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Chapter 1 out of 3

Chocobo Rider

Cloud hadn't known what to expect when a young boy was found in his barn. He had just brought in his Racing Chocobo, a beautiful large yellow riding bird, to put it in its stable and feed her. Patting down her feathers with a soft clothe he gently brushed along her wings. It was not long before the bird was calm and happy after the afternoon run. It was the sound of a groan that alerted him to the other presence in the barn. Turning he saw a smaller man lying along the hay stack. The boys clothes where black in colour and looked very much like some kind of robe. A strange emblem upon his right chest pocket shaped like a large strange feline. The young teen's hair stuck up in odd angles only coming down to scrape along the base of his neck. Calming the young Chocobo in her stall he shook the smaller ones shoulder roughly not having the patience at the moment to deal with such things. He wanted answers and he wasn't going to get them with the boy asleep on his hay stack.

The smaller brunette groaned gently as a hand shook him roughly along the shoulder. With a wince he slowly opened his eyes looking up into a pair of harsh blue eyes and wild blonde hair. He groaned once more and slowly sat up the pain in his side returning. The young teen glanced at the man beside him, " sorry umm where am I?"

The blond raised a single brow blue eyes narrowing in curiosity, "Your in my Chocobo barn. How did you get here and passed my security?"

Frowning the wounded teen replied, "I am not sure I was attacked and next thing I know everything was black then green and I'm sorry I can't remember anything else" The boy glanced down looking at his tanned hands in curiosity before looking back up at the taller blonde, "Sir?"

The soldier growled lightly as he examined the boy in front of him. The bright green eyes where the same colour as Mako and just as flowing as the life within it. He could read every emotion in there depths and from them he could tell the boy was being truthful. "What do you remember? A name your age anything?"

The boy frowned and shook his head voice soft, "No I don't remember anything. I don't understand.* with a glance towards the ground he raised a hand to his side gripping it as pain shot through it again. He slowly removed his hand after it faded only to find it covered red with blood.

Cloud frowned once more before sighing and rolling his eyes, "Great another stray. Well come on then can you at least stand?"

The brunette nodded and slowly stood gripping his side as it throbbed in pain. Following behind the blonde man to a small cottage like house. Outside of it looked to be a large fenced in area with several wooden dummies and a large circle of chalk with several cushions at each side. Following him inside Harry observed that the home was very much bare. Only for the essentials a couch a small table and two chairs. A small kitchen and dining room. He saw a small hallway leading off but as the blonde ushered him to the house he did not get a chance to see.

Cloud pushed the smaller male onto the couch somewhat gently before ording him to stay there and walking down the small hallway. Glancing into his room before taking right into the bathroom. Reaching up he plucked the first aid kit from the top shelf above the toilet. Stalking back down the hall he found his new charge still sitting on his couch. Walking up he set the first aid kit down on the coffee table before looking at the smaller male, "Shirt need to come off if you want that wound taken care of"

The green eyed teen blinked before nodding and slow removed the over robe and shirt beneath it revealing smooth tanned skin muscles built for speed and agility where clear on his now bare chest and stomach. The expanse of the younger mans skin however was blemished by large purple and blue welts shaped much like a boot print. Underneath the large bruises where small thin white scars scattered across his chest and back along with claw mark scars in his right shoulder and puncture scar in his upper right arm. Whatever had happened to this teen was don't so over long periods of time.

After examining what needed to be done he lifted the teens left arm gently examining the gash running along his ribcage and stomach. It wasn't as bad as he had first thought only needing minor stitches and a few days of rest. Slowly the blonde popped open the kit removing a white cloth and clear liquid before beginning to clean the wound as gently as he could which sadly enough was still a little more harsher than he attended it to be. It didn't take long before the blonde finished cleaning it and he looked up at the brunette "this is going to hurt a lot so you might want to grip onto the couch. I have to saw up this wound."

The teen nodded gripping the couch with his right arm. Even as the needle slipped in and out of his skin he refused to make a sound afraid that if he distracted the blonde that he would mess up by accident. After what seemed like hours of pain he felt the blonde tie it off and begin to wrap his chest and stomach with soft white gauze and he sighed with relief.

Cloud glanced at the teen as he finished off the gauze wrappings. The kid was strong not to have cried out as he stitched the wound. He wondered where he had come from and why he had ended up here of all places. "The names Cloud Strife, I suppose we should give you one as well till you can remember yours. Do you have anything you want to be called or do you just want me to come up with something"

The brunette frowned and shook his head before shrugging.

Cloud brought a black clad arm up to his head rubbing the bridge of his nose the black leather creaking as he sat back along the couch looking at the boy between his black gloved hand. The kid was so confusing, and his eyes were just, he paused in his thinking before smirking lightly, "Mako, we can call you Mako to match those unique eyes of yours."

The now named Mako blinked and tilted his head to the before brushing back his bangs revealing a small lightening shaped scar on his forehead, "That sounds interesting…What's Mako?"

Cloud blinked and frowned scratching the back of his head, "Mako is basically an energy let's leave it at that. Now you need to sleep and take some pain killers. I will wake you for dinner as you are probably hungry. Come" with that he stood and led the boy down the hall. Passing his own room on the left and the bathroom on the right he come to the door at the end of the hall opening it.

As the door opened it revealed a small room with a nice bed. To one side sat a desk and chair with a few papers and pens on top of it. Also in the room sat a small three shelf book cases and several shelves lining the walls. Possibly the strangest thing was the small set of drawers off to the side the where open and clothes were strode out of them, "Sorry for the mess it seems Vincent didn't clean up after his visit before he went back to his place. Anyways go ahead and pick something there should be some clothes for you to change into. The bathroom is right down the hall as you saw. I will fetch you for dinner"

Mako nodded as Cloud shut the door behind him. He turned to the clothes that were strode everywhere and his eyes fell upon a few sets of cloth. He picked it up before slowly dressing into the new clothes. He didn't want to risk a shower yet with his new stitches. It was long before a soft knock came at the door and he walked over to it opening the door to reveal Cloud.

The blonde looked the younger boy up and down judging from his size and build he couldn't be any older than 14 maybe 15. The clothes he had picked out where a pair of fitting black pants and boots. With a dark green tank top that had two stylish slashes going diagonally across the chest revealing the boys skin in small slivers. Clearing his throat he whispered firmly, "Come food is on the table"

Mako followed the older blonde down the hall and back into the small dining room where the smell of spices hit his nose. It smelled very hot and exotic with a smell that easily made his mouth water with anticipation. Looking over the food he saw a strange yet wonderful smelling meat spread out on thin cut slices covered in peppers and onions. Next to it was a platter of a strange mashed vegetable that looked just as spicy as it smelled. On the other side was a small loaf of bread ready to be cut next to a small bowl of a rich yellow liquid that looked similar to honey.

Smiling Mako sat down and smiled at Cloud who sat across from him. The food tasted just as good as the looked and smelled, and though it was a quiet dinner it was a comfortable one. They both knew that sometimes quiet companionship was better then the chaos of chatter.

Dinner was quickly dealt with and Mako even assisted the blonde with cleaning what was left over from supper. Even then the blonde only spoke when questioned or when something needed to be explained. It accord to both of them that Mako had only lost his basic memory, like who he was. Where he was from, but other such things like basic knowledge and skills where still intact.

It was then that Mako wondered exactly his previous life had been like. His reflexes where trained and his knowledge of cooking surpassed Clouds. Yet he didn't know basic things like what a Gun Blade was or even a Chocobo. He was like a new kid learning the world, and he didn't like it. Something told him none of this was right and yet no matter how hard he tried he couldn't help but like it. Even as he lay there in the borrowed bed staring up at the cracked ceiling he just wanted to smile. Cloud wasn't such a bad guy. Sure he put on a cold front but his eyes burned with a passion when the young blonde talked about fighting or his Chocobo. Closing his eyes Mako simply laid there till sleep claimed him in its dark comforting grip.


Mako stood in a broken run down room, toys strewn around him broken and chaotic. Screams could be heard from down the stairs and he followed them. The sight was not what he wanted to see. A tall thin man with pale skin that seemed to be stretched to tightly across his bones turned to him. The mans nose was gone and replaced by to slits in his face even his lips where thin and pale. But his eyes where a dark blood red and slitted much like a snakes. The mans skeletal frame was wrapped in torn and tattered black robes.

At his feet sat a pretty red headed girl her face twisted in fear even in death. Her throat had been split as she had screamed. Her blood was smeared across her beautiful tanned face large blue eyes where dull and lifeless.

"Harry Harry Harry, Ssso nice of you to join uss! Time to die boy!" the skeletal man hissed.

Slowly a long polished stick was thrust in his face and a bright green light flew from the tip connecting with his forehead. Pain shot through his system like a bolt of electricity and he screamed.

-End Dream-

Mako woke up screaming his throat raw at the severity of the scream. It wasn't until Cloud came busting into the room did the younger boy stop his screech of fear.

The blonde fighter swung his blade around looking for any threat or signof violence in the room before slipping over to the pale boy on the bed. With a calm mind he simply brushed the wet bangs from Mako's face speaking softly, "Mako what happened are you hurt?"

With a whimper he simply shook his head before hiding his face in his hands. He didn't know what to say. That horrible creature of a man and the poor girl. Who where they and why did that man call him Harry? Had that been his name? With a violent cough he simply shivered pulling at his hairin attempt to calm himself.

Cloud frowned before slowly reaching forward and gripping the boys shoulder, "If you wish to talk. I will listen."

Mako shook his head laying back on the bed, "Im sorry for waking you"

The blonde simply shrugged, "I was training you did not wake me. Though my life is more peaceful I still need to train daily to remain strong"

Nodding the green eyed youth rubbing the scar on his forehead roughly. It hurt for some reason and he didn't know why. Maybe the memory inflicted a mental pain that was physical as well. He knew it was possible he just didn't know from where. "I think someone tried to kill me before I ended up here. I think that's why I cant remember. Because I don't want to remember"

Steely blue eyes peered at him narrowed in curiosity. If what he said was true then that changed everything. His new charge was running. Not only from a killer but from himself and neither were a healthy habit to practice. After all Cloud had tried to run from his past and it had only followed him. "Well I believe that trying to escape ones past is useless. It will always confront you and in the end you must either accept it or destroy it in revenge."

Mako frowned, "Which did you do?"

Cloud glared at him cruelly yet his lips parted with the answer, "I ran at first but in the end I not only accepted it I got my revenge." his voice was cold and calculating.

Mako nodded closing his eyes his breath evening out as he let sleep claim him once more.

Cloud looked down at his new charge and frowned. He normally didn't reveal things about himself to strangers. All of this happened so fast. He couldn't understand how this boy.. No young man could trust him so much and he trust him in return. Was it because he saw himself in the boy? Or could be that he looked so innocent and hurt that it pulled at his heart just right. He wanted nothing more than to just hug the boy and kiss him. Sighing the blonde stood allowing the teen to sleep. His mind was clouded and he needed to think.

He had only met the boy today and already his life circled around the little brunette. The way the his bright green eyes lit up at the food. Or how he laughed when Cloud has accidentally splashed him while cleaning the dishes. Everything about him screamed heart on the sleeve innocence. An innocence he had lost long ago. Sighing the blue eyed fighter looked up only to look into the red eyes of one of his closest companion.

Jumping back the buster sword wielder growled, "Vincent when did you get here?"

The red cloaked individual shrugged, "While you were comforting your new… companion"

Cloud snorted, "You didn't call ahead did something happen?"

"Ya, I had a fealing something big was going to happen. I guess that was correct as I see from your guest." Turning Vincent sat down on one of the chairs close by.

Shrugging the blonde yawned, "Ya poor kis lost his memory showed up in my barn bruised and bloody. He is an interesting kid you would like him."

The red eyed man frowned, "Do I detect an affectionate tone Cloud?"

The blonde promptly flipped him off before laying his sword back in its holder till he needed it.

"That would be a yes then? Good you need help settling down. Perhaps this will all turn out for the better?"

Cloud shrugged, "Where you ganna sleep?"

Vincent shrugged he hadn't thought that far ahead, "Ill just take my leave. I need to finish things up to the west. Oh and Yuffie is trying to get a hold of you. Perhaps you should call her? Then maybe she can stop calling me"

Cloud shrugged and waved good bye before slipping into his room shutting the door leaving the tall cloaked man sitting there alone.

Taking the initiative the mysterious man slipped down the hall and into the guest bedroom. Looking down at the smaller boy his eyes widened. Who would have though cloud would fall for such a delicate looking person. Sure the girls where pretty but this was a man. A grown man that looked more fragile than Tifa! With a sigh Vincent simply slipped back out the door closing it gently behind him before simply melding into the shadows of the house leaving only those who slept there.