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Second, I don't really know all the details as to how this would work...The marker trasported the Ishimura through time and space? I came up with a Dead Space/Mass Effect crossover, sadly the finer details like how it's possible elude me at the moment, i'm sure if i continue it i will find a lame excuse that will, maybe work.

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Dead Effect

Chapter one

"Commander, I think you'd better see this." Shepard groaned as she rolled out of bed and pulled her uniform on. That had been the first words to greet her after being rudely awoken by a alert sounding throughout the ship, and she could tell by Jokers tone that something was wrong.

After everything they'd been through, stopping the collectors, Harbinger, staring down the Illusive Man…Whatever had put off her normally fearless pilot must have been something big.

As the elevator doors slid open, she was greeted by the usual crew going about their business, the only thing out of place was Miranda waiting by her private terminal, obviously waiting for her. "I take it you know what's going on?" She asked her second in command, who shocking shook her head.

"I got the message same time you did commander, figured I would wait for you." That was strange, but she didn't protest, after everything they'd been through over the past few months, it was good to see the Cerberus agent becoming friendlier, if only a little.

Shrugging slightly, the pair made their way to the bridge, where Joker swiftly spun his chair around to face them. "Sorry for the wake up commander, ma'am.' He gave each a nod in turn. "But EDI just picked up something and I figured you'd want to hear this in person."

"It seems to be a distress signal, though it doesn't originate from a ship or station…Rather from an asteroid; someone planted a beacon on it that broadcasted the message from what I can tell." The AI pitched in as her hologram popped up next to the pilots seat.

"Any ideas who sent it?" Shepard asked, her arms crossing slightly as she studied both of them in turn. A distress call was something they should check out, but if they had nothing to go on…

"Well that's the thing…The signal only gives a location, and a name." Joker hesitated for a moment, before finishing. "The USG Ishimura" A frown overtook Shepard's face as she contemplated the name.

"Strange name for a ship…and what does USG stand for?" Miranda asked, Joker shrugged, Melina was silent, and EDI simply muttered something about lacking data."

"Whatever it is," Shepard slowly uncrossed her arms and brushed a few stray locks of crimson hair from her face. "Their calling for help…You have the coordinates I take it?" Again Joker nodded. "Can't hurt to take a look."

"With all due respect, it could be a trap Shepard." Miranda was quick to warn, though Melina simply shrugged.

"We can handle it, and if it's not we can help out whoever needs it." Shepard stated, before turning away from the bridge. "How long will it take to reach the…Ishimura?"

"About five hour's commander."

"Alright, I'll be down in the mess, tell the others to meet me there, best I get them up to speed."

The hours passed relatively quickly The squad was more then ready for any eventuality, if it was a trap, they'd fight, if it was a legitimate distress call they'd help out in whatever way they could.

Melina sighed heavily as she finished suiting up and examined her armour. It was still beaten and scratched, bullet holes and burns marred it's once pristine red and black surface, but she didn't care, it just proved she'd survived everything fate had thrown at her, and she had a feeling today wasn't going to be any different.

Heading down to the bridge once again, she soon found herself standing behind Jokers seat and gazing out into the cold darkness ahead of them. "Almost close enough for a visual." The pilot commented. Already Shepard could pick out the small speck in the distance, and it was growing larger by the second.

"Damn…Look at the size of that thing." She couldn't help but gasp as she leaned forwards, the ship was massive! Easily the size of the Destiny Ascension, if not larger still. "Looks human, strange." As they drew closer, she noted the telltale human designs about it, it was hard to describe, but it just looked, human made.

"Impressive," She tilted her head slightly to regard Miranda, whom had snuck up on them at some point, before returning to the ship. "I've never seen anything like that before." Shepard nodded in agreement, it wasn't like any class of ship she'd seen before, maybe that had something to do with the title, after all it didn't match any Alliance ship.

"See if you can contact them. Find out who's running the show over there…" Joker swiftly set to work tapping away on the keys and opened a channel. Static greeted them even though it was received.

"This is commander Shepard of the Normandy, we received you're distress signal and are here to help. What's you're situation?" A minute ticked by in silence, and Shepard soon began shifting her weight from foot to foot. "I saw again-" The static suddenly gave way to something, else. A frown darkened her features again as she tried to figure out what the strange garble of noises were. "The, hell?" She whispered, the sound was little more then static and feedback to her ears, but it still send a chill down her spine like nothing else before it.

"Tell the squad to get ready…Were going over there."

"Are you sure that's a good idea commander? That ship gives me the creeps." Joker asked, his voice suddenly gaining a noticeable quiver. Shepard on the other hand was able to keep the unease out of her tone as she nodded.

"How bad can it be…?"