Defining Sexuality Chpt 1

JK Rowling owns Harry Potter. This is fan fiction and I make nothing from it.

AN Hermione is stumped at the one class she needs to take to graduate.

Hermione walked into her house and into the sitting room throwing her books down. "That fucking prick! Two times I have taken his class and here I am failing it again. Throwing that man down into an eternal burning pit would not be enough." Glaring down at the book Defining Sexuality as she pulled her wand out of her sleeve and pointed it at the book and shouted. "Confringo." Watching in satisfaction as the book burned.

"I had to loan you money to replace the last one Miss. Granger." A voice lazily called out and she turned to the source and saw that her reclusive housemate was sitting down sipping a cup of tea.

She sat on the couch in a huff and watched as Professor Snape placed his cup down and pulled out his wand muttering "Aguamenti" Putting out the flames devouring the book. "You mustn't burn down the house your parents graciously gave you after returning their memories to them."

She conjured up a cup of green tea and sipped it, allowing the drink to soothe her as she observed the older man that had shared her house for five years and reflected back. He surprised her by remaining with her when he was well enough to leave. All of her friends and even some of the staff at St. Mungo's were surprised after the third assassination attempt at the hospital that she volunteered to take him to the muggle-world until he healed.

Her house was two houses in one. They only shared the kitchen and the sitting room. The first six months he was bed-ridden she tended to his every need. Not once did he say a word as he watched her with his obsidian eyes. Then one day she found him sitting up dressed in sweat pants and a T-shirt. He looked to her and spoke one word. "Why?"

"Because you deserve it Professor Snape. The battle is over and you more than anyone else deserve a chance to live life as you want it to be and not one that is dictated to you. I'm sorry about not having your regular clothes ready for you but the healers told me that you would not be able to get up on your own for another month. I'll pop over to Hogwart's and get them for you as no one has touched your chambers. Take it easy and in a couple of days I have a surprise for you."

Two days later she found her patient standing up and looking out of a window. She smiled as she put down the plate of food and called to him. "Professor Snape are you ready for that surprise?" She asked as she grabbed his hand ignoring the flinch that she felt as she slowly led him to the door and opened it motioning him to enter.

He walked in and stood with a stoic look but was inwardly amazed. She had moved his entire library from the school and how did she break the wards guarding them? Walking up to a shelve he pulled down a book. "I thought you said no one touched my chambers Miss. Granger."

Hermione stuttered. "Well….I knew that you would not be back for a while and I thought you would enjoy them."

He closed the book and looked to her. "It is acceptable Miss. Granger."

She recognized a dismissal when she heard one and left, closing the door softly behind her.

The months went by as she left the dour professor to himself now that he was up in about. One day she came in from university and found a list in his neat script and a coin bag. She smiled to herself as she changed her clothes into witches robes and Apparated away to Diagon Alley.

After a year she allowed her boyfriend Ron Weasley convince her to let him move in thinking that they could see each other more as she could only see him on the weekend as the Burrow was so far away.

She placed her cup of tea down silently shaking her head at the memory noticing that Professor Snape was observing her. What a mistake that had been.

The first six months were bliss as Ron understood her wish to remain a virgin until she graduated from University and married. She reasoned to him that it would not be fair to the child if they conceived during that time.

Hermione had come home one day as her last class was released early for the day. She walked into her house placing her books on the sitting room table and went to her side. Maybe she and Ron could catch a movie and enjoy a nice night on the town as she had some spare money for once.

Standing in her living room she heard the noise of lovemaking drifting from the closed door of her bedroom. She pulled out her wand conjuring up a comfortable chair as she sat down and waited, her eyes never leaving the door.

After a while the two came out of the room and froze as they watched Hermione stand up and point her wand to the two of them. "Explain."

Ron spoke not missing a beat. "Hermione glad that you're here. I merely brought a friend over to show the house and to meet with you. You remember her from Hogwart's?"

She saw the look of surprise of her ex classmate and spoke as she moved her wand to point exclusively at Ron. "Lavender wait in the sitting room while I have a chat with my now ex-fiancé."

Lavander nodded and went to the sitting room and saw a dark form leaning against the wall idly twirling his wand. "I recommend that you stand to the furthest wall Miss. Brown as things are about to get interesting."

Hermione shrilled out. "How could you Ron? I heard everything." Unwanted tears spilling from her eyes.

"This is nothing Hermione. I am willing to wait for you but a wizard has his needs and she is nothing to me."

"So you bring your nothing to MY house and into OUR bed? How could you do this to me Ron?" Looking to him with anger as the hand holding her wand shook.

"Put down your wand Hermione. I promise that this will never happen again." He pleaded.

"And what of Lavender? Does she know that she means nothing to you?"

Ron said nothing and lowered his head in guilt. "I never meant to hurt you."

Meanwhile the witch and the wizard in the sitting room listened to the heated conversation through the closed door.

Lavander cried out. "That bastard! He never told me he was involved with anyone and said that this house belonged to a friend."

"You know the truth Miss. Brown. What are you going to do now?" The form in the shadows asked.

"I'm leaving and if Ron Weasley has any sense he won't be contacting his nothing." Leaving the house in shame as she slammed the door behind her.

Hermione moved past Ron and flicked her wand reducing his belongings and looked to her bed. She growled as she reduced that as well and grabbed up the items and confronted her ex.

She thrust the items into Ron's hands and marched him into the sitting room. "Leave now Ron and don't bother to contact me. Understand?"

"Hermione don't throw away what we have. I promise not to stray again." Ron pleaded.

A voice called out. "I believe Miss. Granger asked you to leave Mr. Weasley." Stepping out of the shadow and pointing his wand to him.

Ron glared at his ex-professor. "I can see why you live here Snape. You and she are frigid pathetic people and you are welcome to her!" Slamming the door on his way out. Blasted witch should understand a wizard's needs.

Hermione clenched her wand at the hurtful words mentally counting to ten to force her not to follow and hex the prat into oblivion. She looked to her housemate. "How long have you known Professor Snape?"

"Does it really matter Miss. Granger?"

"No but now I have to sleep on the couch as it will be a few months before I can purchase a bed." She turned and looked to the wizard. "I'm sorry that you were disturbed Professor Snape. I promise that it will not happen again." Rushing back into her side of the house and closed the door behind her as she began to cry.

The next morning she woke up on her couch and felt the aches in her body. It was going to be a long three months until she got a new bed.

She took a bath and suddenly realized that she had not done her assignments. Shit! She quickly dressed and looked to the clock. Maybe she could complete one. Rushing into the sitting room she found her books neatly stacked on the table and picked up a paper.

Miss. Granger,

The classes are a load of crap and you should consider enrolling into a proper Wizarding school and apprentice out.

Professor Snape

She looked down in amazement as she picked up one paper and noticed her neat handwriting. Her housemate had done her assignments for her.

Thanking the gods she quickly put everything into her backpack and rushed out of the house as she was running late.

Hermione arrived back to her house and was surprised to see her housemate setting plates down onto the table in the sitting room and sat down and helped himself to a helping of lasagna and garlic bread.

She dropped her book bag at the door and joined him. "This is a pleasant surprise and thank you for doing my homework for me."

He said nothing as he finished his meal and went to leave. "Good evening Miss. Granger."

She finished her meal and washed up the dishes and went to her bed room to get a dressing gown. Fucking Ron. She thought about another horrible night on the sofa. She gasped out as she saw a new bed where her old was along with new linens sitting on the ones made on the bed. She picked up the letter on the bed and read it.

Miss. Granger,

Do I need to remind you that you are a witch and you could transfigure anything into a bed? I suspect that you are going muggle.

S. Snape

Ever since then her housemate ate dinner with her and after a while they began to talk about different things. She began to enjoy the small interactions that he allowed her.

She was drawn out of her memory as she heard a snap of fingers and looked to the crouched form of Professor Snape before her.

"So good of you to join me again Miss. Granger." He drawled as he went back to his seat. "So what are you going to do about Professor Benson? I do not understand the problem as I found the book quite…informative."

She glared at him. "This is the only class I need to take to graduate. If I transfer, then it will be an additional year and I do not have the funds to do that. And guess what Professor Benson had the gall to say?"

Professor Snape arched in eyebrow and waited for her to continue.

"He said that because I am a virgin and so locked up into how as was brought up that I could never understand and will never pass his class no matter how many times I take it." She stated angrily. "I can never understand some of the things mentioned in the book. What does virginity have to do with it anyway?"

"You could always find a strapping young man to take away your affliction. Perhaps you would understand it afterward?"

"Never!" She replied as she looked to him in hope. "You seem to understand the book Professor Snape. Please tutor me on it." She begged.

He stood up to leave. "I am not about to discuss the aspects of sexuality to one of your status. I have told you this before." He snarled as he left the witch and left for his room.

Professor Snape sat down in a chair and sighed. He would never get any peace if she did not pass this one class that her so much trouble. He chuckled to himself. There was one way to give her what she needed without the act itself. He stood up and approached his floo and tossed the powder into it.

"Neville we need to have a chat."