Go Away

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Genre: Angst & Romance

Pairing: JudiaxIruga

Summary: She had been dreaming of a guy that stole her heart. He was a silent killer. When justice lose to the darkness.

Judia opened her eyes. She barely can see anything. She never woke up this early, but she feels blessed about it.

Usually she can smell how sweet the scent of guy's perfume.

But now, it was just her illusion.

She can find no more sweet scent she used to live with.

She's alone.

Judia make her bed as a mailman approaching her house and knocked the door. Slowly Judia opened the door, happily receiving the mail and smiled to the mailman.

He looks just like Iruga.

The mailman smiled back to her, and then left her be. Judia ran to the kitchen, and licking the stampost. It was her hobby back then, until then she missed to licking the sweet stampost again.

A mail from Roan.

She quickly unscrolled the mail.

It has been years she never been this sad and happy at a one time.

"Hey Judia! This is me, Roan! You remember this cute girl Yuufa? Yes, she did not reject my Diamond Ring!

As a woman who has experienced this before, you must know what that means.

I'll be waiting for you on Prontera Church 10 A.M, 12 September 1999.

-~Roan & Yuufa~-"

Judia seemed so happy about her friends. Roan and Yuufa is getting married! They've been close friend for years, and now will be a couple soon. Yet, she feels a little sad hearing the news.

She missed Iruga.

Iruga killed by Keough that day, when victory is in Iruga's hand. Suddenly Keough stabbed his sword into Iruga's, and died.

Leaving Judia alone.

Now Judia lived with her baby, who looks just like his father.

Oh, how she missed her husband very much.

She pretend to live without sadness since that time, but reality is painful.

She can no longer kept something inside her heart.

She ran to her bedroom, burst out and crying.

I missed him, Judia slowly whispered.

"Mama…" little Iruga slowly take a look at his mother. Now his age is 4. He took a sheet of tissue and wiped her mother's tears.

"Ah, sorry Delluga…" Judia grabbed the tissue and wiped her eyes. "Mommy's fine."

Judia grabbed her son's hand and taking him to the kitchen. Some meals are ready, and Delluga eat them all without hesitation. Judia smiled, and she was trying not to cry.

I must be happy for the sake of Iruga and Delluga, whispered Judia in her heart.

Go away tears, sadness, and happiness.

I need no more of them all. I lived in misery feelings, when sadness and happiness become one. Sadness of being left by the loved one, and pretending to be happy infront of everyone.

Go away, go away, and don't dare to come back, misery feelings…

Dedicated to Limxuxu09. Thanks for your fic "That Same Night". It inspires me a lot, and this is my fic for you all, but especially for Limxuxu09.

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