LbN: Written for Siriusly Smart's Food Drabble Challenge.

Harry tried not to smirk as Ginny stormed into the room they were sharing. He pulled his book up higher, hoping she wouldn't see…

"Wipe that grin off your face," she growled. "This is partially your fault."

"I didn't hold a wand to their heads!" Harry said, grinning.

"You encourage this stupid sibling rivalry!" She stomped over to the window and looked out over the bay.

Harry laughed and shook his head. "They'd have done it even if I hadn't said yes. They love trying to outdo each other, and seeing how much food they can eat is a part of that. Think of it this way: they won the restaurant's challenge! We got our food free because of them!"

Ginny gave him a Look.

"And, even better, we don't have to worry about them wanting crab anymore. It's kind of expensive, so it's good really that they got their fill."

There was a moan behind them as Albus waddled into the room, holding his stomach. "Mum, can't you do something?"

"I'm sorry love, you're just going to have to wait until it goes away," Ginny said soothingly. "Go back to bed and try to rest."

Albus nodded and waddled back out.

"I promise, I won't encourage their rivalry with anymore contests that require food," Harry said, crossing his heart. The glare Ginny gave him let him know that he was going to be in trouble for another few days….