right since his skin is kinda green looking same with his blood so maybe he does have leather skin."

"This isn't the time to be-woo!" Link hit the lightning ball at Ganon and moved out of the way. "To be joking I'm trying to fight here!" He yelled at his fairy.

Navi sighed as she followed him. "I know, but I found it funny that you think his skin is made out of leather" She wanted to help Link get his mood back in the game it he did when Ganondorf said he was gonna have his way with Malon, maybe that's what Link cares about the most is Malon so maybe if Ganon would talk like that more Link would be in a killer mood or if she said something like that.

"Link pull it together or do you want him to have his way with Malon!"

Link narrowed his eyes and swing the blade again smacking Ganondorf right in the face. "He will not have his way with Malon!" He started stabbing Ganon over and over right in the heart make his sword drip with green blood.

Ganon jumped into the air once again getting very pissed off. "That's it kid no more games!" He shouted as he held his hands up above his head making a large black ball.

"Oh shit this isn't good." Link tried to think of something, anything to smack it back at him.

"Link use your sword spin hurry!"

Link held his sword tightly and started charge his sword as Ganon threw more then one lightning ball at him, it was more like 5 or 7 at once. Link spun his blade throwing them all back at Ganon knocking down to the ground again. Link stabbed him again over and over, than Ganon made out one loud yell then fell to the ground breathing heavily.

"The great evil king Ganondorf...beaten by this kid?!" He coughed up some green blood onto the floor. "Link...!" Ganondorf stood up as his body started to glow the room started to shake and the walls started to crumble down.

Once all the roof and the walls where gone Ganondorf fell to his knees then passed out cold. "Wow I did it, I really beat him..." Link smiled.

"Um Link you didn't kill him just yet, hes just knocked out." Navi hovered over to Link.

"Rain on my dream huh?" Link muttered. He looked up to see the pink crystal flow down with Zelda inside of it.

Once down the crystal faded away and Zelda was free, she turned her head at the out cold Ganondorf. "Ganondorf... pitiful man...without a strong, righteous mind, he could not control the power of the gods...and..." But Zelda was cut off by the castle started to shake.

"Link listen to me! This tower will collapse soon! With his last breath Ganondorf is trying to crush us in the ruins of the tower! We need to hurry and escape! Please follow me!" She ran to the slope to get down to the next level with Link running right behind her.

"How are we going to get through? the oping is bared shut!" Link stood next to her with bars blocking the way.

Zelda's hands started to glow pink and the bars went up opening the way for them. "I can handle the bars don't worry on that lets just get out of here."

Link smirked and ran after her as she opened more door ways but was stopped when a circle of fire when around her and two Stalfos jumped up and started to attack Link.

"Damn I hate these fucking things! They are so annoying!" Link yelled out as he fought them.

"Link language!" Navi called out. "Oh shut up!" He yelled out as he killed one of the stalfos than started on the next one.

Once both stalfos where killed Zelda was free from the circle of fire and ran to the door."Thank you Link, but I could of handled it." She opened the next opening.

"Rrrright like you could of just put the fire out and saving me the time of fighting the stalfos!" Link glared at her as they went deeper inside.

"Shut up and lets get out of here please unless you would like to stay and get crush by all means...I just hope Ganondorf gets crushed and killed from this tower." Zelda ran across a bridge with a ReDead standing in the way.

Zelda slipped by it easily but Link got caught by its shrieking screams. Link tried to break free before it came near him, she shook and fought until he broke free and ran over to Zelda as she opened the door for them. They quickly ran through before the ReDead could get them again.

"I think we are almost out of here!" Zelda called out.

Link got hit by a falling rock that starched his shoulder leaving it to bleed. "damnit! that hurt!"

Zelda looked at him worried as gasped out as his shoulder started to bleed. "Are you hurt?"

"I'm fine really lets keep going." He took her hand and ran with her making her blush a bit from his touch.

"Look there's the end!" Navi yelled out as they ran up the stairs.

Both Link and Zelda both ran faster as the walls and the ceiling where falling behind them. They both jumped out of the front door and rolled on the ground. Link slowly got up same did Zelda and saw that the tower was nothing but a pile of rumble now. Link helped Zelda to her feet and couldn't see Ganondorf's body.

"Was he crushed?" Link asked looking at the ruins.

"I think he would be no one can live through that no matter how strong they are." Zelda took in a deep breath trying to relax herself. "Its over...its finally over..."

"Link...I'm sorry I couldn't help you in the battle before." Navi said looking down at him.

Than out of nowhere everyone heard a loud bang. Link turned to Zelda as she said. "What was the sound?"

Link turned to go see what that was he slowly walked out into the middle of the ruins taking his time to make sure nothing would jump out at him.

Mean while Malon was climbing up the side of the cliff trying to get over to them. "Don't look down, don't look down." Malon kept telling herself as she used her blades to help her clime up higher and higher. "Okay how am I gonna get over there?" She took in a deep breath. "I'm gonna have to jump over, but if I miss I will be killed...well its do or die." She pulled out her blades and put them back on her hips and than gripped onto a stone to make sure she wouldn't fall. She moved her feet up a bit and than took in a deep breath and than jumped with all her might.

"Malon? but what are you doing here?" Zelda called out as Malon almost didn't make it she grabbed the edge of the floating rock where the tower stood. Zela went over and helped Malon up.

"thank you princess I'm so grateful to you..." Malon stood up and brushed herself off.

"Malon why are you here?" Zelda asked again looking her over.

"To help Link that's why I'm here...I couldn't just leave him alone...I love him." Malon blushed as she looked over at Link.

Zelda narrowed her eyes but then shook it off and turned to see what Link found from that bang.

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