Title: Lord Butler

Author: Veronica Marie

Chapter Rating: G

Spoilers: Episode 21, 22, and Kamen Rider Decade episodes 24&25.

Pairings: Takeru Shiba & Kotoha Hanaori

Summary: This is my version of episode 22 of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. Kotoha catches the eye of a young Bocchama. He asks Genta to ask her to pretend to be his fiancée in order to keep the gold-diggers away. Meanwhile, Doukoku unleashes a new monster that feeds on the feelings of affection of its victims.

Chapter 1: A Proposal (of sorts)

It was a beautiful afternoon in Japan, with a cloudless sky overhead and plants in bloom on the ground. Genta set up shop in a sparsely populated, yet beautiful, park and was awaiting the arrival of customers while talking animatedly to Ebi, also known as Ebizou, his lobster Origami. Ika, the squid Origami, floated beside Ebi in the small rectangular fish tank on Genta's sushi cart.

Genta leaned in towards the tank and smiled, obviously happy. "Ebizou, isn't it great that Ika-chan is back?" the young Sushi seller asked him enthusiastically. Ebizou's only response was to make some strange sounds, while 'Ika-chan' continued to float beside his lobster companion.

"Now we can do that thing I thought up." Genta continued and pushed himself away from the cart. Still smiling, he walked around the side of the cart and stated, "I'm sure the Gedoushuu will be surprised!" Clapping his hands together enthusiastically and striking a silly pose, he asked, "Shall we do a rehearsal?" He flipped open the Sushi Changer, his version of the Shodophone, and started typing in commands. While he was doing this, a black car pulls up in front of the beautiful array of pink flowers planted near the grey stone bench that Genta is facing. It is at this time that Genta notices the car and recognizes it as belonging to his most loyal customer.

A young man, around the same age as Kotoha and Chiaki, exits the car and walks toward Genta. He is dressed in a tweed jacket, nice grey slacks, and white shoes. He is obviously well off because the car he drives is a nice one and the clothes and shoes that he is wearing are well made, probably custom made to fit him to the best advantage.

Genta greets him enthusiastically and says, "Oh! Yoshibou! Welcome!" and leads him to the sushi cart. "Sit! Sit!" Genta commands good-naturedly and Yoshibou does as he's told. Genta himself takes his own place behind the counter, ready to take his most valued customer's order.

"I didn't come to eat today. Genta, I need a favor." Yoshibou said, as he sat down on one of the stools under the awning of the sushi cart. Genta, just smiles even more and enthusiastically asks, "what is it? Tell me!" Yoshibou, somewhat hesitant, but also hopeful says, "to be honest, I would like it if you could ask Kotoha-san to be my fiancée."

Genta's eyes widen in shock at the request and he shouts, "ehhhhhhhhhh?" Yoshibou cringes at the volume of Genta's response to his request before deciding it would be best to be clearer in his request. "There are many women that would like nothing more than to marry me because I'm so well off." Yoshibou says, the expression on his face says that he holds those women in contempt, but his voice suggests a deep sadness that he can't find a woman who would want him because she loved him. With a quiet sigh he looks straight at Genta and his expression turns determined as he says, "I want Kotoha to pretend to be my fiancée as a means of scaring those women away."

Seeing that Genta is obviously torn between helping him and his loyalty to Kotoha, Yoshibou decides to make one more plea. Bowing his head, he says, "please, Genta, ask Kotoha-san if she would be willing to do this favor for me."

Genta smiles and nods enthusiastically, "okay, will do. Leave it to me, Yoshibou!" Yoshibou smiles gratefully before saying goodbye and walking back to his car. Genta waved enthusiastically before beginning to make a list in his head of what will be needed to turn the sweet Kotoha into an 'oujo-sama'.

Genta's To-Do List (for those of you who actually want to know)

Go to a dress shop to pick out some suitable dresses for Kotoha to try on.

Get Kotoha to agree to be Yoshibou's fiancée. That shouldn't be too difficult, Genta thought with an affectionate smile. Kotoha is such a sweet, helpful girl that it's very unlikely that she would say no in the first place.

Ask the others to help him train Kotoha in the ways of being a lady. On second thought, I should probably only ask Mako and Ryunosuke since they seem the types who would know something about fashion and etiquette. It would also be a good idea to have Take-chan's and Jii-san's input since they also know something about etiquette, Genta mused to himself. Genta laughed, imagining Takeru's face when he let him in on the scheme. Too funny. Way too funny.

Find out the rest of the particulars from Yoshibou-san. Genta slapped himself in the forehead, remembering a little too late that he had neglected to get the required information from him when they were speaking beforehand.

With a careless shrug and a smile, Genta started packing up his sushi cart, deciding that there was no time like the present to get his tasks done.

To be continued….