I decided to start a new FF, for sanity reasons – the study is getting to me!

This is based on K3G but is a manipulated into a different story I guess. All the characters are the same, except Rahul has a bigger brother who it no longer portrayed by Hrithik, but by Amir. Anjali also does not have a little sister anymore.

Kajol - Anjali
Srk- Rahul
Amir Khan - Arun
Jaya and Amit - Mr and Mrs Raichand
Rani - Naina

The storyline is completely different – but offcourse Srkajol love is there somewhere along the line!

Part 1 - Her

He was staring at me with menacing eyes; that gaze could have easily burned a hole right through me.

"Why is my milk cold?" he bellowed and immediately threw the hot milk at me.

I had heated it only five minutes ago and was still burning. A quick dodge was all it took to stray from the splattering Milk's path, which made him even angrier it appeared.

"Uh I heated it, I know I did, I'm sorry I'll make another one" I stammered, not wanting to upset him more.

I couldn't afford to get fired but I was just not good at this job, or was he just looking for excuses to pick on me? I quickly shook the thought out of my head; I didn't want to develop negative thoughts about him. I had to keep this job!

I quickly went to the kitchen to fetch another cup of milk and noticed a burning smell. OH NO! My curry had burned off and was now smoking away on top of the stove. I pulled the pot off with bare hands and immediately dropped it, retracting back into the jug of milk. IDIOT! Argh!

I sat there for awhile cringing in unbearable pain. Tears welled into my eyes and I couldn't help but weep in silence. I was sure to get fired. No milk, the curry was gone and the pot shattered into millions of pieces in front of my feet.

Footsteps coming toward the kitchen, I knew who it was. I fearfully looked up at his burning eyes. He grabbed me by my untied hair and pulled me in a direction I could not see through all the tears.

"Idiot girl!" he spat and threw me into a room. The door was locked and the silence was deafening. What felt like more than hour passed. The door opened and he walked in, holding something in his hands – I couldn't make out what it was.

"I'm going to give you two choices, forfeit the first one and you will regret your choice" As he said this he placed whatever he was carrying near the door and locked the door behind him.
He the walked toward me and pushed me back slowly as he pushed himself on me. I struggled crying even harder.

"NO! stop please" I struggled under his weight. I was in shock at what was happening.

"Are you sure?" he asked slyly looking into my teary eyes.

"Yes!" I said pushing him with all my strength. He responded by getting up and retreating toward the door. I breathed in heavily, praying he was leaving. But even I knew it was too good to be true.

Through the tears I would see him, bending down and picking up that object he had brought in. He slowly unravelled it. It was a leather belt.

I can withstand this for Papa, for Papa, for Papa – I repeated in my head. He drew closer to me with the belt. As long as I don't get fired, I can bare this, I can, I can, I can. I squeezed my eyes shut and waited for the pain.

I went home that night, my back aching, red and raw. I couldn't show Papa how much pain I was in. He would never let me go back, and we needed this money.

Since Sayeeda Aunty had moved away from Chadni Chowk our only means of support was me. I had to bring papa's medication home. Before Aunty had moved, she had introduced me to the place she had last worked at, and they hired me based on her good recommendations.

I worked at the Raichand Household, the wealthiest family around; they owned many businesses and did now bow down to anyone. They were proud people and I was a mere peasant in their presence.

The younger of their sons, as I heard was in London, studying for his MBA. The two parents had gone to visit him; Rahul was his name as Sayeeda Aunty told me. They had been gone for a week or so, and were not around for the duration that I had been working. I had to report to, Arun, their elder son.

I would have to find any excuse to avoid him, while I was in their house. I didn't want a repeat of today.

"Anjali! You're home" Papa called as I walked through the door. I rushed to his side and hugged him looking as happy as I could.

"Papa! How are you feeling? I hope you took your lunch time pills!" I fussed over him often. He was the only one I had left and I needed to take care of him.

I retreated to my room as soon as I had given Papa's night time dose, (being careful I didn't show the palms of my hands) claiming I was tired. I didn't want him to see anything that might arouse suspicion.
Unable to lie on my back, or my sides, I settled with sleeping on my stomach. I didn't understand why he was being so cruel, I was new at the job and I was trying my level best to serve them. At that moment I felt scared.

My night was plagued with nightmares, but through it all I saw a knight in shining armour descending on his white horse, to save me.