A/N: Okay, so I'm sick. And I decided to continue this story because I just randomly felt like it :) Enjoy~
Feliks texting,
Toris texting, Normal

Feliks Ɓukasiewicz hated being sick. It was like, totally not fair. His country was having no problems, it was seriously just a normal flu. Well, that was not okay, because Feliks wasn't even human, so why did he have to get a human virus? It totally made no sense.

So Poland wrapped himself up in blankets and pulled out his new phone (the old one didn't survive the texts he liked to send from the shower).

LIET, get ovr here lyk asap!

It took a few minutes for his phone to vibrate in response, Lithuania was a totally slow texter.

Why, Poland? What did you do this time?

Im SICK! Mke it go awy!

I can't, Poland. Eat some soup and take your medicine.

LIET! Help me! Lyk, plz?

It must have been the 'please', because Toris showed up at Feliks' house ten minutes later.

"It looks like you have the flu."

"I know that already, Liet! I like, already went to the doctor!"

"How did you get there?"

"I totally drove myself!"

"Feliks... you don't have a license."

"So? I didn't get pulled over and you totally weren't answering my texts!"

"Alright, well... did they give you any medication?"

"No, the flu is like, a virus."

"Do you have any cold medicine?"

"No, Liet, I like, don't."

"Well, I'm going to go get you some, then."

When Lithuania returned, Feliks' eyes were closed and his breathing was shallow. Toris rushed to his side and frantically tried to wake him up.

"Feliks! Feliks, get up!"

"Li-et..." Feliks murmured, squinting up at his friend.

"Yes, Feliks, it's me."

"Come... closer..."

Toris leaned in close, a worried expression on his features.



"I... I need..."

"What, Feliks, what?"

"I... need... the remote."

Lithuania stood up straight and glared.

"Poland! I thought you were dying!"

"But I am! I'm missing my favorite show!"

Toris shook his head angrily and stomped into the kitchen, gathering his things. When his phone buzzed, against his better judgment, he looked at it.

Lyk, plz cme bck n get my rmt!

Rmt? That's not a word.


No. Get it yourself.

But Liet!


Fne. Ill jst txt Alfrd

Why America?

Bcuz hed ttly hlp me. Hes th hero.

Yeah, you do that. Have fun.

I ttly wll!

That's nice.

LIET! Plz?

No. You're going to text America, remember?

Bt hes on a d8 wth Blrs!



Toris almost screamed.


Hes on a d8 wth Belarus, Liet. Ur stll in my hse, u no.

I know that, Poland.

Toris sighed. He had thought that he'd finally won over Natalia, and now she was dating America. He couldn't compete with the 'hero'.

U sigh rly loud. Dnt wry, it doesnt mttr if she doesnt luv u

Shut up, Poland.

No! U wnt gt the rmt!

Fine. I'll get the remote.

No thnx. Arthr prmsd to cme gt it fr me. Isnt he SO sweet?

Lithuania left Poland's house, making sure to glare at the confused Englishman, and walked home. Stupid Poles, he thought. Stupid Americans. Stupid Belorussians. FML.

And then, realizing what he'd thought (an acronym, really?), Toris smacked himself in the forehead. He seriously hung out with Feliks too much.

(A/N: Was that okay? I figure Feliks would be whiny when he's sick. I was gonna make his 'crush' from the original oneshot be Alfred, but then i decided I'd be strange and make it Arthur. Who's inevitably OOC, since he's fetching remotes for Poland without putting up a fight. Oh well. :P Poor Lithuania)