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I sat on the curb crying raindrops mixing in with my falling tears. How could he have just broken up with me like that, showing no remorse at all. Even worse, I have no ride home and my house is twenty miles away, and I lost my cell phone at the concert. Dash could've at least drove me home. Oh well. I got up and started pacing back and forth. Man when did it get so cold. I was freezing.

"Paulina, is that you?" asked a person in a leather jacket.

"Who is it?"

"Danny Fenton." he stepped closer, now I could see Danny's features out of the muscular figure, but that left another question.

"Danny, I haven't seen you since like graduation three years ago. When did you get so muscular?"

"I've been working out since freshman year."

"What, were you tired of Dash beating up on you?" I teased.

"No. I didn't really have a choice." I cant believe it, I was having a normal conversation with geeky Danny Fenton, maybe the cold was getting to my head. Then Danny sat down next to me.

"So what have you been up to since graduation, Paulina?"

"I'm a photographer and a model."

"No surprise, you have the body and features of a model and you do look like a photographer."


"Yeah, do you need a ride?" Danny asked me.

"No, I have someone picking me up."

"Paulina, don't lie to me. Do you need a ride?"

"Yes." I looked down shamefully admitting defeat.

"Take this." and he handed me a, motorcycle helmet?


"If you want a ride home, put it on. Oh and sorry its black with a skull on it, its sort of my spare for when Sam forgets hers."

"This is the goth girl's."

"Only about once a year. So put it on." I slipped the helmet over my head and adjusted it to my size.


"Ok, Paulina follow me." and Danny led me towards a tarp close to the exit.

"So Danny, what were you doing at the final Dumpty Humpty concert?" I asked filling in the silence.

"I was the sound manager."

"You were?"

"Yeah, for about a year."

"Cool." then he pulled the tarp off the bike.

"What do you think." It was black and silver with a DP logo on the side, it was the most beautiful bike I had ever seen."

"Its pretty. Who put the DP logo on there?"

"Sam, she's an artist."

"Yeah she is." and he hopped on the bike. I hopped on right behind him. And held on to his sides. "When did you get it?"

"About a year ago, and he started the motorcycle and kicked off.

I felt like I was flying. I had been on a motorcycle before, but none of the rides have ever been quite as majestic. The colours flying past, the lights sweeping through the air like shooting stars. And when Danny turned the bike he turned it with grace. The rain pelting us only added more beauty to the scenery.

"Well were here."


"We've been driving for twenty-five minutes."

"We have?"


"Well, it was nice seeing you again. Thanks."

"No problem. And I have a question."

"Sure what's up."

"I have twins, Toby and Lilly, there almost six months old now, would you mind taking there pictures?"

"I wouldn't mind at all. Sam's kids?"


"So you guys got together."

"Beginning of sophomore year."



"Well. thanks for the ride Danny." I gave him a hug and I ran inside. Maybe there was more to Danny than I thought. He wasn't much of a geek. Just misunderstood. I peeked outside the window and watched as he turned the curb of the street disappearing out of sight.

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