Chapter 16

The end….

They broke away and looked to one another for a moment. "Back here in my true form with you Hermione. All I ever thought about for two years at Hogwarts and I have missed you."

"I think you need to explain why you Obliviated Harry and Ron Severus."

"Not now witch as we have serious business to attend to." He murmured as he removed her robes and undergarments. He needed her wrapped around his hard, thick cock.

Severus watched her remove his robes and sighed as she melted once again into his arms. "Our bedroom Hermione?" He growled out as he traced a long finger lightly down her spine, her moan of pleasure turning him on more.

"Why bother with a room Severus?" She whispered out, enjoying the press of her naked body against his.

He pulled her down onto the sofa. "You have a few more scars then what I remember." Gently kissing each one and felt her shudder against him.

"The price of being an Aurour Severus." She whispered in his ear and nipped it as her small hand wrapped around his cock and stroked it the way she knew he enjoyed and heard him moan out in pleasure. "I believe you said that we had serious business to attend to wizard."

"Logical as always Hermione." Placing a long finger against her clit and slowly rubbed in a circle as she moaned out in pleasure, arching her hips up. "I've missed you." Moving against her until he felt his cock at her entrance and slowly pushed in, feeling her velvet lips wrap around him as she sighed out in pleasure. "I've missed the feel of you Hermione Granger." Thrusting slowly into her and enjoying the feel of her wrapped around his thick cock.

Severus continued to move slowly, building up their climax as they both took from one another what they had missed for two years. He knew that she wanted to be fucked hard and quick but refused to do so as this was the moment that he dreamed about so many times during his stay at Hogwarts for the past two years. Her pleading turned him on even more as he continued as she begged to be fucked harder.

He was a man after all and with a hot lithe witch under him drove him to his limit as he finally complied, thrusting hard and deep into her as they both moaned out together. The feel of his balls slapping against her soon drove him as he growled out suddenly in a choked voice. "Hermione! Come with me witch!"

Severus held her down tightly as he looked into her warm brown eyes as he felt her walls squeeze his cock hard as he slammed into her and felt him come deeply in her as she moaned out his name as she came as well.

He moved aside and spooned against her as she whispered out. "Welcome home Severus Snape."


Hermione fixed breakfast consisting of bangers, fried tomatoes and mushrooms, along with an egg placed on a piece of crisp toast. She heard the door open and dished up the food and placed a plate in front of Severus as he sat down.

She brought back a cup of hot black coffee and set it down beside him and noticed his dress. He was dressed in blue jeans with a long sleeve blue shirt and a belt with a large buckle. The only thing that was missing was the cowboy hat and brown boots. Deciding not to remark on his apparel she asked. "How was your first day back as yourself Severus?"

Severus finished his breakfast and wiped his lips with a napkin and set it down. "With the exception of dealing with the Minister everything went as planned."

"And what was that?" Hermione asked.

"To bed you once again and remind you of what we have in case you forgot." He replied in a silky voice as he reached across the table and grabbed her hand and held it. "You saw my memories of the past two years. I want to know of yours." Standing up and leading her to the living room and sat down beside her on the sofa.

"The picture of you touching my headstone in the Prophet broke me Hermione. And laying in the hospital 'dead' feeling your tears fall down on me was worse than you could imagine. I was screaming out in my mind to tell you I was not dead and not able to do it. And then waking up to Minerva sealed it."

"You should have come to me Severus. I would have exposed it." Hermione admonished her lover.

Severus looked into her eyes and chuckled. "You would not have believed me Hermione. A strange, younger foreign wizard popping in on you and saying that he was Severus Snape would have led you to turn me in and I would have been back to the creators of the conspiracy. Everything had to happen as it did. Now tell me of your last two years."

Hermione sighed as she looked to him. "It would be easier if you looked for yourself Severus."

He looked deeply into her eyes and found himself in her memories and viewed them. His funeral. Her induction into the Aurours. Her constant clashes with the Minister and the Head of Law Enforcement as Kingsley finally paired her up with Harry and Ron as her previous partners complained about her conspiracy theories. Her failed relationships with different wizards as she tried to find herself. Her time spent with Professor Watson at Deviate and the confusion she felt afterwards.

Severus left her mind and pulled her tightly against him. "I regret that you suffered Hermione. I observed you a few times in Hogsmeade and it took all my control to keep from rushing to you."

"Tell me about this altered Polyjuice Potion Severus."

"An interesting concoction Hermione." He replied as he went into detail of having the mannerisms, memories, and voice of Master Watson despite the fact that he was in control within his mind and the words he spoke out was not his own.

Severus told her of his frustrations of living a life that was completely different from what he preferred and the fact that while he remembered every interaction, Master Watson's personality and mannerisms took over though he remained in control.

"The perfect spy Severus as with normal Polyjuice potion you do not have the voice or memories of who you copy." Hermione whispered to him. "One could take out the Minister and take his place and no one would ever know. Do you think it wise to offer it up?"

"It is not my creation Hermione as it is up to Master Watson. I voiced my concerns in the journal that I kept. He told me there may be residual effects but I do not have his memories so it should be safe enough if he plans to offer it."

Hermione chuckled. "I wouldn't be so quick to say that. Look to your dress."

Severus glanced down and noted the jeans and shirt that he wore and cursed, pulling out his wand and changed into emerald robes. "Stop your laughter and you will tell me when I am not in the dress you know I prefer."

She slipped onto his lap and ran fingers through long black strands of his hair. "You could pull it off Sev. Shorten your hair…." Moving her hand and placing her hand on his chest. "...and a slight muscle enhancement charm here and there and you would be ready to ride into the sunset on your hoss."

"Not even remotely funny Hermione." Severus growled out and placed her hand the erection that sprung up at the pleasant feel of her ass wiggling around as she mocked him. "I suppose you wish an enhancement here as well." Speaking in a deep silky voice.

"Let's see how you measure up Sev before I decide." Pulling him up and removed his outer robe as a knock sounded on the door.

Hermione handed him his outer robe and growled out. "Two years with hardly a visitor and you come back and my cup overfloweth."

Severus chuckled at his witch's frustration and sat down in his chair and watched her answer the door.

She took a moment to compose herself and then opened the door to reveal Harry and Ron standing in the formal uniform of an Aurour and was blinded by the flash of cameras as she pulled them in and shut the door as a few ambitious members of the press tried to enter behind them.

"Harry, Ron why in Merlin are you here and what's with the press and you here in formal dress?" She inquired.

"Reserve Aurour Granger we are here on official business regarding Severus Snape. The press was already here." Harry replied in an official voice and approached the man sitting in a chair with Ron beside him.

Hermione moved to a position that she could hex the two and pulled out her wand and pointed it to their backs as she remembered that they were Obliviated.

Ron held out an envelope with the seal of the Ministry. "Master Snape we are tasked to personally deliver this to you and await a response."

Severus arched an eyebrow as he took the envelope and broke the seal of the Ministry and read its contents.

"Hermione put down your wand and read this as you are not required to hex your friends."

Harry and Ron turned around and saw Hermione pointing her wand at them and then put it away.

"Why Hermione?" Harry demanded.

They noticed Hermione's look of guilt on her face. "You never know Harry. After all there was some kind of conspiracy going on with his "Death"."

Severus penned out his response after Hermione read it and enclosed it in the same envelope and handed it back to Ron. "You may go now as you have completed your duties. Hermione I suggest you allow them to Apparate from here or they will be tackled by the press."

Hermione approached her friends and hugged them. "One can never be too safe and you two look handsome in your uniforms as you hardly get a chance to wear them."

Harry tugged at the collar. "Thank Merlin the opportunities to wear them is rare as they are uncomfortable and restricting. That letter must be really important for the Minister to show such pomp and circumstance to get Severus to reply."

She watched as Harry and Ron grabbed hands. "We'll see you soon." Turning a heel and Apparated away with a crack.


Severus rose from his chair and approached her. "I suppose you want to know what Minerva held over Kingsley to warrant this letter to explain my disappearance and the fact that I Obliviated your friends."

Hermione sighed. "Kingsley is such a strong, honest man. It is hard to think of him doing something so evil to warrant a cover up."

Severus reflected a moment on the wizard's defense of him after the War. "He is that Hermione and so much more. He hid something that he would have never been charged for and made the mistake of going to someone to cover up a death."

He pulled her down onto the sofa and described the death of a twenty year old Romanian witch that had introduced young Kingsley to the pleasure to Erotic Asphyxiation.

"She demanded more from him and it ended up in the loss of her life Hermione. He was a few years out of Hogwarts and went to the one person in the Order that he could trust. Minerva helped him bury the body as it was a foreign witch. With the first war of Voldemort ending, most of the Wizarding world was in flux and it was easy to hide deaths be it innocent or evil at the time."

He looked to her. "Don't judge him harshly Hermione as he has suffered her death though the years. Just as I have for the many innocent deaths that I have caused as a double spy. I am a harsh person but I still remember them all."

He looked to his witch in sadness. "We are the same Kingsley and I. I owed him a debt as he defended me and risked his reputation and that is why I destroyed the penseive and decided not to press charges. Now you know the truth."


Severus stood next to Lord Malfoy waiting to receive his Order of Merlin First Class as Kingsley explained in his letter that would give him his life back. "Why are you here Draco?"

Draco looked to him put out. "Really Godfather you should figure it out. The Minister came to me with a proposition to turn in a few uncaught Deatheaters to gain back my wealth and lands. How could I resist such a tempting offer and it explains your return. We both benefit by it."

Kingsley spoke of the bravery that Draco and Severus went through for two years as he pinned the medal on their robes and stepped aside. "Master Snape a few words."

Severus stepped up to the podium as the cameras flashed. "I am unworthy of this award and Hermione Granger suspected a conspiracy in my death and each and every one of you mocked her in the newspapers and yet she continued on not knowing my mission. She became an Aurour to find the truth and suffered until I came back. Hermione please come up here."

Hermione joined him and looked out to the assembled as Severus removed his medal and pinned it on her robes. "You deserve this more than I."

The press began to shout questions mostly concerning their status as a couple. Severus smirked to the flashes of the camera for a moment and then led Hermione through the side door that Kingsley exited.

Kingsley looked to the both of them. "Thank you Severus and I apologize for my actions. But what's to stop Minerva from using her knowledge to force me to break you two apart again?"

"A good Obliviate keeps a menace away Kingsley. I'm sure you will not have to worry of it any longer."

They arrived a few blocks away from her house and quickly transfigured their robes into muggle attire and began to walk and both stopped as they saw a muggle police car in front of her house, watching an old muggle woman talking to the constables, her arm pointing to the house.

"Is that Widow Billings I see? She must have noticed the press going into your yard before concealing themselves and called the Bill." Severus spoke as he pulled out his wand. "How would you like to play with the press today Hermione?"

Hermione grinned as she listened to his plan and left him. He was the true definition of a Slytherin remembering his words to her to sally forth like the true Gryffindor that she was.

She approached the constables. "Officers, is there a problem here? I'm Hermione Granger and I live here."

"Dear Hermione I'm glad that you're here." The widow wheezed out. "Strange people have been about your property for hours and I feared for your safety. I know they're real as I saw them with my own eyes."

With the attention of the constables drawn to Hermione, Severus pointed his wand and spoke a complicated spell that removed any magical concealment.

"I told you they were there!" Widow Billings spoke in indignation.

The constables looked and saw fifteen men and women holding sticks, some peeking through windows.

"Oi You!" One constable shouted. "Stay where you are!"

The entire group froze in surprise as the constable approached them as his partner called for a van and back up.

"Do you know these people Miss Granger?" The constable asked.

Hermione's voice spoke in fear. "I do Constable. They are members of the Order of Azkaban and they have been after my collection of intricately carved sticks for years. I see that they have broken into my house and procured them."

Severus chuckled at her quick thinking to disarm them as they would never dare to use magic in front of muggles and pointed his wand at the door tearing up the lock and damaging the door.

"That's not true. I really admire Hermione Granger." One man shouted out in defense.

"They have been stalking me for years Constable and it looks like every one of them is here."

The backup arrived and the officers confiscated the strange sticks and handed them to Hermione. "Do you wish to press charges?"

"I do for all except one." Noticing fellow Gryffindor Dennis Creevey. "Dennis did you try to stop the thieves from entering my house?"

"Yeah Hermione but this lot would not listen and they would not let me go when I stumbled upon them when I was here to bring you a new stick." Reacting quickly to the opportunity to be out of this mess.

The officers pulled him out of the group and walked him over to where Hermione was writing a statement and was handed a piece of paper and a pencil as well.

Dennis whispered out. "Thanks Hermione and I'm sorry that I spied on you. Reporting is a cut throat business."

Hermione whispered to him. "The only reason that I saved you was for you to go to the Ministry to free them."

Dennis filled out the form framing Rita Skeeter breaking into the house and handing out the sticks and was released. "I'll see you soon Hermione."

"I'm sure you will Dennis." Hermione replied as she picked up his wand and held it up.

Soon everyone was away with Hermione promising to show up for trial if needed.


Hermione walked into her house holding the wands of the press and looked to Severus standing next to his chair. "You really are an evil man Severus." Placing the wands down on the table as she took the glass of Fire Whiskey from his hand.

Severus chuckled as he held up his glass. "To us for getting one over on the press as it is difficult to do."

She sipped from her glass and set it down. "You avoided the question of us." She admonished.

He set his glass down and pulled her to him and whispered into her ear and listened to her reply.

"You have chosen me two times before." He grumbled.

Hermione whispered to him again.

"Very well witch. We go back to the practicals." He growled out and left her to her own thoughts.


Hermione sat at Deviate waiting for the witching hour to begin. She was not surprised that she did not see her lover as he was not one into clubbing.

She heard a hiss and removed her clothing and joined the others whirling and twirling amongst the bodies as she felt a hand grab hers and knew that he was what she desired.

She looked to the man and found Severus naked before her with a raging hard on as he gathered her into his arms and pulled her to him.

She melted into his arms as he pulled her down and whispered. "I'll marry you Severus." As the expelled potion took them away to what they both knew what they wanted.

AN This story did not end the way I originally intended it but I think it was good overall. I hope that you have enjoyed it. Mare